roller coaster florida 2014 comes off track

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25 August 2015 09:16:44 - Asia News

Article extract not available. Link to source for the full article. (© The Financial Times Limited 2015)...

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FocusAsia isomer-grade xylene on a roller coaster, outlook uncertain

10 June 2015 06:23:50 - Asia News

Focus article by Hazel Kumari SINGAPORE (ICIS)--Asia isomer-grade xylene prices are likely to continue their roller coaster ride linked to downstream paraxylene (PX) and purified terephthalic acid (PTA) markets in July and August, sources said on Wednesday. Discussions in the upstream crude and naphtha markets would also impact buying and selling sentiments amongst isomer-grade xylene market players in the coming few months, the sources added. Isomer-grade xylene supply for July is expected to shrink due to shut down of some plants for maintenance in the region though its impact on prices was far from certain, they said. Japan’s Taiyo Oil will be shutting its 700,000...

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UK roller coaster collision leaves 4 seriously injured

02 June 2015 17:30:49 - World News

LONDON (AP) — A roller coaster collision at a British amusement park has left...

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A mental roller coaster

29 May 2015 13:53:07 - America News

YEARS AGO I vowed never to go on a roller coaster again. I have succeeded physically. However the things going on in Barbados do take me on a mental roller-coaster ride. ......

Vice All News Time29 May 2015 13:53:07

Unlucky Cyclone Roller Coaster Riders Get Stuck 85 Feet in the Air

30 March 2015 18:33:10 - America News

On Sunday, Brooklyn's oldest roller coaster ride gave out at the top of its track, forcing 12 riders to hoof their way to safety—nearly 85 feet down. Read more... img src="//" height="1" width="1" alt=""/...

Vice All News Time30 March 2015 18:33:10

Where to eat in Hong Kong: Join the queue for a culinary roller-coaster

09 February 2015 13:18:21 - Asia News

The formalities of hotel dining usually run on the same well-trodden lines – what you might call the César Ritz lines. You walk to the entrance and a well-mannered, agreeably dressed member of staff swoops in and leads you, usually with the solemnity of a cardinal, to your table; which is usually covered in a thick, off-white cloth and all the other glinting appurtenances of fine dining. But here I am being led across the dining room, right to the other side of the room, which, as my guide helpfully tells me, is where Clark Gable famously danced with Ava Gardner, until we reach a small swing door. And then we go down. Past waiters in a white-tiled corridor, until we come to a halt outside a...

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Ndoro, Malajila on a roller coaster

16 December 2014 04:23:53 NewsDay Zimbabwe

Ndoro, Malajila on a roller coaster Ndoro, Malajila on a roller coaster : NewsDay Zimbabwe .

Vice All News Time16 December 2014 04:23:53

Daredevil rides motorcycle on roller-coaster track

08 December 2014 20:04:18 Latest News -

Ben Hooper MEXICO CITY, Dec. 8 (UPI) -- A French stunt motorcyclist took on the "sickest" ride of his career when he rode his bike and performed stunts on a Mexico City roller-coaster track.

Vice All News Time08 December 2014 20:04:18

Design unveiled for world's tallest roller coaster

18 November 2014 21:16:22 Latest News -

Ben Hooper ORLANDO, Fla., Nov. 18 (UPI) -- The creators of a planned 570-foot-tall roller coaster in Florida released an animated video detailing the track design.

Vice All News Time18 November 2014 21:16:22

The Occupy roller-coaster ride won't put me off my day job, Benny Tai says

08 September 2014 21:31:50 South China Morning Post - News feed

For Benny Tai Yiu-ting, the 20 months since he first floated the idea of occupying Central to fight for democracy have been nothing short of a roller-coaster ride.

Vice All News Time08 September 2014 21:31:50