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Canada Prime Minister Demands Fox News Withdraw Tweet About Gunman

01 February 2017 01:24:43 - World News

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's chief spokeswoman on Tuesday demanded that Fox News channel in the United States either retract or update a tweet that a gunman who killed six people at a Quebec mosque......

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RollerCoaster Tycoon World Takes Early Access to Retail

26 March 2016 01:05:36 - World News

A flurry of news has come out of nowhere on Atari’s upcoming RollerCoaster Tycoon World, which was delayed late last year after a lot of bad reports surfaced from its beta test—perhaps most notably from NerdCubed. The delay had pushed it to an unspecified time in 2016, but now we have some information on when you ... The post RollerCoaster Tycoon World Takes Early Access to Retail appeared first on TechRaptor. ......

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Rollercoaster Tycoon World Trailer Shows Mod Tools

02 March 2016 21:30:01 - World News

Rollercoaster Tycoon World will have players create their own parks and rides in-game, of course, but it’ll also let people make brand new things outside the game. The theme park-building game will have simple tools to create new scenery objects and people and doodahs through a Unity plugin then share them over the Steam Workshop, a new trailer explains. Come see�how that works below: ......

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Ferrari World’s new rollercoaster is thrilling

24 February 2016 19:15:50 - Mideast News

Gulf News got a preview of the Flying Aces, featuring the world’s tallest loop, at 63 metres high ......

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Fox News

24 February 2016 01:03:27 - World News

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - China has deployed fighter jets to a contested island in the South China Sea, the same island where China has deployed surface-to-air missiles, Fox News reported on Tuesday, citing two U.S. officials....

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New rollercoaster set to open at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

22 February 2016 13:12:57 Arabian Business - Home

The Flying Aces rollercoaster will open on Wednesday; has the world's tallest loop and fastest and steepest starting hill inclination

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Fox News

17 February 2016 02:25:30 - World News

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Chinese military has deployed an advanced surface-to-air missile system to one of its contested islands in the South China Sea, Fox News reported on Tuesday, citing civilian satellite imagery....

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Fox News

08 December 2015 00:30:40 - World News

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Iran tested a new medium-range ballistic missile last month in a breach of two U.N. Security Council resolutions, Fox News reported on Monday, citing a senior U.S. official....

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How Fox News stereotypes and ISISizes Muslims and Refugees

07 December 2015 01:00:22 Morocco World News

Ohio - In addition to the sad news about more losses of lives in the San Bernadino shooting that took place in the State of California, USA on 12/02/2015, what I find really disheartening about this shooting is how some media packaged their discourse as a platform to incite hatred and disdain towards refugees and immigrants. The fist example that comes to mind is Fox News, a predominantly conservative and very popular Media outlet in the US, known for its flashy news and programming networks targeting a huge demographic of less informed audiences who get their information from a single source. One would wonder why Fox managed to exclusively dominate that segment of the US population, and the answers might lie in the model that Fox carefully crafted to appeal to their loyal audiences in the Millions with a mixed bag of entertainment and art-crafted tabloid news. The Fox formula is the dream channel for the niche that made it a thriving medium of communication in America: Conservative news on policy matters catering to conservative politicians, and a growing right wing conservative audience. Fox has casually used xenophobia as a tool of panic and fear mongering delivered 24/7. While San Bernadino shooting was still fresh in the minds of millions of Americans who wanted to be informed about the motives behind such a heinous crime, Fox News was already on the airwaves spinning its usual cocktail of fearmongering that drove the narrative that ISIS is now a fact of life in America. While most information was still sketchy, Fox did not spare time to fully indulge in a full-fledged plethora of warped vitriolic commentary, and stereotypical discourse on refugees, covertly lumping all Muslims in one guilty verdict. And the menu de resistance often dished out to a completely confused audience heavily references Sharia Law and the Political Muslim World. Based on facts or in most cases not, Fox thrived on feeding its editorials with the ideological conservative leanings of Republican conservative voters. Some experts considered Fox News the media that empowered a radical fringe of conservatives far to the right of the dwindling moderate republican camp in US Congress, and US Senate chambers. This conservative right wing is known as the TEA Party. Some of their emerging candidates are Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, and in the 2008 election, Sara Palin. Fox News might be a Media corporation that enjoys all the protections of free speech from a nation that was built on the ideals of free speech, yet could also be directly, consciously or indirectly responsible for creating hysterical backlashes that may have altered the lives of many people who were either assaulted or killed as a result of hate crimes aimed at people of Latin American, Middle Eastern, or Asian origins. There are no statistics linking Fox directly to hate crimes, but the prevalence of the insipid rhetorical discourse aimed at the immigrant minorities could trigger such backlash. The message Fox News has been driving since 9/11 was that there is a problem with Terrorism. The lacking component of the message is that terrorism was born out of a clash of cultures as Shawn Hannity was eagerly throwing in the air while the motives of the San Bernadino shooters were not disclosed and still remain speculative by the authorities in charge of the investigation. These media narratives can be of extreme importance in shaping public opinion during times of uncertainty, as they tend to drive a wedge between reason and conclusion. Fox did not care about the outcome of the message as long as the narrative remained that terrorism has a stereotypical doctrine and a stereotypical cultural identity. ISIS/Daesh which, is a mere 0.00001785% of the Muslim population does not represent Muslims and is not the face of moderate Muslims around the world. Fox’ media spin made it that all Muslims have to bare the brunt of the powerful blunt force of the Fox misrepresentation to its audiences. In terms of the consequences of the Fox news’ sensational informational model geared mainly towards a faithful conservative congregation, there are three important assertions worthy of mention: First that the poor ethical “journalism” model of trying and convicting an entire religion is of the worst kind, because it has the potential to invite hate crimes against unsuspecting innocent people. Second, it could lead to the marginalization of people because of lack of trust that might arise as a result of stereotypes. People would be afraid to come forward if they see something or know of someone engaging in behavior that have the potential to harm populations. Potential witnesses would not come forward because they have been culturally alienated out of the information grid. Third, Fox’ message can potentially drive a religious wedge between people of different religious denominations to come together and try pacific coexistence as their moral message. Sadly, even if there were countless churches, synagogues and mosques trying to resurrect a message of peace, Fox can destroy that faint message with its conquer and divide narrative. Although the economic circumstances are different in comparison to Europe, when it comes to opportunities, immigrants and refugees to the US have fared better. Immigrants and refugees continue to have ample chances to thrive and find their social footing by integrating in this country, their economic prospects tend to be better, and their children do even better. This phenomenon is unique, because most Americans continue to believe that the US is a country of immigrants. This welcoming message is slowly fading away with potential political discourse that wants to restrict immigrants to just Christians as Tom Cruz suggested, or making Muslim immigrants register as shameful holders of their faith as Donald Trump bluntly suggested. In the end, it is not really a Christian moral value to deny non-Christians the right to the American dream just because some people are angry because of the turmoil taking place on earth. America has its problems and so does the rest of the world. Europe on the other hand had a different outcome with the influx of immigrants, which they considered as economic mules, and the immigrants also came to Europe with the same mentality of exploiting the economic opportunities. Most immigrants of the first generations from North Africa and the Middle East lived in two completely distinct cultural realities, which did not allow for their full integration into the European picture and Europe into the “third world picture”. Europe was welcoming, and remained the reclusive good neighbor to those who came with their very extrovert lifestyles, and imposing expressions of existence the way they saw it. They built mosques, neighborhood cafes, and created pockets of insulated cultures within cultures as they expanded demographically into a sizable population within Europe. All those demographic transformations were part of the new landscape that Europe was not ready for, and was not sociologically equipped to tackle. There was no problem with its segregating nature except that for some forty years, Europe neglected to integrate their immigrant populations into the European landscape. Sociologically, today in America, many of the children born in a culturally polarizing environment of Muslim parents, and millennial children in a Western World tend to be just fine. If n

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Helicopter Crash on New Zealand's Fox Glacier Leaves Seven Dead

21 November 2015 07:45:41 - World News

A helicopter crashed on New Zealand’s Fox Glacier, killing the pilot and all six passengers, the country’s police said Saturday. “The wreck of a helicopter has been located in a crevasse on Fox...

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