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CNN ‘New Day’ Executive Producer Matt Frucci Latest Layoff Casualty

20 October 2014 23:00:22 - America News

CNN “New Day” executive producer Matt Frucci has been let go as part of the network&s layoffs, an individual with knowledge of the situation told TheWrap. Frucci is the highest-level producer cut as part of the network&s layoffs. He joined CNN before “New Day” premiered in June 2013. He previously produced the weekend edition of ABC&s “Good Morning America.” Also see:�Anderson Cooper, Wolf Blitzer, Newt Gingrich Look Like Total Babies in Newly Revealed CNN Pics (Photos) No word yet on who will replace him at “New Day.” Jim Murphy is�the senior executive producer of the morning show, which recently toppled MSNBC&s “Morning...

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New theory on why Flight 370 vanished

09 October 2014 20:45:09 - World

CNN Aviation Analyst Miles O'Brien gives a potential theory on the mystery of MH370.

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Why CNN won't air new ISIS video

22 September 2014 00:27:29 - World News

CNN International Executive VP...

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Hunt for Malaysia Airlines Flight MH 370 to resume

19 September 2014 21:17:36 Malaysia News latest RSS headlines - Malaysia

Crews will resume the underwater hunt for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 at the end of the month, and will begin the search in an area farther ...

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New CNN poll: Obamacare beneficial...

23 July 2014 21:25:27 - World News

In a new CNN poll, it appears the Affordable Care Act is...

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Post MH 370, Europe seeks tighter flight data rules

23 June 2014 08:22:40 - World News

Regulators in Europe are pressing for new ways that would make it impossible to disable safety and communications systems on commercial airliners, the NYT reports....

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Missing plane update: MH370 pilot Captain Zaharie Shah now 'chief suspect'

22 June 2014 19:49:04 - World News

The Malaysian Airlines MH 370...

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No 'blame' for media on MH 370 coverage

04 June 2014 01:00:18 - World News

"I'm not going to blame the media. People want to hear about it," Tony Tyler says....

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MHS launches awards

25 May 2014 09:48:31

The Malta Historical Society is launching its first edition of awards to recognise publications that have contributed distinctly to Maltese historical studies. The awards will acknowledge excellence in scholarly articles on Maltese history published in Malta and abroad by Maltese and foreign authors, as well as articles by new entrants in the field of historical research. The society will present two awards: the MHS Awards for Published Historical Research and for Published Historical Research by Emerging Authors. Middlesea Insurance plc is supporting the society. Nominated papers must have... This article is part of our premium content. Full story is available on Times of Malta Premium.

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Former Prime Minister Of Malaysia Accuses CIA Of Covering Up MH-370 Disappearance

21 May 2014 01:03:24 Malaysia News latest RSS headlines - Malaysia

It has been over two months since Malaysian flight MH-370 disappeared and still not a single credible trace of its final resting place has been ...

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