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California high school abandons annual auction of senior

27 February 2017 16:46:26 WN.com - World News

A Northern California high school is abandoning an annual fundraising auction to buy a senior for a day after classmates said they consider the practice insensitive and "all-around wrong." The ......

Vice All News Time27 February 2017 16:46:26


Synthetic Cadaver Visits Tennessee Valley-area High Schools

26 February 2017 06:53:30 WN.com - World News

Synthetic cadaver visits Tennessee Valley-area high schools. ......

Vice All News Time26 February 2017 06:53:30

Ardnamurchan High School Pupil success at FilmG

24 February 2017 12:50:36 WN.com - Europe News

Congratulations to Kate Bradley, a pupil at Ardnamurchan High School, for her success in winning the 2017 FilmG Sports commentary award. Kate who attended the award ceremony held at the old Fruit Market in Glasgow last Friday with her friends and family was looking forward to a good night, but was nervous in case she had to...

Vice All News Time24 February 2017 12:50:36

Police clash with high school students in Paris

23 February 2017 20:10:24 WN.com - Europe News

French security forces have clashed with high school students and detained multiple protesters in Paris as the wave of unrest in the wake of police brutality shows no sign of easing. Riot police used tear gas against students and their backers who tried to block the entrances...

Vice All News Time23 February 2017 20:10:24

Sir Ian McKellen Visits Kirkcaldy High School

23 February 2017 20:10:23 WN.com - Europe News

Kirkcaldy High School students and staff were thrilled to host Sir Ian McKellen on Wednesday 22 February 2017 as part of his role as a Stonewall Ambassador. The visit coincided with Lesbian and Gay History Month. Sir Ian, widely regarded as one of the finest actors of his generation, helped found Stonewall - the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights charity in 1989 and visits schools to help promote equality and fairness in respect of LGBT issues. The school, which has a highly proactive approach to...

Vice All News Time23 February 2017 20:10:23

Jimmy Fallon donates $100K to fund art at his high school

22 February 2017 16:13:24 WN.com - World News

NEW YORK Jimmy Fallon has donated $100,000 to help fund the art program at the high school he attended, with some...

Vice All News Time22 February 2017 16:13:24

Senators Mull Requiring Civics Class to Graduate High School

20 February 2017 16:06:59 WN.com - World News

New Hampshire high school students may soon be required to take a civics class before they can graduate. ......

Vice All News Time20 February 2017 16:06:59

Colorado 5A High School Wrestling Preliminary Results

17 February 2017 08:47:51 WN.com - World News

Colorado 5A High School Wrestling Preliminary Results. ......

Vice All News Time17 February 2017 08:47:51

Colorado 4A High School Wrestling Preliminary Results

17 February 2017 08:47:49 WN.com - World News

Colorado 4A High School Wrestling Preliminary Results. ......

Vice All News Time17 February 2017 08:47:49

Minnesota Boys' High School Basketball Rankings

15 February 2017 21:40:32 WN.com - World News

The Minnesota boys' high school basketball rankings, as provided by Minnesota Basketball News, a statewide basketball publication. ......

Vice All News Time15 February 2017 21:40:32

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