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Twenty people are rescued from a roller coaster in Australia

12 January 2017 04:39:53 WN.com - World News

Twenty people are trapped and later rescued from a roller coaster at Warner Bros. Movie World park on Australia's Gold Coast....

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Yes! Oh no!! Tigers, Tide fans ride emotional roller coaster

10 January 2017 10:02:41 WN.com - World News

Yes! Oh no!! Tigers, Tide fans ride emotional roller coaster ......

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Old fashioned roller coasters can help patients pass kidney stones

06 October 2016 03:43:55 Ukraine Business Online

Not your basic clinical procedure -- a respected university urologist does the research that proves the improbable, i.e. riding certain roller coasters can help patients pass kidney stones. Perhaps even more bizarre result of the research – proof that the efficacy rate of this procedure varies widely – from 16% to 100% - depending on where you sit on the roller coaster and “if the stone is located in the upper chamber of the kidney.”

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Riding on the Dubai property roller coaster

04 May 2016 23:42:49 The Daily Star >> Business >> Regional

For more than 10 years Dubai property prices have been on a roller coaster, creating and wiping out fortunes, but recently they appear to have run out of steam.

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USS Battlestar Galactica roller coaster malfunctions with riders stuck for 20mins

06 April 2016 21:39:34 Singapore News latest RSS headlines - Singapore Star.com

Thrill-seekers at Universal Studios Singapore (USS) were stuck on the popular Battlestar Galactica ride for about 20 minutes after the roller-coaster malfunctioned today at around ...

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$350-million Nintendo-themed land coming to Universal Studios Japan

10 March 2016 19:28:17 WN.com - World News

Welcome to another edition of In the Loop, the Los Angeles Times' theme park newsletter. I'm Funland theme park blogger Brady MacDonald, and this week, we geek out on the new Nintendo-themed land, try out the new Great Wolf Lodge indoor water park take a ride on a volcano-themed VR coaster and get ready for the “Frozen” musical. Nintendo Universal Studios Japan will spend $350 million on a Nintendo-themed land that will rival the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in size and quality. VR coasters Two-dozen virtual-reality roller coasters are set to debut...

Vice All News Time10 March 2016 19:28:17

UK roller coaster to reopen despite serious crash

01 March 2016 16:22:54 WN.com - World News

A U.K. roller coaster is set to reopen just nine months after a crash that seriously injured five people. ......

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Universal Studios Orlando Buying Up A Lot Of Land — Third Park On The Way?

02 December 2015 22:01:30 WN.com - World News

A lot of talk has been going on lately that Universal Studios Orlando may be trying to bulk up their fight against Walt Disney World. Rumor has it that the company is going to be a buying a lot of land, over 450 acres as a matter of fact, and that they are going to......

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Legoland Dubai installs first roller coaster

06 October 2015 10:01:21 Arabian Business -

Dragon roller coaster will be the park’s biggest ride, at 16 metres high and reaching speeds of up to 60kph

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Universal Studios to Complete Beijing Theme Park in 2019 (Beijing Municipal Government)

14 September 2015 06:24:15 WN.com - Asia News

(Source: Beijing Municipal Government) Tourists enjoy roller coaster at Universal Studios Singapore, Singapore, May 30, 2011. Universal Studios says it plans to complete its Hollywood theme park in Beijing by 2019. The...

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