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Travel Guide Iceland - General information and Booking - News of Iceland

20 October 2014 23:27:19 News of Iceland - Online News Source - Travel, Business, Politics and much more ...

Travel Guide - Iceland Restaurants, Accommodation, Tours, Excursions, Places to see, Activities and much more... Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions: How to get to Iceland - Booking and general information Flights, Ferries and Cruise Ships You can travel to Iceland by airplane. There are many airlines that fly to Iceland all year round. You can also come to Iceland by a ferry, then you can bring your own car or caravan. Many people also visit Iceland by cruise ships. More information Accommodation in Iceland Hotels, Guesthouses, Farm accommodation, Apartments and more In Iceland you can find all kinds of accommodation. Everybody can find something that suits their taste. We recommend that you book accommodation in advance, especially during the summer. You can find everyting from cabins and farm accommodation to luxury hotels. More information Getting around in Iceland Rental cars, domestic flights, buses, ... There are many good car rentals in Iceland where you can find all types of cars. But you can also travel by bus or by plane in Iceland. You can stay in the capital and take bus tours, long or short, anywhere you want. Find out more: More information Bus tours and Excursions in Iceland Short tours, Day tours and Longer Tours Around Iceland In Iceland you can select from hundreds of different excursions and sightseeing tours. You can take short day tours, full day tours or longer tours. The South Coast is popular, but the highlands and the rest of the country is also great. More information Activities in Iceland Horse riding, ATV, Glacier Hiking, Caving, Snowmobiling, Whale Watching and much more In Iceland you can select from thousands of great activities. Everybody can find something of interest. Glacier hiking, whale watching and caving is popular but there are countless other activities all around the country. Find out more: More information Places to see in Iceland National parks, Glaciers, Waterfalls, Northern Lights and other natural wonders In Iceland you will find amazing landscapes that you have never seen before. Glaciers, Volcanoes, Hot Springs, Geysers, Black sand beaches, lava fields and so much more. During winter you can also see the Northern Lights. Find out more: More information Restaurants and diners in Iceland Icelandic National Food, Seafood, Steakhouses, Fast food and similar places The seafood in Iceland is something you don't want to miss. Also be sure to taste the Icelandic shark and wash it down with an Icelandic schnapps. You can find great restaurants of various kinds all around the country. More information Bars, pubs and the night life in Iceland Learn all about the best places and Icelandic drinks The night life in Iceland is great, especially during summer. Be sure to find the best bars, clubs and of course the best Icelandic drinks. In Iceland you can find a great variety of local beers but also local whisky, schnapps, shots and other drinks. More information Museums, landmarks and Icelandic art The National Museum, Viking Museums, Saga museums, Sculptures, Paintings and more Be sure to visit the Nation Museum of Iceland in the capital. There are also many other great museums in the capital and all around the country. Learn about vikings, Icelandic culture, sculptures and arts. Find out more: More information

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Big Boys Toys (BBT) 2014 brings dazzling playground for loads of enjoyment and chilling out

22 September 2014 22:32:31 Qatar Chronicle | Qatar happenings | Qatar News | Qatar Classifieds | Qatar investments | Qatar bu

Dubai, 22 September 2014: Presenting an amazing way to spend and share the Eid Al Adha holidays with friends and family members of all ages, Big Boys Toys (BBT) 2014 brings together the most unique and marvelously entertaining products and activities ever assembled in one place. Through its dedicated Remote Control (RC) activities, visitors will have a rare opportunity to race and even compete using some of the latest and fastest remote-controlled miniature cars ever produced. They will also have the chance to experience the almost true-to-life feeling and thrill of being behind the controls of some of the world’s fastest machines including miniature jets, airplanes, helicopters, cars and boats at the RC zone. Furthermore, visitors who wish to test their skill in archery and shooting can try out the professional grade archery and shooting ranges. All of these thrills are in addition to the supercar test drive pit where speed and cars enthusiasts get an opportunity to get behind the wheels and take their dream car for a spin from a Lamborghini to Ferrari. Launched in 2013, the test drive pit has been the highlight of the event with thousands of visitors flocking to grab this exclusive opportunity. “Big Boys Toys 2014 is all set to offer a one-of-a-kind experience that shouldn’t be missed,” said Biju Jayaraaj, Chief Executive Officer, Artaaj Events. “The entire venue will be transformed into a unique, Disneyland-like theme park venue for the “Big Boys” that will serve as one of the most exclusive playgrounds. Indeed, all visitors are assured of having the most fascinating and memorable experience ever presented in one show,” he added. Meanwhile, some of the world’s leading simulation equipment manufacturers and program developers such as Ellip6 , a French trademark of the e6 LAB Company, and car simulation equipment and chassis experts such as Fanatec, Obutto, HumanRacing and Motion Simulator from Simulation One will provide visitors with a rare opportunity to experience the most realistic feel, thrill and excitement of high speed motor racing. From acceleration, drifting and braking to skids and jumps, the intense scenarios of motor racing are all reproduced without any fuel consumption, pollution, speed limits or risks. This is probably why they are a reliable tool for professional drivers to prepare for their season at lower costs. “Coming to Big Boys Toys is like watching a blockbuster movie, however, the only difference is here you are part of the action.” concluded Biju Jayaraaj. Moreover, for those with a passion for music and aspiring to be a highly talented DJ, they are welcome to visit the DJ Academy at the show, featuring all-day DJ performances where visitors will also get a chance to try spinning and being a DJ at the chill-out music zone. Visitors at the chill-out music zone also can relax and grab some of the most delectable food and drinks from the show’s luxurious food court that features a host of dining options for food lovers. This includes some of the best New Zealand grass fed beef burgers and succulent chicken burgers from Burger Fuel as well as signature made wood-fired pizza straight from the oven from Itzza Pizza among others. Taking place from 3-5 October 2014 at Skydive Dubai, Big Boys Toys will be the ’must-attend event’ of the region. Featuring exhibitors from around the world including the USA, Europe and the Far East, the show is expected to attract over 40,000 visitors. ‘Big Boys Toys’ new playground is located between Le Meridien Mina Seyahi and Habtoor Grand, and will provide ease of access to visitors with proximity to public transport facilities. It will be open from 3pm to 10pm on 3 rd October, and from 1pm to 10pm on 4 th and 5 th October, 2014. Tickets are priced at AED 100 per day. The post Big Boys Toys (BBT) 2014 brings dazzling playground for loads of enjoyment and chilling out appeared first on Qatar Chronicle | Qatar happenings | Qatar News | Qatar Classifieds | Qatar investments | Qatar business .

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Chinese Hackers Stole Secret MH370 Documents – Report

22 August 2014 21:57:58 China News latest RSS headlines - China National

Hackers appearing to come from China covertly attacked Malaysian government computers and stole classified information in the early days of the search for missing airplane MH370, a new report has ...

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Malaysia more risky than India?

09 June 2014 19:05:58 - World News

From missing airplanes to jail-bound opposition leaders, Malaysia has recently made international headlines for all the wrong reasons. Will the nation’s economy be next? That’s the thrust of a new report from Sarah Fowler of UK-based Oxford Economics, which ranks Malaysia the “riskiest country in Asia of those we consider”, more so than India, Indonesia and even coup-happy Thailand. On the surface, she points out, all’s well: growth is zooming along at 6.2 percent, the external balance is sound and political stability reigns. But...

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Missing Malaysian Airlines Flight Families Launch Reward MH370 Campaign

09 June 2014 18:47:57 FINNBAY

( FINNBAY .) (FINNBAY-ANSA) – Rome, 9 June 2014. Relatives of passengers on missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 have launched a $5-million fundraiser in a bid for information on the whereabouts of the plane. Also Read: Jet Search Failure Again: Malaysian Airplane still Missing Families fear a cover-up in the case of the Boeing 777-200ER that vanished without trace The article Missing Malaysian Airlines Flight Families Launch Reward MH370 Campaign appeared first on FINNBAY .

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New seafloor map to help spot missing Malaysian airplane

29 May 2014 01:17:27 Malaysia News latest RSS headlines - Malaysia

A new illustration of the seafloor underneath the Indian Ocean where search efforts have focused to find the Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 could shed additional light on what type of underwater ...

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New seafloor map to help spot missing Malaysian airplane

28 May 2014 15:33:59 - World News

A new illustration of the seafloor underneath the Indian Ocean where search efforts have focused to find the Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 could shed additional light on what type of underwater vehicles might be used in the search operation....

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New seafloor map to help spot missing Malaysian airplane?

28 May 2014 14:35:01 - World News

Washington, May 28: A new illustration of the seafloor underneath the Indian Ocean where search efforts have focused to find the Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 could shed additional light on what type of underwater vehicles might be used in the search operation. The contact with Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 was lost March 8. “The terrain and depths shown in the map could help searchers choose the...

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Underwater zone expands in daunting new phase of search for missing Malaysian plane

29 April 2014 09:42:41 - World News

0 comments Travel Deals $1267 & up -- Ireland in Fall: 8-Nt. Vacation w/Air & Car   See all travel deals » Chico Harlan, Washington Post Posted: Tuesday, April 29, 2014, 1:08 AM TOKYO - The sputtering search for a missing Malaysian airliner will be expanded to include a much larger swath of the Indian Ocean floor, Australia's prime minister said Monday, signaling a daunting new phase in the bid to find the aircraft's wreckage. The next stage in the hunt for Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 will focus entirely on underwater exploration of the depths, forgoing the use of airplanes and vessels to spot debris on the surface. By now, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott said, any...

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Charity costs Fox exec her job

20 April 2014 16:46:13 - World News

Sunday April 20, 2014 10:06 AM Comments: 0 NEW YORK — A veteran Fox executive who used her company email account to plan aid for loved ones of the missing Malaysian airplane’s passengers was fired. Darlene Tipton, who was vice president of standards and practices for the Fox Cable Networks Group, said yesterday that she had wanted to arrange swift financial aid to families and other loved ones, sparing them lengthy court fights. She said she began by emailing Sarah Bajc, whose boyfriend, Philip Wood, was a passenger on Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 and who has made TV...

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