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UDF governors in Mangochi rejects ‘propaganda’

07 September 2015 07:10:29 Malawi Nyasa Times - Malawi breaking news in Malawi

United Democratic Front (UDF) leaders in Mangochi have said that the recent victory for the party in the Mongochi Msikisi ward local government by election is a vote of confidence for the party and its leadership and that no propaganda against the party will succeed. Atupele Muluzi: UDF/DPP working relationship Several local party leaders in the lakeshore district dismissed any divisions in the party as a result of its relationship with the governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), saying such allegation are unfounded as there is unity amongst members and supporters in the district. "In as far as we are concerned we have no problems with the parliamentary relationship between our party and the DPP. “ Our leader Atupele Muluzi called for a meeting for all the leaders in the Eastern region long time ago which includes Mangochi where he explained in detail what the relationship entails and we all supported the idea," said Abubakar M'baya, Regional Governor for UDF the Eastern Region. He said in relation to the recent UDF president's official engagement at the Mangochi council, UDF members were excited that they will also benefit from the access to good housing initiative also known as Malata Cement subsidy programme. M’baya emphasised that UDF's relationship with the DPP does not mean that the two parties are one and the same but that such assertions are “ mere propaganda” in order to bring confusion in the party. The party's district Govenor for Mangochi Urban, Yusuf Foster in a separate interview with Nyasa Times said that his committee and members are all in support of the relationship and that they recently won a by-election in Mangochi Central constituency is a vote of confidence for the party and it's leadership. "Our enemies will try to use all sorts of propaganda to bring confusion in the party but they will not succeed,” said Foster. He said there is nothing wrong with both members of the party in singing praise songs for their respective leaders. Foster said that in as far as UDF is concerned its role is to support a government development agenda which will help all Malawians including the people of Mangochi. He said the UDF party cannot just be campaigning all the time when it has Members of Parliament and councillor who will have to explain to their people what they would have done after five years. " We did our campaign and for those who made it this is time to deliver. Our president (Atupele) has emphasised this on several occasions and that's what we are doing as a party now.”

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Muluzi campaigns for UDF in Mangochi for Aug 25 by-elections

11 August 2015 05:05:42 Malawi Nyasa Times - Malawi breaking news in Malawi

With just a few days left before the local-government by-elections, Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security, Atupele Muluzi took off his ministerial duties over the weekend to lead his United Democratic Front (UDF) party campaign at Msikisi in Mangochi. Atupele introduces UDF candidate UDF supporters listen to Muluzi in Mangochi Atupele Muluzi arrives at the rally in Mangochi Muluzi was with his UDF entourage to drum up support for their candidate. UDF and its alliance partner, ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has agreed modality on how to feature candidates in the August 25 by-elections. DPP in not contesting in Mangochi, considered as the stronghold of UDF, and instead the ruling party is supporting the UDF candidate, while in Zomba; DPP will feature a candidate who the UDF will support. Addressing crowds of jubilant UDF supporters, Muluzi said he was “feeling pretty confident” of UDF win in the by-elections but said the party will not be complacent by campaign strongly. “You should come in your large numbers to vote on August 25. Your vote is yellow and blue - that’s UDF,” said Muluzi. “UDF is still vibrant and going strong,” he said during the meetings he held in the area.

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UDF denies plot to impeach Speaker: Gets court order on Sec 65

28 June 2015 06:22:32 Malawi Nyasa Times - Malawi breaking news in Malawi

United Democratic Front (UDF) has denied any involvement in the purported impeachment plot against Speaker of National Assembly, Richard Msowoya. Msowoya faces impeachment over his alleged bias in the handling of the petition by a civil society leader to declare vacant seats of 11 UDF members of Parliament (MPs) who moved to the government benches...

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Kabwila petitions Speaker to kick out UDF MPs in Malawi Parliament

19 June 2015 19:44:34 Malawi Nyasa Times - Malawi breaking news in Malawi

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Member of Parliament for Salima North West Dr Jessie Kabwila has petitioned office of the Speaker of the National Assembly, asking it to kick out the 11 United Democratic Front members of Parliament who recently moved to government benches. Kabwila said on Friday that she has decided to join human rights defender and...

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UDF's Powers in Parliament Diluted

15 June 2015 12:24:49 WN.com - Africa News

When political commentators had openly argued that the looming so called 'pact' which opposition United Democratic Front (UDF) was pushing itself into with governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), would lead into self destruction on the part of UDF, it all seemed a less important aspect to know, but here we are....

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No Sec 65 for UDF MPs, Attorney General cautions Speaker on Mayaya’s petition

15 June 2015 06:51:17 Malawi Nyasa Times - Malawi breaking news in Malawi

Attorney General, Kalekeni Kaphale has advised Speaker of parliament Richard Msowoya not to invoke the anti-defection law Section 65 on United Democratic Front (UDF) lawmakers who relocated from opposition to government benches, saying they have not breached the said law. Speaker last week petitioned UDF members of parliament on his agitation to declare their seats...

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Speaker Starts Kicking UDF Out of Parliament

11 June 2015 08:26:45 WN.com - Africa News

Enjoying from government coffers seems to be coming to an end as luck is running thin for the United Democratic Front (UDF) members of parliament after joining the government side in the house, Malawi24 has learnt....

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Mayaya a politician who masquerades as human rights activist – UDF

06 June 2015 15:40:44 Malawi Nyasa Times - Malawi breaking news in Malawi

United Democratic Front (UDF) has described human rights campaigner Billy Mayaya as a politician who is wearing an activist’s coat. UDF spokesperson Ken Ndanga made the claims after accusing Mayaya of orchestrating a conspiracy against his party. This follows Mayaya’s petition to the Speaker of Parliament Richard Msowoya asking him to guarantee “orderliness and decorum”...

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DPP-UDF in ‘tribal pact’ argues Malawi law expert

18 May 2015 16:32:40 Malawi Nyasa Times - Malawi breaking news in Malawi

United Democratic Front (UDF) members of Parliament (MPs) who have relocated to government benches have violated Section 65 of the constitution, a law that regulates movement of Members of Parliament once elected into the Legislature, Malawian law professor Danwood Chirwa has argued. Chirwa, a professor of law at the University of Cape Town in South...

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Lucius Banda says UDF swallowed up, plot to unseal Atupele – Malawi press

09 May 2015 13:16:56 Malawi Nyasa Times - Malawi breaking news in Malawi

Former leader of United Democratic Front (UDF) in Parliament, Lucius Banda has claimed the leadership of the UDF has been swallowed up by the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP). Banda has justified his move to not to follow other UDF lawmakers who have relocated to government benches. “I know that as a party we took...

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