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US vows to probe Syria attack involving Russians

19 February 2018 02:45:37 - Mideast News

US Defense Secretary James Mattis has pledged to investigate an alleged attack involving a group of Russian private military contractors on US-backed opposition...

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jacademy:J|Academy going strong in Central and South America!

21 July 2017 17:15:49 - Africa News

Colombia is the scene of a highly successful 'Year-Round Training' course in Bogota involving a total of 150 youngsters who are training according to Juventus methodologies over the...

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Putin: Russian State Has Never Been Involved in Hacking

01 June 2017 15:12:47 - Europe News

President Vladimir Putin says the Russian state has never been involved in hacking. Speaking at a meeting with senior editors of leading international news agencies Thursday, Putin said that some individual "patriotic" hackers could mount some attacks amid the current cold spell in Russia's relations with the West.   But he categorically insisted that "we don't engage in that at the state level."   Putin also said that "no hackers can influence election campaigns in any country of Europe, Asia or America."   U.S. intelligence agencies have accused Russia of hacking into Democratic Party emails, helping President Donald Trump's election victory.     ......

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Putin: Russian state not involved in hacking

01 June 2017 13:32:59 - World News

President Vladimir Putin says the Russian state has never been involved in hacking. ......

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Russian has never been involved in hacking: Putin

01 June 2017 12:32:25 - World News

President Vladimir Putin says the Russian state has never been involved in hacking. ......

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Russian has never been involved in hacking: Putin

01 June 2017 12:12:12 The Daily Star >> News

President Vladimir Putin says the Russian state has never been involved in hacking.

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Keating says Tillerson threatening to involve Australia in war over South China Sea

13 January 2017 09:01:17 - World News

Former prime minister Paul Keating accuses Rex Tillerson of threatening to involve Australia in war, after the US secretary of state nominee says America will send a "clear signal" that China's access to artificial islands in the South China Sea will be blocked. ......

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Report: Over 1,000 Russians involved in organized doping

09 December 2016 13:54:47 - World News

LONDON — A new report into systematic Russian doping has found that more than 1,000 Russian athletes from summer and winter sports were involved in or benefited from an organized conspiracy over a four-year period. ......

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Emails show Clinton's response to LGBT backlash

17 October 2016 12:46:23 The Asian Age

The documents were among thousands of emails hacked from the accounts of Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta. Washington: Hacked emails released in daily dispatches over the weekend by the WikiLeaks group showed Hillary Clinton's campaign staff worried about a response to the gay community's backlash over a comment concerning former first lady Nancy Reagan and AIDS. Also among the documents are transcripts of Clinton speeches and question-and-answer sessions that Goldman Sachs hosted in 2013, appearances for which she received hundreds of thousands of dollars. The documents were among thousands of emails hacked from the accounts of Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta. U.S. intelligence officials have blamed the Russian government for a series of breaches intended to influence the presidential election. The Russians deny involvement. Among the revelations from Podesta's hacked emails: Response to backlash for praising Nancy Reagan on aids Hillary Clinton's aides fretted over how to respond to backlash from the LGBT community after Clinton lauded Nancy Reagan for starting a "national conversation" about AIDS in the 1980s, emails released Sunday show. Activists blame President Ronald Reagan for what they view as a devastatingly slow response to the AIDS crisis. Clinton immediately tweeted an apology after her initial remarks last March. But her aides felt the LGBT community was unsatisfied and agreed to release a more detailed response. "I don't want this to fester," wrote Clinton's campaign's LGBT outreach director, Dominic Lowell. An initial draft of Clinton's statement began by stating: "I made a mistake." The line was changed to "I said something inaccurate" with the phrase "I made a mistake, plain and simple" added later. Wall street speeches Hillary Clinton generally avoided direct criticism of Wall Street as she examined the causes and responses to the financial meltdown during a series of paid speeches to Goldman Sachs, according to transcripts disclosed by WikiLeaks. Three transcripts released Saturday did not contain any new bombshells showing she was unduly influenced by contributions from the banking industry, as her primary rival Bernie Sanders had suggested. Still, her soft-handed approach in the speeches was likely to act as a reminder to liberals in the party of their concerns that the Democratic presidential nominee is too close to Wall Street to be an effective check on its excesses if elected. Clinton's campaign neither confirmed nor denied that the speech transcripts and leaked Podesta emails are authentic, but there have been no indications that they were doctored before being released. Apology tour Clinton told the "Builders and Innovators Summit" she'd had to go on "The Clinton Apology Tour" after WikiLeaks in 2010 published diplomatic cables leaked by Chelsea Manning, formerly known as Bradley Manning. Clinton noted that the cables showed U.S. officials characterizing some foreign leaders as "vain, egotistical, power hungry, corrupt. And we knew they were. This was not fiction." "I had grown men cry," Clinton recalled. "I mean, literally. 'I am a friend of America, and you say these things about me?'" Syria Clinton, a few months after departing the State Department in 2013, told a Goldman Sachs conference in South Carolina that she would have liked to see the U.S. intervene in Syria "as covertly as is possible for Americans to intervene." She added, "We used to be much better at this than we are now. Now, you know, everybody can't help themselves. They have to go out and tell their friendly reporters and somebody else: Look what we're doing and I want credit for it." Filibuster Clinton appears to call for eliminating the filibuster rules in the Senate that make a 60-vote threshold necessary to pass most items rather than a 50-vote majority. Clinton says "we need to change the rules in the Senate" and says presidential nominees as well as "policies" deserve "an up-or-down vote." Republicans are already incensed that Senate Democrats recently changed the rules to eliminate the filibuster for most nominations, an extraordinary step known as the nuclear option. China In the June 2013 speech, Clinton said Chinese President Xi Jinping, who had taken over as the country's leader the previous fall, was "a more sophisticated, more effective public leader" than his predecessor, Hu Jintao. Clinton said she had watched Xi "work a room," adding, "you can have him make small talk with you, which he has done with me." She said Xi's experience of visiting Iowa in the 1980s "was a very important part of his own development."

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Should the US be involved in Syria?

30 September 2016 02:28:42 - World News

Syria is facing one of the worst weeks of conflict after a ceasefire brokered by the US and Russia collapsed. The ceasefire was marred by an American airstrike on Syrian government forces, and a bombardment of a UN aid convoy by Russian forces. Critics think the U.S. should stay out of Syria entirely because the situation is too entangled to make a meaningful intervention. Supporters think it's America's responsibility to stop the massacre of civilians. What do you...

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