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WATCH: This One-of-a-Kind House is Inside an Airplane Hangar

26 August 2016 02:02:24 WN.com - America News

Architect Adam Kalkin and his family live in a cottage that's nested inside of an airplane hangar in the suburbs of New Jersey. ......

Vice All News Time26 August 2016 02:02:24


Prince George joins dad Prince William to check out airplanes

09 July 2016 10:14:36 WN.com - World News

Prince George, the airplane-loving future king of...

Vice All News Time09 July 2016 10:14:36

Small airplane makes emergency landing on highway in Hungary

30 May 2016 15:56:11 The Daily Star >> News >> World

Hungarian police say a small airplane made an emergency landing on a busy highway on the outskirts of Budapest.

Vice All News Time30 May 2016 15:56:11

Disney-themed airplane debuts in Shanghai

26 April 2016 14:12:51 China Daily > China News

A Shanghai Disney-themed airplane has made its debut in Shanghai on April 25, 2016.

Vice All News Time26 April 2016 14:12:51

FBI: Man arrested after doing yoga, meditating on airplane

31 March 2016 03:11:59 WN.com - World News

HONOLULU (AP) — Authorities say a Japan-bound airplane...

Vice All News Time31 March 2016 03:11:59

First electric airplane ready for mass production

10 March 2016 21:59:04 China Daily > China News

The country's first electric airplane is ready for mass production following the successful completion of low-temperature flight tests.

Vice All News Time10 March 2016 21:59:04

Airplane security is "zero"

07 February 2016 20:07:15 WN.com - World News

Belgrade, Serbia • The Serb pilot who landed a jetliner in Somalia with a three-foot hole on its fuselage said Sunday he never doubted that it was caused by a bomb and describes the security surround the airplane at Mogadishu Airport as “zero.” A suicide bomber is suspected to have set off the explosive inside the plane, Somali officials said Saturday. The blast sucked a male passenger out of the plane and forced the aircraft to make an emergency landing Tuesday in Somalia’s capital, they said. ......

Vice All News Time07 February 2016 20:07:15

Somalia airplane makes emergency landing after blast

03 February 2016 11:42:01 WN.com - World News

The airplane, operated by Daalo Airlines and flying from Mogadishu to Djibouti with around 60 passengers, landed safely. ......

Vice All News Time03 February 2016 11:42:01

Jefferson Airplane Paul Kantner dies

29 January 2016 04:55:58 rss_all

Paul Kantner, one of the founding members of 1960s San Francisco psychedelic rock band Jefferson Airplane, died on Thursday aged 74.

Vice null Time29 January 2016 04:55:58

Airplane cleaner killed in blast at Istanbul airport

23 December 2015 11:50:00 WN.com - World News

ISTANBUL (AP) — An airplane cleaner at Istanbul's Sabiha Gokcen airport has died of injuries suffered Wednesday in an explosion...

Vice All News Time23 December 2015 11:50:00