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High school football team saves elderly couple

08 August 2017 13:23:57 WN.com - World News

A 70-year-old couple called the Cardinal High School football team from Ohio heroes after they stopped to help the pair in the Cuyahoga River. ......

Vice All News Time08 August 2017 13:23:57


Football Deathwatch: High School Edition

08 August 2017 06:26:37 WN.com - Asia News

High school sports participation is up -- but football is slowly declining, according to National Federation of State High School Associations statistics. ......

Vice All News Time08 August 2017 06:26:37

High School Championships in Semi Finals

07 August 2017 16:35:51 WN.com - Africa News

Victory Chapel will today take on E. Jonathan Goodridge in the first kickball encounter in the semi-finals of the National High School Soccer and Kickball Championship at the Alpha Oldtimers Sports Field in Monrovia. In the second game, Arthur F. Kulah will clash with Nathan E. Gibson. ......

Vice All News Time07 August 2017 16:35:51

Curro Aurora conquers at SA High Schools Champs

06 August 2017 12:31:21 The Gremlin – Online Newspaper for the Garden Route

RUSTENBURG, 4 August 2017 – Curro Aurora had a simple credo for the SA High School Championship: the tournament is never won or lost until the last putt drops. It was this conviction and a strong team spirit that steered Woo-Ju Son, Kieron van Wyk, Cole Stevens and Carl Mwale into the winner’s circle at

Vice All News Time06 August 2017 12:31:21

Doorstop interview, Australind Senior High School

02 August 2017 10:07:27 WN.com - Asia News

E&OE TRANSCRIPT Topics: School funding; NAPLAN; same-sex marriage Nola Marino: So look, it's really fantastic to have Minister Birmingham here today in the South West, visiting some of our wonderful schools. It's also fantastic that it is our Coalition Government that has ensured that there will be nearly $450 million extra coming into this electorate alone through the additional Gonski funding. Minister, it's fantastic to see you here. Thank you for being here. Simon Birmingham: Thanks Nola, and it's just so inspiring to get the chance to come and see students in schools like this one, the Australind Senior High School - secondary high school, I should say - a school that is really...

Vice All News Time02 August 2017 10:07:27

We are organizing Summer IT School for High School Students

29 July 2017 13:24:15 WN.com - Europe News

High school students from across the country will experience a full week of web, graphics and programming. The program is designed for complete beginners without prior experience with information technology. Besides professional...

Vice All News Time29 July 2017 13:24:15

High School Graduation Requirements to Change in Mississippi

16 July 2017 17:33:26 WN.com - World News

Mississippi high school students could see new requirements for graduation beginning with the Class of 2022. ......

Vice All News Time16 July 2017 17:33:26

High schools falsify students’ college applications for publicity

11 July 2017 13:02:52 WN.com - Asia News

High-scoring students in several provinces in China have been forced to apply for a top medical institute as their enrollment in such a prestigious institution can raise the high schools' publicity. According to a report by the Global Times on July 9, some high schools in central and southeastern China have allegedly forced high achievers in the National Higher Education Entrance Examination (gaokao) to apply for Peking University Health Science Center, one...

Vice All News Time11 July 2017 13:02:52

Maetan High School defeated Hyundai High School and won a victory

10 July 2017 07:13:35 WN.com - Asia News

Maetan High School defeated Hyundai High School and won a victory in the '2017 Daekyo Noonnoppi National High School Football League, the King of Kings Game of First Half and the 72th National High School Championship Game.' Maetan High School won the cup in the final match against Hyundai High School, winning the game 2-1 which was held at Gimcheon Stadium on July 2. It is their second victory in a row followed by the victory in the King of Kings game last year. Metan High School gave the first goal to Kim Dohun of Hyundai High School in the 25'. However, Metan High School gained two goals, one by Jeon Sejin in the 47' and another one by Kim Yeongjun in the 83' and finally able to have a...

Vice All News Time10 July 2017 07:13:35

Biology Test No Longer Required for High School Diploma

09 July 2017 22:53:37 WN.com - World News

High school seniors will no longer need to pass a statewide science test to graduate under new legislation signed by Gov. Jay Inslee. ......

Vice All News Time09 July 2017 22:53:37

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