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Nicolas Sarkozy and the Libya Investigation: The Key Questions

23 March 2018 19:17:14 NYT > World

The former French president is the subject of an inquiry into whether his 2007 campaign took money from the government of Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi.

Více Politics Time23 March 2018 19:17:14


BNP not happy with graduation to developing country: Hanif

23 March 2018 15:47:50 The Bangladesh Today

KUSHTIA- Joint General Secretary of Bangladesh Awami League(AL) Mahbub-ul Alam Hanif today said BNP is not happy with Bangladesh’s graduation to a developing country, reports BSS. “The United Nations has officially declared the eligibility of Bangladesh for graduating from the Least Development Countries (LDCs). But BNP is feeling jealous regarding the grand success of Bangladesh,” The post BNP not happy with graduation to developing country: Hanif appeared first on The Bangladesh Today .

Více Politics Time23 March 2018 15:47:50

President Radev Accepted an Invitation for a Meeting for Erdogan

23 March 2018 15:16:53 Novinite.com (Sofia News Agency)

Head of State Roumen Radev responded to the invitation by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to hold a personal meeting, the head of state's presidential secretariat announced. "I share the desire of you to hold a personal meeting in the near future, and I propose that it be held within the forthcoming NATO Summit in July this year in Brussels, where we will have the opportunity to discuss in more depth the development of cooperation and dialogue at the highest level between our countries, "said the Bulgarian President's letter to his Turkish counterpart. His letter is in response to "the heartfelt congratulations of his Turkish counterpart on the occasion of Bulgaria's National Day, as well as the call for a summit meeting between the presidents of the two countries in the near future." Recently, Radev said he would not attend the meeting between European leaders and Erdogan in Varna, because "I never intrude where I am not invited." He advised the Prime Minister that "the role of Bulgaria in this meeting should not be limited to a mere host ".

Více Politics Time23 March 2018 15:16:53

BSP donated books to the Bulgarian Cultural Center in Skopje

23 March 2018 15:16:53 Novinite.com (Sofia News Agency)

BSP leader Kornelia Ninova and members of the party leadership met with representatives of the Bulgarian Cultural Center in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia. "This center enables the cultural and spiritual ties between Macedonia and Bulgaria to be strengthened. We would like to promote cultural exchange through exchange of theatrical productions, musical ensembles, exhibitions of artists from both sides, "said Kornelia Ninova at the meeting. Together with Ninova in Skopje are Deputy Chairmen of BSP Denitsa Zlateva, Kiril Dobrev and Vladimir Moskov; the Deputy Speaker of BSP for Bulgaria Dragomir Stoynev and the secretary of the parliamentary group Kristian Vigenin.

Více Politics Time23 March 2018 15:16:53

Merkel: Islam is Part of Germany!

23 March 2018 14:48:40 Novinite.com (Sofia News Agency)

She’s been chancellor of Germany for 12 years, reduced to a caretaker for the past six months until she could form a new government. Today (March 21), Angela Merkel gave the first speech of her latest term to parliament, addressing the controversial topic of migrants and their place in German society. The chancellor directly contradicted her new interior minister—an old foe when it comes to the topic of refugees—Horst Seehofer, leader of the Christian Social Union. Seehofer sparked a furor last week when he told the Bild newspaper that “Islam does not belong in Germany.” “There is no question that our country is historically Christian and Jewish,” Merkel said.“It is also true that Islam has in the meanwhile become part of Germany.” She acknowledged, however, that some Germans find that hard to accept. Seehofer’s statement had been welcomed by the newest party in the German parliament, the far-right Alternative for Germany. When the AfD posted a poll on Twitter this week asking if Islam belonged in Germany, more than 80% of respondents said yes, prompting the party to quickly delete the survey. Merkel said the atmosphere in Germany had become “polarized,” and the refugee crisis of recent years had challenged the country “in an unprecedented way.” She noted that Turkish and Italian immigrants had played a vital role in the rebuilding of post-war Germany and that their families were part of mainstream life. About 4.5 million Muslims live in Germany, and the majority rejects radicalism, the chancellor said. Unusually for Merkel, she admitted that in retrospect, her initial hope that the chaos of the war in Syria wouldn’t harm Germany was naïve. It soon became clear that the country wasn’t prepared for an influx of displaced people, she said, describing the taking in of more than a million refugees was a necessary “humanitarian exception.”

Více Politics Time23 March 2018 14:48:40

Foreign Minister of Greece Begins Pivotal Visit to Skopje as Name Talks Progress

23 March 2018 12:55:37 Novinite.com (Sofia News Agency)

Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias arrived in Skopje on Thursday evening for a landmark visit as talks between the two sides appear to be edging toward a resolution on the longstanding “Macedonia” name dispute, Ekathimerini writes. Kotzias, who touched down at Skopje International Airport at around 7 p.m. – on what was the first direct flight to Skopje in 12 years – was scheduled to have dinner with his counterpart Nikola Dimitrov ahead of talks today with him and other officials of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. Arrangements were made for Kotzias’s trip after Skopje renamed its international airport, removing the name of the Greek warrior king Alexander the Great. Apart from symbolic gestures made by both sides, there has been progress on the crux of the issue, with Greek and FYROM officials said to be close on resolving the matter of the name and addressing concerns about irredentism, though obstacles remain. A potential stumbling block is Greece’s demands for agreed changes to be reflected in FYROM’s constitution, a prospect that authorities in Skopje appear reluctant to embrace. Kotzias and Dimitrov are to continue their talks on Friday, focusing on a seven-point proposal sent to Skopje by Athens earlier this week and a separate list of proposals by Skopje. The two men are expected to give a joint press conference after their talks. Later in the day, Kotzias is expected to meet with FYROM Prime Minister Zoran Zaev and other government officials. He is not scheduled to meet FYROM President Gjorge Ivanov, apparently for reasons of protocol, though the latter is known to be a critic of Zaev’s efforts to reach a compromise with Greece on the name issu

Více Politics Time23 March 2018 12:55:37

Far-right Parties in the Netherlands Win Support for Local Elections

23 March 2018 11:16:36 Novinite.com (Sofia News Agency)

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - A new nationalist party led by a self-styled intellectual won two seats in Amsterdam in Dutch municipal elections seen as heralding the fragmentation of the country's far right. The Forum for Democracy, which has touted what it calls Dutch cultural superiority and denounced the European Union, took 4.9 percent of the vote, good for two seats in the 45-member assembly of the largest Dutch city. Although the party is participating only in Amsterdam, traditionally a liberal bulwark, national opinion polls show it is now the third most popular in the Netherlands. An admirer of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, Forum for Democracy leader Thierry Baudet has siphoned voters from anti-Islam lawmaker Geert Wilders, who has been a fixture among European right-wing populists since 2006. Baudet, a swaggering 35-year-old writer who entered the Dutch national Parliament after winning two seats in the March 2017 parliamentary election, echoing Trump's call to "drain the swamp", said his party would upend Amsterdam politics. "We can bring so many things to light, we can throw spanners in the works, we'll turn over so many stones," he told ANP news. Baudet has been called sexist and racist for various remarks he has made, including saying last year that women "generally excel less in many occupations and lack ambition" and that Dutch "people are being homeopathically diluted by mixing them with all the peoples of the world". But his words have struck a chord with some and the Forum for Democracy has drawn adherents of Wilders' Freedom Party, which has lost more than a third of its popular support and is now polling in seventh place nationally. Wilders' party, currently the second largest in parliament, has struggled to find suitable candidates to compete in the local elections. Anti-migrant sentiment played an important role in the election campaign, though which housing shortages and rapidly rising rents were also central issues.

Více Politics Time23 March 2018 11:16:36

Borisov: We will not Recall Bulgarian Diplomats from Russia

23 March 2018 11:02:31 Novinite.com (Sofia News Agency)

While there is a "high probability", but there is no hard evidence, we can not discuss the recall of Bulgarian diplomats from Russia. This was stated by Prime Minister Boyko Borisov on the occasion of the decision of the European Union to support the assessment of Britain that Russia is responsible for the attack with a neuropathic substance against the former Russian spy Sergei Scripal and his daughter Julia. "We understand Theresa May's allegations of the" high probability "that the Russian Federation stands behind this attack," Borisov commented. "Yesterday I asked for more evidence - from" high probability "to become" full probability ", Borisov said He also pointed out that United Patriots' coalition partners would not support the withdrawal of Bulgarian diplomats from Moscow. "We all believe in Britain's position, but when there is an explanation there is also another explanation," Borisov said. He expressed concern that the dismissal of the EU ambassador to Moscow for consultations would cause further deterioration in relations between the two parties. "I expect very rapid tensions in the coming weeks, because many countries will start to recall their ambassadors too," Borisov said. In his view, however, it is important that, despite Brexit, the EU and the UK show unity. "At the moment we are at a time which is much more difficult than the Cold War. There were very clear dividing lines during the Cold War, now the attitude of everyone is so sharp, so firm that I am not optimistic about the peaceful development of the world. In time when it is widely accepted to recall diplomats, will not lead to more peace, tranquility and understanding, "said Boyko Borissov. At the meeting of the leaders of the European countries he made his remarks and told British Prime Minister Theresa May that caution should be exercised. "Saddam Hussein was accused with the use of chemical weapon, then Tony Blair apologized, and the aftermaths to this day are monstrous," Borisov explained.

Více Politics Time23 March 2018 11:02:31

The EU-Turkey Meeting in Varna will Happen after All

23 March 2018 10:20:09 Novinite.com (Sofia News Agency)

The EU-Turkey summit in Varna, scheduled for Monday, will be held after all. This is what the leaders of the union have decided at the meeting of the European Council, the BNR announced. Yesterday, it became clear that the meeting could be postponed due to Greece's and Cyprus's objections to tensions between the two countries and Ankara over the detention of two Greek soldiers by the Turkish authorities. Although there will be a meeting, the EU condemns Turkey's actions in the Mediterranean and Aegean Sea, stressing its full solidarity with Cyprus and Greece, the report says.

Více Politics Time23 March 2018 10:20:09

The EU will Recall its Ambassador to Russia

23 March 2018 10:05:58 Novinite.com (Sofia News Agency)

The European Union has recalled its ambassador from Moscow after leaders on the continent threw their weight behind Theresa May’s stance over the Salisbury attack. Several EU member states were poised to announce expulsions of diplomats, in a bid to dismantle Vladimir Putin’s spy network. Following a summit in Brussels to discuss the response to the Salisbury nerve agent attack, EU leaders gave their full-throated backing to the prime minister by adopting a statement declaring it was “highly likely Russia is responsible” for poisoning Sergei Skripal and his daughter, Yulia. Donald Tusk, the president of the European council, tweeted that all leaders agreed Russia’s responsibility for the attack was highly likely. In a significant point for May, the statement goes further than a declaration by foreign ministers earlier this week, which avoided pinning the blame on Russia. British diplomats believe that a strong message of solidarity with the UK, from Russia’s closest European neighbours, will hit home with President Putin. France, Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are understood to be considering expelling Russian diplomats, as requested by the UK government, in a coordinated strike against Moscow. The Lithuanian president, Dalia Grybauskaitė, said: “All of us, we are considering such measures.” She added that she had not congratulated Putin on his election victory. On Thursday night the Dutch prime minister, Mark Rutte, said the EU ambassador to Russia was being recalled to consult with Brussels over the Salisbury attack. Rutte said characterised this as a “measure” rather than a formal “sanction” against Moscow. EU leaders discussed their response to the Salisbury poisoning over a European council summit dinner in Brussels. The UK prime minister told her fellow leaders the attack formed part of a long-term pattern of behaviour by Russia, and urged them to present a united front. May said: “The challenge of Russia is one that will endure for years to come. As a European democracy, the UK will stand shoulder to shoulder with the EU and Nato to face these threats together. United, we will succeed.” The statement issued by the council after the summit said: “The European council condemns in the strongest possible terms the recent attack in Salisbury, expresses its deepest sympathies to all whose lives have been threatened and lends its support to the ongoing investigation. “We stand in unqualified solidarity with the United Kingdom in the face of this grave challenge to our shared security.” Before the dinner, May met the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, and the French president, Emmanuel Macron, who have been robust in echoing Britain’s position. A No 10 spokesman said: “The UK, Germany and France reaffirmed that there is no plausible explanation other than that the Russian state was responsible. The leaders agreed on the importance of sending a strong European message in response to Russia’s actions and agreed to remain in close contact in coming days.” Britain expelled 23 Russian diplomats in retaliation for the attack. In the run-up to Thursday’s summit, British officials shared intelligence with their EU counterparts in an attempt to win them over to the prime minister’s view that the Russian state was responsible. Earlier, not all EU leaders had appeared convinced of Russia’s involvement, however. The Greek prime minister, Alexis Tsipras, took a cautious line before talks with May. “We have to express our solidarity to the UK, to the British people, but at the same time we need to investigate,” Tsipras said. Luxembourg’s prime minister, Xavier Bettel, a former criminal lawyer, said he wanted to hear what May had to say before making a decision. May is keen to demonstrate that the UK will continue to cooperate closely on security matters with the EU even after Brexit, and warned her fellow EU leaders that she now believed Russia to present a long-term strategic threat. Before the dinner, neither the president of the European commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, nor Tusk was willing to echo the British prime minister’s claim that Russia was now a strategic enemy. The two EU leaders both insisted during a press conference on Thursday that they would only respond later. Lithuania’s foreign minister, Linas Linkevičius, appeared to call for the World Cup to be taken away from Russia. He said: “In Russia everything’s used for politics and to make Russia proud at being capital of this world religion football, I don’t believe it’s very productive frankly.” Whitehall officials have said that Russia “has shown itself to be a strategic enemy, not a strategic partner”, pointing to a pattern of behaviour including cyber-attacks on countries including Germany, the US and Denmark and aggression in Syria and Ukraine. Earlier, at a press conference in London on Thursday, Russia’s ambassador to the UK described Boris Johnson’s remarks comparing the World Cup in Russia to the 1936 Olympics as “unacceptable and totally irresponsible”. Alexander Yakovenko complained that Britain had refused to cooperate with Moscow over the investigation into the Salisbury poisoning, saying: “We have seen no evidence.”

Více Politics Time23 March 2018 10:05:58

US Embassy in Sofia Was Bugged by Communist Bulgaria's Intelligence till 1990, Ex Spy Reveals

23 March 2018 03:02:13 Novinite.com (Sofia News Agency)

The US Embassy in Sofia was tapped by the counter-intelligence services in communist Bulgaria, which was discovered by the US intelligence agents only in 1990, resulting in a somewhat funny incident resembling a “tug of war” or “rope pulling”, a former top Bulgarian spy has revealed in a new book. Read the whole article HERE! *Content provided by ArchaeologyinBulgaria.com .

Více Politics Time23 March 2018 03:02:13

Slovak President Appoints Peter Pellegrini as New Prime Minister

22 March 2018 13:23:02 Novinite.com (Sofia News Agency)

BRATISLAVA (REUTERS) - Slovak President Andrej Kiska appointed Peter Pellegrini as prime minister on Thursday to end a political crisis touched off by the murder of an investigative journalist that led to mass protests and the resignation of veteran leader Robert Fico. In Slovakia's biggest protests in three decades of democracy, tens of thousands have taken to the streets demanding a new government and a fair investigation into last month's killing of Jan Kuciak, 27, who probed fraud cases involving businessmen with political ties. The ruling Smer party picked Pellegrini, a 42-year-old deputy prime minister, to replace Fico and keep the three-party government afloat midway through its term. It also chose non-partisan Tomas Drucker to head the Interior Ministry and meet the demands of the protesters and of President Kiska to install a person who can secure an independent investigation into the killing of Kuciak. Kiska had rejected Pellegrini's first interior minister nominee and said on Wednesday he was not entirely satisfied with the proposed cabinet but had reached the limit of his presidential powers. Many Slovaks do not believe that Pellegrini, hand-picked by Fico, and Drucker will safeguard a fair investigation of Kuciak's murder while the Smer party, often a target of the reporter's investigative journalism, remains in power. Protest organizers plan another demonstration on Friday, the fourth week in a row.

Více Politics Time22 March 2018 13:23:02

Prime Minister Boyko Borissov Тalks with EU President Donald Tusk

22 March 2018 13:23:02 Novinite.com (Sofia News Agency)

''The upcoming meeting between the leaders of the EU and Turkey in Varna is necessary for the normalization of relations between the EU and Ankara.'' This is what Bulgarian PM Boyko Borissov commented at a meeting with European Council President Donald Tusk in Brussels, the press service of the Council of Ministers announced. Borisov and Tusk are unanimous that the talk in Varna between the European leaders and the president of Turkey is indispensable for restoring the dialogue with the Turkish state. "We need a tidy relationship with our neighbor - Turkey, and the dialogue with the Turkish president should be continued," the Bulgarian prime minister said. Boyko Borisov and Donald Tusk also briefed on their positions on Europe's current political themes, which will be discussed later at the European Council meeting today. The work up to now on the priority topics of the Bulgarian EU Council Presidency has been highly appreciated.

Více Politics Time22 March 2018 13:23:02

Britain’s Top Diplomat Boris Johnson: Russia’s Putin will use World Cup like Hitler used Olympics

22 March 2018 13:23:02 Novinite.com (Sofia News Agency)

Britain’s top diplomat, Boris Johnson, told Parliament on Wednesday that Russian President Vladimir Putin would use the World Cup this summer as a propaganda tool much as Hitler used the 1936 Olympic Games to glorify Nazi Germany. The provocative comparison drew an enraged reaction from the Moscow — which has often stoked nationalist pride around the Soviet Union’s triumph over Nazi Germany in the Second World War — and was a striking example of the diplomatic clash between the two countries following the poisoning of a Russian former spy, Sergei Skripal, and his daughter earlier this month. In testimony before the Foreign Affairs Select Committee of the House of Commons, Johnson, the foreign secretary, said that ensuring the safety of British soccer fans who travel to the World Cup was a crucial concern.

Více Politics Time22 March 2018 13:23:02

Romania Poses Serious Question to the EU Commission

22 March 2018 12:54:46 Novinite.com (Sofia News Agency)

Romania’s prime minister Viorica Dancila sent a letter to European Commission president Jean Claude Juncker asking him for clarifications on an alleged interference by the EC in the justice process in Romania. Dancila’s request is related to a document presented by the Romanian media, which the European Commission supposedly sent to the Romanian justice minister Mona Pivniceru in October 2012, as part of the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism (CVM) evaluation. In this document, the EC asked for details about the criminal proceedings targeting former PM Adrian Nastase, former ministers Tudor Chiuariu and Decebal Traian Remes, local businessmen George Becali, George Copos and Dan Voiculescu, and several others. “It is essential for securing our institutional collaboration and strengthening judicial integrity in Romania to find out whether the document attributed to the European Commission is an authentic one, assumed institutionally, and if it is the only document of its kind and whether it was capable of bringing, by its content or effects, interference with the proper functioning of justice and breach principles of law,” the PM wrote in her letter to Juncker. She also wants clarifications on the “reasons, motifs and criteria” on which the list was made and the way in which the information collected following this request contributed to the EC’s analysis and evaluation of Romania’s progress within the CVM. At the end of her letter, Dancila suggests that the CVM should be removed. “From the above considerations and in view of the constant progress made by Romania in the field of justice, I would rightly stress again, Mr. President, that our country fulfils all the conditions for the lifting of the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism, a measure which, once taken, will open new horizons and perspectives of our partnership.” The Romanian version of the letter resented by the Government included more categorical terms, suggesting that the PM actually requested the CVM lifting so that the relationship between Romanian and the EC would return to normal. The Romanian PM had a meeting with Juncker in February after which she said the CVM on Romania would be lifted by next year, when the country takes over the presidency of the European Council. However, EC officials, including first vice president Frans Timmermans said Romania needed to finish the justice reform and anticorruption fight marathon in order to have the CVM removed. The Romanian ruling coalition’s initiatives to change the justice laws and criminal codes in the last year have strained the relationship between the Romanian Government and Parliament and the European Commission. ROMANIA INSIDER

Více Politics Time22 March 2018 12:54:46

Merkel Attacked Turkey About the Offensive in Syria

22 March 2018 12:54:46 Novinite.com (Sofia News Agency)

German Chancellor Angela Merkel criticized Turkey for the offensive in the Syrian city of Afrin. The German leader also criticized the ongoing attacks by the Syrian army in East Ghouta near Damascus. In front of lawmakers in the Bundestag, the Chancellor said the German government condemned the bombing of Eastern Ghouta "in the most categorical manner". She pointed out the forces of Syrian President Bashar Assad, but also accused Russia of "just looking" and not interfering. Commenting on the battle for Afrin, Merkel said Turkish actions are unacceptable. "I also condemn this in a most categorical way," she added.

Více Politics Time22 March 2018 12:54:46

Russia Declares U.S. German Marshall Fund ‘Undesirable’

22 March 2018 12:26:41 Novinite.com (Sofia News Agency)

Russia’s government has added the German Marshall Fund of the United States to its list of foreign entities whose activities are deemed "undesirable" in the country. "The Russian Justice Ministry has added the German Marshall Fund of the United States (GMF) to the list of foreign and international nongovernmental organizations, whose operation has been recognized as undesirable on Russian territory," the ministry said on March 21. It did not specify why the U.S.-based think tank, which does not have offices or staff in Russia, had been added to the list. The ministry issued its standard statement when barring organizations that referred to "measures against individuals involved in the violation of basic human rights and freedoms" and on a decision by a deputy prosecutor-general. The German Marshall Fund said it had "not received any formal notification regarding this announcement." "GMF’s work to strengthen transatlantic relations in support of the values of democracy, human rights, and rule of law will continue unabated," said the organization, which is based in Washington and has several offices in Europe. Under a law signed by President Vladimir Putin in 2015 and widely criticized by rights groups, the government can brand foreign and international groups "undesirable organizations." The legislation, which critics say is designed to prevent NGOs from promoting democratic institutions in Russia, enables the government to ban the organizations and launch criminal proceedings against Russian groups that work with them. The Justice Ministry's list now names 14 "undesirable" organizations, including Open Russia, the National Endowment for Democracy, the Open Society Foundation, and the U.S. Russia Foundation for Economic Advancement and the Rule of Law. Days ahead of Russia's March 18 presidential vote, the ministry blacklisted two European organizations involved in election monitoring -- Germany's European Platform for Democratic Elections and Lithuania's International Elections Study Center. With reporting by Reuters and Interfax

Více Politics Time22 March 2018 12:26:41

Theresa May to EU Leaders: Russia is a Threat to us all

22 March 2018 12:12:35 Novinite.com (Sofia News Agency)

LONDON — Theresa May will warn EU leaders over dinner in Brussels Thursday that Russian spy networks in Europe are a threat to the whole of the bloc that will last for “years to come.” The U.K. prime minister’s message comes as Britain steps up efforts to persuade its closest allies to follow the U.K.’s lead imposing diplomatic sanctions against Moscow in response to the first use of chemical weapons on European soil since the Second World War. According to an advance briefing from the U.K. government, May will say the attack on the Russian double agent Segei Skripal in Salisbury earlier this month was “an indiscriminate and reckless act against the United Kingdom” amounting to “attempted murder using an illegal chemical weapon that we know Russia possesses.” May will go on to say that other countries share the U.K.’s assessment that Russia is “responsible” for the attack before warning that the use of the Novichok nerve agent was “a clear violation” of international law. The prime minister will warn EU leaders that Russia’s “disrespect for international rules and norms clearly threatens the basis for our advanced democracies, open societies, and free economies.” She will add: “The Russian threat does not respect borders, and as such we are all at risk.” The prime minister will warn EU leaders that Russia’s “disrespect for international rules and norms clearly threatens the basis for our advanced democracies, open societies, and free economies.” A senior Whitehall official told reporters in London the U.K. was “not looking for confrontation or regime change” with Moscow but warned that Russia was now considered a “strategic enemy” by London and not a “strategic partner.” POLITICO

Více Politics Time22 March 2018 12:12:35

Today, Skopje and Athens are Negotiating the Name of Macedonia

22 March 2018 10:20:04 Novinite.com (Sofia News Agency)

Key talks will begin today in the Macedonian capital Skopje between Macedonia's and Greece's foreign ministers, Nikola Dimitrov and Nikos Kotzias, reports BGNES. Nikos Kotzias will land at "Skopje International Airport", which changed its name from "Alexander the Great" as a sign of goodwill. This will be the first airplane arrival of a Greek diplomat. Two days ago, the authorities in Athens and Skopje officially announced that they had exchanged draft solutions to the dispute. Dimitrov acknowledged that there are "some differences" between the two packages. However, both parties refused to comment on the documents and to provide details on their content. At the same time, Athens' proposals were published in the Greek press. The package includes the following proposals: The Republic of Northern Macedonia The Republic of New Macedonia The Republic of Upper Macedonia The Republic of Vardar Macedonia The Republic of Macedonia (Skopje). Macedonian Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said that "Greek proposals are only an instrument to help" the Vienna negotiations on the 30th March. The delegations of the two countries will then hold another round of talks with the participation of international mediator Matthew Nimetz. On the eve of Kotzias's visit to Skopje, the State Department issued a special statement stating that "the United States is hoping for a swift solution to the long-standing name dispute."

Více Politics Time22 March 2018 10:20:04

Sarkozy Blasts Lack of 'Physical Evidence' in Corruption Case

22 March 2018 10:20:04 Novinite.com (Sofia News Agency)

Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy, who has been charged with corruption for allegedly accepting funding from late Libyan dictator Moamer Kadhafi towards his 2007 election campaign, has denounced the lack of "physical evidence" against him, in his court statement published by French media on Thursday, AFP reported. "I stand accused without any physical evidence because of declarations made by Mr Kadhafi, his son, his nephew, his cousin, his spokesman, his former prime minister," Sarkozy told judges in remarks published by the Figaro website, a day after he was charged. "I've been living the hell of this slander since March 11, 2011" when Khadafi first made the allegations, he added.

Více Politics Time22 March 2018 10:20:04

Trump's Remark to Putin that they Could Meet soon Caught White House Advisers by Surprise

22 March 2018 10:05:57 Novinite.com (Sofia News Agency)

Chicago Trubune - President Donald Trump's senior advisers were thrown when he told Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday that he expected to meet with him soon, as briefings before the call to Moscow included no mention of a possible meeting, and aides have not been instructed to prepare for one, senior administration officials said. Although Trump told reporters that "probably, we'll be seeing President Putin in the not-too-distant future," several officials said there are no plans for the two even to be in the same country until November, when both are expected to attend a Group of 20 summit in Argentina. Amid criticism by some lawmakers of his congratulatory call to Putin, whose 76 percent win in the Russian election Sunday was denounced as a "sham" by Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman John McCain, R-Ariz., Trump tweeted Wednesday that "Getting along with Russia is a good thing, not a bad thing" and said that Moscow could help the United States solve a range of international problems. Referring to his immediate three predecessors in office, Trump said that George W. Bush didn't have the "smarts" to get along with the Russians, and that Barack Obama and Bill Clinton "didn't have the energy or the chemistry." Trump's briefing materials for the Putin call, placed in a binder by the staff secretary's office for Trump's review, did not include any reference to a meeting, and specifically warned against congratulating the Russian president, said a person with direct knowledge who, like other officials, spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss internal White House deliberations. Senior White House officials have previously opposed a bilateral meeting with the Russian president. Hours before the White House even acknowledged Trump had spoken to Putin, the Kremlin put its own spin on the call, saying that Trump had called to congratulate Putin and that "special attention was paid to making progress on the question of holding a possible meeting at the highest level." The Russian statement forced the hand of the White House, where advisers had disagreed on whether to include Trump's congratulations in the official U.S. account, two people familiar with the conversation said. When the official White House readout of the call emerged several hours later, it said Trump congratulated Putin but made no mention of a discussion of a meeting. For Trump, such spur-of-the-moment remarks to foreign leaders are not unusual, and often have had little lasting meaning, officials said, noting that he often issues invitations to a meal or a meeting. The call to Putin was the second time this month that Trump has made an impromptu announcement that he planned to meet with a foreign leader, although his March 8 decision to hold talks with North Korea's Kim Jong-un appeared to carry more weight and has sparked a flurry of internal planning. Both moves bore the hallmarks of an emboldened president who appears increasingly comfortable in disregarding the advice of his most senior advisers, and facing off with the most implacable U.S. foes, regardless of the potential risks. "No one was planning on a meeting with Putin at this point, given all the questions about continuing Russian interference in our elections and the ongoing Mueller probe, never mind the ... poisoning" of a former Russian double-agent this month in Britain, said Angela Stent, a former national intelligence officer with a focus on Russia in the administration of President George W. Bush. "This shows that Trump continues to believe that he can make a 'deal' with Putin and is unconstrained by his advisers who have been arguing for restraint and caution."

Více Politics Time22 March 2018 10:05:57

Trump Plans to Slap Stiff Tariffs and Investment Restrictions on China

22 March 2018 02:04:37 NYT > Asia Pacific

The president, denouncing China’s trade practices, will announce a range of stiff penalties on Chinese imports and investment, sparking concerns of a trade war.

Více Politics Time22 March 2018 02:04:37

Saudi Crown Prince, in His Own Words: Women Are ‘Absolutely’ Equal

22 March 2018 01:54:44 NYT > Middle East

In a “60 Minutes” interview, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman laid out his views on Islam, women’s rights, his wealth and the jailing of hundreds of princes.

Více Politics Time22 March 2018 01:54:44

Leader of BSP will Meet Macedonian Prime Minister Zoran Zaev

21 March 2018 16:27:11 Novinite.com (Sofia News Agency)

BSP President Kornelia Ninova will meet Macedonian Prime Minister and SDSM leader Zoran Zaev in Skopje on March 23rd. This was announced by the press center of the Bulgarian Socialist Party. The Delegation of BSP includes the deputy chairmen of the left Denitsa Zlateva, Kiril Dobrev, Vladimir Moskov, Deputy Speaker of BSP for Bulgaria Dragomir Stoynev and the secretary of the parliamentary group Christian Vigenin. Ninova will also talk with representatives of the Bulgarian Cultural Center in Skopje, as well as with the Bulgarian Ambassador to Macedonia Ivan Petkov.

Více Politics Time21 March 2018 16:27:11

Macedonian MPs Are Visiting Bulgaria

21 March 2018 14:05:50 Novinite.com (Sofia News Agency)

A delegation of the Macedonia-Bulgaria Friendship Group has met in Sofia with President of the Bulgarian National Assembly, Tsveta Karayancheva. This visit is of historical importance as the friendship groups of the parliaments of Bulgaria and Macedonia met today for the first time after 11 years of pause. The delegation was led by Parliament Deputy Speaker Frosina Tasevska - Remenski, met with members of the Friendship Group Bulgaria - Macedonia at the 44th National Assembly. Historical debates should not be an obstacle to debates about the common future, the Deputy Speaker of the Macedonian Assembly said. According to her, the two countries share many common things in history that should not divide us, but they have to be a lesson - to correct the mistakes and build bridges for cooperation as our citizens and the EU expect. She expressed hope during the Bulgarian Presidency of the EU Council, Macedonia to receive an invitation to start accession negotiations with the Union. Macedonian MPs invited their Bulgarian counterparts from the Friendship Group with Macedonia to visit the parliament in Skopje. Spas Gurnevski / GERB / ​​gave the guests a book with a wish for a long and joint European way. "Relations between Bulgaria and Macedonia have entered into a new era, in which we finally need to build the infrastructure between our two countries; complete Corridor No. 8; open new border crossing points; build railways and start trading from the Black to the Adriatic sea, as it will be beneficial to Bulgaria, Macedonia, and Albania," Boris Vangelov, chairman of the Friendship Group with Macedonia of the Bulgarian National Assembly said.

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What’s in a Name? For Macedonia, the Key to Peace and Security

20 March 2018 18:43:26 NYT > Europe

The Balkan country has been blocked from joining NATO and the European Union by Greece, which for decades has fought to keep the name Macedonia for itself.

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BOKAMOSO | NMB: How to sabotage a city

20 March 2018 16:37:15 The Gremlin

Nelson Mandela Bay Metro (Port Elizabeth) has become a sacrificial lamb, strapped to the altar of EFF political expediency and awaiting slaughter. The story of this metro decisively debunks the notion that the EFF fights for the poor in SA. On the contrary, the EFF cares so little for the plight of the poor that

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Head of State: Israel Would be Interested in Investing in High Technology

20 March 2018 15:24:31 Novinite.com (Sofia News Agency)

''Israel as a leading state in hi-tech would have an interest in investing in Bulgaria's potential in these areas'', President Rumen Radev said today at a meeting with his Israeli counterpart, Reuven Rivlin, at Jerusalem's Presidential Palace. Radev added that our country is becoming more and more a center for information and communication technologies, research in Southeastern Europe. ''The friendship between our peoples has been proved most definitively in the difficult years of the Second World War'', the Bulgarian President said. He pointed out that he is proud that the Bulgarians had done the unprecedented act of saving their Jews and had not allowed any of them to go to the death camps. ''In this way we recorded one of the brightest pages not only in ours, but also in European history'', Rumen Radev noted. The Head of State also added that thanks to the consistent efforts of several generations today, the State of Israel has effective institutions, democracy and developed civil society. In his words, the State of Israel today is a progressive model for social development whose success lies in the public's commitment to citizens, the quality of education, decent pay, investments in the economy and sectors where science is a guarantor of high added value. That is why Bulgaria is open to continue our cooperation, investment exchange, scientific, economic, trade exchange, the Bulgarian president noted. President Rumen Radev is on an official visit to the State of Israel at the invitation of President Reuven Rivlin. The visit of the Bulgarian head of state is in the context of the 75th anniversary of the salvation of Bulgarian Jews and the 70th anniversary of the creation of the State of Israel. The Bulgarian head of state will be welcomed by his Israeli counterpart in Jerusalem's presidential palace, where plenary talks will take place at the official delegations of Bulgaria and Israel. During his visit, Radev will also meet with the Speaker of the Knesset, Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu, and Robert Singer, Vice President and CEO of the World Jewish Congress. Rumen Radev's visit is a continuation of the political dialogue at the highest level between the two countries. Among the topics of the meetings of the Bulgarian Head of State will be opportunities to deepen cooperation in all areas of mutual interest, including in the areas of security, the fight against terrorism, the economy and investment. Today, the president will also meet with representatives of the organizations of the Bulgarian Jews in the State of Israel. During the visit, Rumen Radev will take part in a ceremony for the burning of the eternal fire in memory of the victims of the Holocaust in the Yad Vashem Memorial, and will lay a wreath to the graves of the victims of the Salvador ship on Herceles Hill. President Radev will make a statement in the framework of the Sixth Global Forum to Combat Anti-Semitism. The international gathering brings together political leaders, public figures, clerics, diplomats, teachers, civil society representatives from around the world. The Forum discusses strategic measures to combat anti-Semitism and other forms of racial and ethnic hatred. President Rumen Radev will also visit Palestine. During the official visit to Ramallah, the Bulgarian head of state will talk with his Palestinian counterpart, Mahmoud Abbas. The two will discuss the prospects for the development of the bilateral Bulgarian-Palestinian relations. The deepening of political dialogue and cooperation in areas such as trade and economic contacts, education, science and culture will be the focus of the meeting. The delegation headed by the Bulgarian Head of State is represented by MPs, representatives of Jewish organizations in Bulgaria, as well as business, employers and trade organizations.

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EU's Juncker Follows France, Germany in Congratulating Putin

20 March 2018 15:13:04 Novinite.com (Sofia News Agency)

The European Union’s chief executive has written to Russian President Vladimir Putin to congratulate him on his reelection, saying that Russia and Europe should “reestablish a cooperative pan-European security order”, according to Reuters. Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker published the letter on his Twitter account on Tuesday, echoing the call for dialogue by German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron in their messages of congratulation. “Our common objective should be to re-establish a cooperative pan-European security order,” Juncker wrote. “I hope that you will use your fourth term in office to pursue this goal,” he said, adding: “I will always be a partner in this endeavor.” After dominating the political landscape for the last 18 years, Putin comfortably won reelection on Sunday. U.S. President Donald Trump has yet to congratulate Putin, although the Kremlin said that was not “an unfriendly act”. With East-West ties at post-Cold War lows, Juncker’s congratulatory letter followed the latest expression of concern about Russia from EU foreign ministers on Monday over the nerve agent attack on a former Russian double agent on British soil. In a statement, ministers said the European Union “takes extremely seriously the UK government’s assessment that it is highly likely that the Russian Federation is responsible”. Russia denies any involvement. Juncker, a former Luxembourg premier, courted criticism in June 2016 when he attended an economic forum with Putin in St. Petersburg when most EU leaders were seeking to isolate Russia diplomatically over Russia’s 2014 seizure of Ukraine’s Crimea. However, Juncker has long argued that, while maintaining sanctions on Russia, the EU should engage more with Moscow to push the Kremlin to curtail its disinformation campaign against the West and seek an end to the conflict in eastern Ukraine. In October 2015, Juncker spoke out in favor of Moscow, saying: “Russia must be treated decently. We can’t let our relationship with Russia be dictated by Washington.”

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Finance Ministers of the G20 Countries Met in Buenos Aires

20 March 2018 10:16:33 Novinite.com (Sofia News Agency)

Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors of G20 countries met in Buenos Aires. The talks passed in the shadow of planned US duties on imports of steel and aluminum. The main topic of the unofficial debate in the Argentine capital is the threat of trade wars at a time when US President Donald Trump is preparing to introduce a 25 percent duty on steel imports and 10 percent on aluminum. This week there will be decisive talks on the issue. The host of the forum, Argentina, has asked for a temporary exemption from the duties. The United States has given such a concession to Canada and Mexico, although they want to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Prior to the meeting, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, Christine Lagarde, said the world economy is recovering from the 2007-2008 crisis, and its growth is expected to accelerate. However, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development has warned that inequality is increasing and called for structural reforms to boost economic growth, prioritize employment and the social system, and reduce environmental damage.

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