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News Review of the Year Malaysia Airlines

19 December 2014 18:53:57 Malaysia News latest RSS headlines - Malaysia

It was a cursed year for Malaysia Airlines. The airline lost two aircraft and hundreds of passengers. They were two dramas which hit the headlines under very different circumstances and still both ...

Vice All News Time19 December 2014 18:53:57


Malaysia Airlines chooses new chief

06 December 2014 10:27:33 Malaysia News latest RSS headlines - Malaysia

Malaysia Airlines has chosen Aer Lingus boss Christoph Mueller to be its chief executive-designate. The Malaysian airline, which has been hit by two disasters this year, also made other ...

Vice All News Time06 December 2014 10:27:33

Malaysia Airlines in fresh new scandal

14 November 2014 02:33:53 Malaysia News latest RSS headlines - Malaysia

Malaysia Airlines has sacked a crew member without a hearing for allegedly sexually assaulting a passenger he was comforting for being scared of flying with the disaster-prone airline, a ...

Vice All News Time14 November 2014 02:33:53

Missing Plane News Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 Latest Search Update Indonesian Residents Alerted for Debris Wash-ups

26 October 2014 14:18:53 Malaysia News latest RSS headlines - Malaysia

Malaysia Airlines aircrafts taxi on the runway at Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Sepang outside Kuala Lumpur May 13, 2014. Malaysia Airlines will report first-quarter earnings later on May 15, ...

Vice All News Time26 October 2014 14:18:53

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 Search Latest News Passengers May Have Died of Oxygen Starvation Many Airline Workers Resign

27 August 2014 21:34:41 Malaysia News latest RSS headlines - Malaysia

News concerning Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 accident may have fallen out of the headlines but authorities still insist search operations are still ongoing.Recent developments pointed out that the ...

Vice All News Time27 August 2014 21:34:41

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Latest News Thousands of Dollars Stolen From Passengers Aboard Doomed Flight

19 August 2014 02:59:40 Malaysia News latest RSS headlines - Malaysia

A Malaysia Airlines plane is seen in this file photo. News currently circulating revealed that there have been huge amounts of money withdrawn from the bank accounts of four passengers aboard the ...

Vice All News Time19 August 2014 02:59:40

Malaysia Airlines Scandal steward arrested for sexual harassment Breaking News

16 August 2014 12:49:24 Malaysia News latest RSS headlines - Malaysia

Serious allegations against an employee of Malaysia Airlines: He should have a passenger molested. She had been afraid of the flight with the airline accident and asked for ...

Vice All News Time16 August 2014 12:49:24

Malaysia Airlines revamp: New start or false hope?

08 August 2014 12:28:28 - World News

HONG KONG (AP) — Hemorrhaging cash after almost unfathomable double disasters that killed 537 people, Malaysia Airlines will be brought back under the wing of the Malaysian government as a prelude to a comprehensive overhaul of the airline. It will be the latest in a string of restructurings of the carrier over the past decade, all of which failed to put it on a steadier flight path. Some analysts doubt the airline will be in a much improved position in another five years. Here are some questions and answers on what lies ahead: — WHY DOES THE AIRLINE NEED AN OVERHAUL? Malaysia&s struggling national airline...

Vice All News Time08 August 2014 12:28:28

Malaysia Airlines in new incident

31 July 2014 14:37:18 Malaysia News latest RSS headlines - Malaysia

Safety investigators say they have no plans to look into an incident involving a Malaysia Airlines and Tigerair Australia plane at Adelaide Airport on Tuesday. Malaysia Airlines Flight 136 to Kuala ...

Vice All News Time31 July 2014 14:37:18

The Malaysia Airlines Accidents

30 July 2014 20:36:31 Malaysia News latest RSS headlines - Malaysia

On March 8, 2014, Malaysia Airlines confirmed that Flight 370, enroute from Kuala Lampur to Beijing, had disappeared from radar. The plane was carrying 227 passengers from 27 nations, and 12 crew ...

Vice All News Time30 July 2014 20:36:31