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New CNN poll: Obamacare beneficial...

23 July 2014 21:25:27 - World News

In a new CNN poll, it appears the Affordable Care Act is...

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Post MH 370, Europe seeks tighter flight data rules

23 June 2014 08:22:40 - World News

Regulators in Europe are pressing for new ways that would make it impossible to disable safety and communications systems on commercial airliners, the NYT reports....

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Missing plane update: MH370 pilot Captain Zaharie Shah now 'chief suspect'

22 June 2014 19:49:04 - World News

The Malaysian Airlines MH 370...

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Ship begins mapping ocean floor for missing flight MH 370

19 June 2014 19:46:29 - World News

AMSTERDAM - Dutch engineers this week started a months-long survey to map unchartered deep-sea terrain at the bottom of the Indian Ocean, the next step in the search for the wreck of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370, a company official told Reuters. A survey ship from Dutch engineering company Fugro , carrying 40 crew and technicians, began mapping out an area larger than the Netherlands, some 1,600 km east of the northwest coast of Australia. The search for the lost plane is being coordinated by the Australian...

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No 'blame' for media on MH 370 coverage

04 June 2014 01:00:18 - World News

"I'm not going to blame the media. People want to hear about it," Tony Tyler says....

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US Navy reveals acoustic pings did not come from MH 370s black boxes

29 May 2014 19:18:22 Malaysia News latest RSS headlines - Malaysia

A US Navy official has reportedly revealed that the four acoustic pings centered at the search for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 for the past seven weeks are no longer believed to have come ...

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MHS launches awards

25 May 2014 09:48:31

The Malta Historical Society is launching its first edition of awards to recognise publications that have contributed distinctly to Maltese historical studies. The awards will acknowledge excellence in scholarly articles on Maltese history published in Malta and abroad by Maltese and foreign authors, as well as articles by new entrants in the field of historical research. The society will present two awards: the MHS Awards for Published Historical Research and for Published Historical Research by Emerging Authors. Middlesea Insurance plc is supporting the society. Nominated papers must have... This article is part of our premium content. Full story is available on Times of Malta Premium.

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Former Prime Minister Of Malaysia Accuses CIA Of Covering Up MH-370 Disappearance

21 May 2014 01:03:24 Malaysia News latest RSS headlines - Malaysia

It has been over two months since Malaysian flight MH-370 disappeared and still not a single credible trace of its final resting place has been ...

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An eerie calm in new Flight 370 audio

01 May 2014 22:17:40 - World News

An eerie calm in new Flight 370...

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Malaysia to release first report on MH 370

01 May 2014 13:20:58 - World

As the world waits to see Malaysia's first report on MH 370, the private company that says it may have found plane wreckage defended its claim.

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Malaysian authorities not releasing factual report on MH Flight 370

24 April 2014 17:23:41 Latest News -

JC Finley KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, April 24 (UPI) -- Malaysian authorities have decided, for the time being, not to publicly release its preliminary factual report about missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

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The new plan to find Flight 370

23 April 2014 03:42:10 - Asia

CNN Exclusive: Australian officials are hammering out a new agreement for widening the Flight 370 search area and how any human remains should be handled.

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MH-370 search is fast running out of time, says Tony Abbott

17 April 2014 06:18:30 - World News

'We believe that search will be completed within a week or so," says the Australian prime minister The Bluefin-21 submersible, which is searching for the Malaysian plane. Photograph: MC1 Peter D. Blair/US NAVY/EPA Tony Abbott says the most promising leads in...

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Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH 370: New signal detected by search crew beyond 30-day deadline ...

10 April 2014 13:14:39 - Asia News

As the search area being scoured for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 was hugely narrowed this morning, officials said they had detected a further signal believed to be from the plane's “black box” flight recorders. Angus Houston, the head of the joint agency coordinating the hunt for the Boeing 777, said the new signal had been reported by an Australian P-3 Orion aircraft that has been dropping sound-locating buoys into the refined search area. “The acoustic data will require further analysis overnight,” Houston said, adding that it shows the “potential to be from a man-made source”. A team...

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Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: 2 new signals in search area buoys hope – CNN International

09 April 2014 10:17:37 Japan Morning Post

U.S. official: “We need to maintain respectful optimism and be responsible” Expert says refined search area manageable for underwater vessels Possible discovery of plane’s pingers energizes search, but for how much longer? Agency: Up to 15 planes, 14 ships could take part in Wednesday’s search (CNN) — In a sea of uncertainty, two bits of […]

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Flight 370: 2 new signals give hope

09 April 2014 06:53:08 - Asia

In a sea of uncertainty, two bits of good news emerged Wednesday. Here's the latest promising lead in the search for the missing plane.

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Scanners scour ocean for MH 370 pings

05 April 2014 09:35:52 - Asia

Four weeks to the day since Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 went missing, the trawling for clues goes on.

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MH 370 Malaysia releases transcript

02 April 2014 12:02:48 Malaysia News latest RSS headlines - Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, Apr 1 :Malaysia on Tuesday released a transcript of the communications between the cockpit of the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH 370, which was declared lost forever last month, ...

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Monday's search for MH 370 resumes: AMSA

02 April 2014 05:54:59 China Daily

Monday's search and recovery operation in the Australian Search and Rescue Region for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 is scheduled to commence about 9am AEDT this morning, the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) said in its latest update.

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Flight 370: Latest developments

31 March 2014 08:32:48 - Asia

Could four orange objects search teams spotted over the weekend be the key to solving the mystery of where Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 went?

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Monday's search for MH 370 resumes: AMSA

31 March 2014 03:21:29 rss_all

CANBERRA - Monday's search and recovery operation in the Australian Search and Rescue Region for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 is scheduled to commence about 9am AEDT this morning, the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) said in its latest update.

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MH 370 investigation Interpol blames Malaysia immigration

30 March 2014 05:59:10 Malaysia News latest RSS headlines - Malaysia

As international investigators continue their search for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight that disappeared weeks ago, the Malaysian government revealed it had not checked the passports of the ...

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MH 370 North Korea has a track report of hijacking passenger planes

29 March 2014 04:54:43 North Korea News latest RSS headlines - North Korea Times .com

Speculations the Malaysia Airlines plane MH370 was actually hijacked and secretly flown to North Korea for that country to study the technology of the Boeing 777 is still a talking point. At this ...

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Flight 370 search area shifts after ‘credible lead’ – CNN

28 March 2014 09:52:42 Japan Morning Post

NEW: Four search aircraft are currently over the new search area Analysts say shift in search area could show investigators are closing in Search area shifts after a “new credible lead” about the plane’s speed Objects in satellite images look shiny, metallic and aerodynamic, analyst says (CNN) — Search teams shifted to a different part […]

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LATEST: Flight 370 ‘ended in ocean’

24 March 2014 16:30:04 The Herald

(CNN) — Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 went down over the southern Indian Ocean, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak said Monday, citing a new analysis of satellite data by a British satellite company and accident investigators. The announcement appeared to rule out the possibility that anyone could have survived whatever happened to the aircraft, which vanished...

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Story of MH 370 not told

22 March 2014 20:32:00 Greater Kashmir:News

By the time this column went to press Saturday afternoon, Malaysia’s lost Boeing 777 plane and the 239 people on board were yet to be found. With due empathy for those whose loved ones remain missing, the question is: should the loss of a modern jet remain an inexplicable mystery in today’s age?br

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CNN talks to crew

17 March 2014 18:13:59 - Asia

CNN talked to the crew of a Malaysia Airlines flight about how speculation surrounding missing Flight 370 is affecting them.

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China urges acceleration, communication in MH 370 search

12 March 2014 15:47:29 China Daily

The most urgent task now is to speed up the search-and-rescue and investigation of the missing Malaysia Airlines jet, said Guo Shaochun, the head of a Chinese joint working group in charge of the incident Wednesday.

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CNN on search plane

11 March 2014 20:57:29 - Asia

CNN's Saima Mohsin is on board a search plane as it looks for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

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Agonized families await answers over missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 – CNN International

09 March 2014 18:32:45 Japan Morning Post

There were tense scenes in a Beijing hotel where families gathered to seek answers About two-thirds of the passengers on board Flight 370 hail from China or Taiwan The airline instructed them to head to Kuala Lumpur to await further news about the aircraft 12 nationalities were on board the missing Malaysia Airlines flight (CNN) […]

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