roller coaster kills 17 people leaves 7 in critical condition

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Watch: Roller Coaster Jumps Track, Injures 10 People

27 June 2016 15:18:49 - America News

The inverted roller coaster at a Scottish theme park derailed, hit the ride's support and crashed to the ground, police said. ......

Vice All News Time27 June 2016 15:18:49


Seven injured after roller coaster plummets in Scotland

26 June 2016 20:06:54 - World News

Seven people were hurt when a roller coaster went off the tracks at a popular theme park.         ......

Vice All News Time26 June 2016 20:06:54

7 hurt after roller coaster derails at Scottish theme park

26 June 2016 19:06:29 - World News

A roller coaster carriage at a theme park in Scotland came off its rails on Sunday and fell onto a ride below, injuring seven people, according to U.K. media reports. ......

Vice All News Time26 June 2016 19:06:29

7 injured when roller-coaster derails at park in Scotland

26 June 2016 19:04:14 FOX News

Seven people were injured when a roller-coaster derailed at a Scottish amusement park on Sunday.

Vice All News Time26 June 2016 19:04:14

UK roller coaster to reopen despite serious crash

01 March 2016 16:22:54 - World News

A U.K. roller coaster is set to reopen just nine months after a crash that seriously injured five people. ......

Vice All News Time01 March 2016 16:22:54

Family unsure why man killed by roller coaster

15 August 2015 23:51:06 - World News

SANDUSKY, Ohio (AP) - Family members do not know why an Ohio man struck and killed by a roller coaster after climbing over a security fence would have risked injury to retrieve belongings that he lost while he was on the ride, the man's aunt said.......

Vice All News Time15 August 2015 23:51:06

Man struck, killed by roller coaster at Ohio amusement park

14 August 2015 15:08:42 - World News

A man has been struck by a roller coaster and killed at an Ohio amusement park after...

Vice All News Time14 August 2015 15:08:42

Crash roller coaster to stay closed

05 June 2015 16:45:14

Alton Towers is to reopen “within the next few days” but the ride involved in the crash in which 16 people were injured will remain shut for the foreseeable future, the company which runs the park has announced. Four people were seriously hurt in Tuesday’s accident involving the Smiler ride and the Staffordshire tourist attraction has been closed since then, racking up losses of around £500,000 a day for owner Merlin Entertainment. The company said today that new “safety protocols” were being issued. The company said: “The safety of our visitors is our fundamental priority. We have a strong safety record at Alton Towers and across the Merlin Group. “Today we are enhancing our safety standards by issuing an additional set of safety protocols and procedures that will reinforce the safe operation of our multi-car roller coasters. These are effective immediately. “Each roller coaster has its own individual operating process and characteristics. Our central safety management team, together with local park operations, will now work to implement and brief operating staff on these protocols. “As a consequence, two roller coaster rides have been withdrawn from service until the new...

Vice All News Time05 June 2015 16:45:14

4 seriously injured in roller coaster crash

03 June 2015 16:48:44 - RSS Channel - World

A roller coaster car collided with an empty car Tuesday at a UK theme park, leaving four people with serious injuries, officials said.

Vice All News Time03 June 2015 16:48:44

UK roller coaster crash leaves four people seriously injured

03 June 2015 07:58:17 Latest News -

Kate Stanton ALTON TOWERS, England, June 3 (UPI) -- A roller coaster crash at a theme park in Staffordshire, England, on Tuesday left four people seriously injured.

Vice All News Time03 June 2015 07:58:17