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Nintendo plans expansion at Universal Studios, sources say

21 November 2017 21:30:56 WN.com - World News

Read more trending news Sources told WFTV that Universal Studios plans to eventually add more Nintendo rides and attractions...

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Waterfront Studios at the University of Suffolk

13 June 2017 19:24:24 WN.com - Africa News

A unique workspace at the University of Suffolk has relaunched under the name Waterfront Studios. Formerly Atrium Studios the creative hub provides space, facilities and support to a wide range of artists and small businesses. Waterfront Studios runs on a membership model and regularly brings together a wide range of freelance skills to meet business requirements. The space consolidates the University of Suffolk's position at the heart of the business, creative and artistic life of Ipswich. Members range from fine art artists, event managers, website designers and graphic designers to copywriters and even a medieval sword fighting instructor. Artists from Waterfront Studios have recently...

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Sound Emporium Studio Given as Gift to Lipscomb University

15 May 2017 20:39:51 WN.com - World News

Famous Nashville studio, Sound Emporium, has been given as a gift to Lipscomb University. ......

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Sound Emporium studio given as gift to Lipscomb University

15 May 2017 20:24:59 WN.com - World News

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Lipscomb University will become the new owner of the iconic Nashville recording studio called Sound...

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Jimmy Fallon opened his new ride at Universal Studios, but his adorable daughters really stole ...

07 April 2017 14:06:18 WN.com - World News

Move over Jimmy Fallon, there are two new stars in town! On Thursday, the “The Tonight Show” host celebrated the opening of his new ride in Universal Studios, Race Through New York, in Orlando, Fla., and his adorable...

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Universal Studios Hollywood breaks attendance record and reaches capacity for the first time

04 January 2017 01:12:45 WN.com - World News

The new year started off well for Universal Studios Hollywood, as the...

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6 Things Harry Potter Fans Will Love About Universal Studios’ ‘Wizarding World of Harry Potter’

31 March 2016 02:11:51 WN.com - World News

After a long wait, “Harry Potter” fans can finally hop on a broom and taste Butterbeer without flying across the country to Orlando — or the Atlantic to England. “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter” opens at Universal Studios Hollywood on April 7, and the magical theme pack is packed with frosted windows, Chocolate Frogs, flying broomsticks and Quidditch equipment. In other words, the full Hogwarts experience. Walking into “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter,” followers of Pottermania can take a ride on the Hogwarts Express, which includes actual suitcases and luggage racks used in the movie. Looking past the train, the road of Hogsmeade Village is...

Vice All News Time31 March 2016 02:11:51

$350-million Nintendo-themed land coming to Universal Studios Japan

10 March 2016 19:28:17 WN.com - World News

Welcome to another edition of In the Loop, the Los Angeles Times' theme park newsletter. I'm Funland theme park blogger Brady MacDonald, and this week, we geek out on the new Nintendo-themed land, try out the new Great Wolf Lodge indoor water park take a ride on a volcano-themed VR coaster and get ready for the “Frozen” musical. Nintendo Universal Studios Japan will spend $350 million on a Nintendo-themed land that will rival the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in size and quality. VR coasters Two-dozen virtual-reality roller coasters are set to debut...

Vice All News Time10 March 2016 19:28:17

New Harry Potter ride is making people sick

05 March 2016 16:55:39 WN.com - World News

An upcoming Harry Potter attraction at Universal Studios Hollywood will let fans know what it's like to ride a broomstick. Unfortunately, a TMZ report claims the ride, called Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, is also...

Vice All News Time05 March 2016 16:55:39

Oscar-winning studios employ Bolton SFX graduates (University of Bolton)

08 December 2015 11:02:21 WN.com - Africa News

(Source: University of Bolton) Posted on Tuesday 4th March 2014 Guardians of the Galaxy - Framestore's next big VFX outing On Hollywood's biggest night it was UK blockbuster, Gravity that was the year's biggest winner. At the 86th Academy Awards, the British-made film picked up the most Oscars, coming home with seven gold statues. One of the awards was for the film's groundbreaking visual effects (VFX) which were created by UK studio, Framestore. As well as being an Oscar-winner, Framestore has links to the University of Bolton. Scott Brindley,...

Vice All News Time08 December 2015 11:02:21