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A narrative that denies the right of Israel to exist

13 December 2017 20:45:49 - Mideast News

Mark Regev, Israel’s ambassador to the UK, responds to Karma Nabulsi’s article on Jerusalem...

Vice All News Time13 December 2017 20:45:49


Israel and America: Capital Controversy

09 December 2017 12:27:21 - America News

Our final topic, picked by you, dear listeners, earlier in a poll on our Facebook page, is “Israel And America: Capital Controversy”, focusing on the Trump Administration’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. ......

Vice All News Time09 December 2017 12:27:21

Itani charged with collaborating with Israel

29 November 2017 13:48:36 The Daily Star >> News

Lebanese actor Ziad Itani was Wednesday charged with collaborating with Israel, according to the state-run National News Agency.

Vice All News Time29 November 2017 13:48:36

Actor arrested for Israel collaboration

25 November 2017 16:53:19 The Daily Star >> News

State Security arrested Lebanese actor Ziad Itani Friday on suspicion of spying and collaborating with Israel.

Vice All News Time25 November 2017 16:53:19

US and Israel withdraw from UNESCO citing anti-Israel bias

13 October 2017 12:03:26 - Mideast News

(MENAFN - NewsBytes) US and Israel withdraw from UNESCO citing "anti-Israel" bias 13 Oct 2017 Israel has joined the US in withdrawing from UN cultural organization UNESCO. W... ......

Vice All News Time13 October 2017 12:03:26

Israel extends arrest of firebrand cleric

22 August 2017 16:51:00 - World News

Israel extends arrest of firebrand cleric... ......

Vice All News Time22 August 2017 16:51:00

Daughter of US envoy Friedman immigrates to Israel

16 August 2017 11:41:05 - World News

Talia Friedman, daughter of US ambassador to Israel, immigrates to Israel ......

Vice All News Time16 August 2017 11:41:05

Cellcom Israel Announces Filing of Shelf Prospectus in Israel

09 August 2017 17:13:41 - Asia News

NETANYA, Israel, August 9, 2017 /PRNewswire / -- Cellcom Israel Ltd. (NYSE: CEL) (TASE: CEL) (the 'Company') announced that it has published a shelf prospectus, after having received the Israeli Securities Authority, or ISA, and the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, or TASE, approvals. The shelf prospectus will allow the Company, from time to time, until August 2019 (or if extended by the ISA, subject to certain conditions, until August 2020), to offer and sell various securities including debt and equity, in Israel, in one or more...

Vice All News Time09 August 2017 17:13:41

Israel to shut Al Jazeera offices and revoke journalists' credentials

06 August 2017 15:51:55 - World News

Israel is moving to shut Al...

Vice All News Time06 August 2017 15:51:55

Jordan- Israel's choice is America's problem

03 July 2017 05:57:23 - World News

Jordan- Israel's choice is America's problem... ......

Vice All News Time03 July 2017 05:57:23

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