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Germany To Deport 1,500 Gambians

15 December 2017 03:36:44 - World News

BANJUL, Dec 15 (Bernama) -- A total of 1,500 Gambians who landed in Germany without documentation will be deported, German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier confirmed Thursday during his...

Vice All News Time15 December 2017 03:36:44


Germany is not about to reinvigorate the EU

07 December 2017 18:40:11 - Europe News

FOR so long the last man standing in Europe, Germany has suddenly become its Sleeping Beauty. Several Princes Charming are gathered around the bed,...

Vice All News Time07 December 2017 18:40:11

A New Grand Coalition for Germany – and Europe

28 November 2017 16:02:51 - Europe News

by Jeffrey D. YORK – Friends of Germany and Europe around the world have been breathing a sigh of relief at the newfound willingness of Germany’s Christian Democrats and ......

Vice All News Time28 November 2017 16:02:51

Giant swastika unearthed in Germany

21 November 2017 18:37:09 The Daily Star >> News

Construction workers in Germany have unearthed a giant concrete swastika on a sports field in the northern city of Hamburg.

Vice All News Time21 November 2017 18:37:09

Germany coalition talks collapse

21 November 2017 01:21:28 The Herald

BERLIN. — Chancellor Angela Merkel was scrambling to drag Germany out of crisis yesterday after high-stakes talks to form a new government collapsed, potentially forcing Europe’s top economy into snap elections. Germany now faces weeks, if not months, of paralysis with a lame-duck government that is unlikely to take bold policy action at home or on...

Vice All News Time21 November 2017 01:21:28

Germany Cup. Germany - Russian Olympic team - 2:8

11 November 2017 03:39:23 - Africa News

In Germany, the Russian Olympic team took on their hosts for the opening match of the Germany Cup. Vasily Koshechkin was the Russian goalkeeper. Russia's players went on to dominate the encounter, thrashing Germany 8:2!...

Vice All News Time11 November 2017 03:39:23

Why Potsdam is the Versailles of Germany

21 October 2017 19:07:56 - RSS Channel - Regions - Europe

Situated sublimely on the banks of the Havel River, Potsdam is Germany at its most regal.

Vice All News Time21 October 2017 19:07:56

The Latest: Angela Merkel votes in Germany, seeks 4th term

24 September 2017 17:38:01 - World News

Head of the anti-migrant Alternative for Germany,...

Vice All News Time24 September 2017 17:38:01

In Photos: Germany Election

24 September 2017 14:55:43 - Europe News

Germany's national election Sunday is widely expected to give Chancellor Angela Merkel a historic fourth mandate and the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party seats in parliament for the first time in 60 years. ......

Vice All News Time24 September 2017 14:55:43

Germany Election: Merkel Seeks Fourth Term As Voting Begins

24 September 2017 12:37:39 - World News

Voting has opened in Germany's federal...

Vice All News Time24 September 2017 12:37:39

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