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16 February 2017 14:47:19 News24 Africa

Mozambique was battered by high winds, flooding and sea surges when cyclone Dineo made landfall late Wednesday but the storm has begun to die down, according to meteorologists.

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Media Alert: Red Cross deploys to at-risk communities as Cyclone Dineo nears Mozambique

16 February 2017 08:30:01 - Africa News

The Mozambique Red Cross has activated preparedness plans in anticipation of Cyclone Dineo, dispatching 350 volunteers and emergency supplies to communities in the its path. Dineo is expected to make landfall later today with hurricane-force...

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Hurricane Nicole Now ‘Major’, Heading for Bermuda – US Hurricane Center

13 October 2016 09:42:08 - America News

Hurricane Nicole has strengthened to a major hurricane having reached Category 4 intensity, the US National Hurricane Center warns. ......

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Deadly Hurricane Matthew closes in on Florida

07 October 2016 03:20:38 - Asia News

Matthew, the first major hurricane...

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Hurricane Matthew slams into Haiti with 145mph winds

04 October 2016 15:23:52 - America News

Hurricane Matthew has...

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Jamaicans Monitor Hurricane Matthew's Progress

03 October 2016 12:11:40 - America News

Jamaicans Monitor Hurricane Matthew's Progress ......

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Jamaica prepares for Hurricane Matthew

02 October 2016 13:32:31 - America News

The strongest Atlantic hurricane for almost a decade is moving...

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Hurricane Newton slams into Mexico's Los Cabos resorts

07 September 2016 08:09:06 - America News

Hurricane Newton has slammed...

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National Hurricane Center: Newton is now a hurricane

06 September 2016 01:53:32 - World News

The National Hurricane Center says Tropical Storm Newton has strengthened into a hurricane ......

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