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Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Update Witnesses Come Forward With Vital Information

10 December 2014 01:15:00 Malaysia News latest RSS headlines - Malaysia Sun.com

Witnesses have come forward to support the civil lawsuit filed by the sons of Jee Jing Hang, one among many of the missing passengers of the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.Datuk Arunan Selvaraj, lead ...

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MH 370: Australia says missing plane hunt will take months

24 October 2014 18:25:41 WN.com - World News

Kuala Lumpur, October 24: The hunt for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 in a remote patch of the Indian Ocean is progressing well but will likely take many months because of the huge area involved, an Australian official said on Friday. Peter Foley, an Australian search coordinator, said there is optimism with two ships using high-tech sonar devices to search for the Boeing 777, which disappeared in March while flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with...

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Underwater search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 resumes

06 October 2014 03:11:18 FOX News

Flight 370 vanished March 8 during a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.

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Hunt for Malaysia Airlines Flight MH 370 to resume

19 September 2014 21:17:36 Malaysia News latest RSS headlines - Malaysia Sun.com

Crews will resume the underwater hunt for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 at the end of the month, and will begin the search in an area farther ...

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UN says downing of MH-17 may amount to war crime

28 July 2014 22:20:15 WN.com - World News

Added At: 2014-07-28 8:49 PM Last Updated At: 2014-07-28 8:49 PM The Himalayan Times - Saved Articles(s) The headlines has been added to your saved article(s) To View your saved article(s)please Click Here » Close KIEV: The downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 ‘may amount to a war crime’, the UN said today, adding that fighting in east Ukraine has claimed over 1,100 lives with both...

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Post MH 370, Europe seeks tighter flight data rules

23 June 2014 08:22:40 WN.com - World News

Regulators in Europe are pressing for new ways that would make it impossible to disable safety and communications systems on commercial airliners, the NYT reports....

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Missing plane update: MH370 pilot Captain Zaharie Shah now 'chief suspect'

22 June 2014 19:49:04 WN.com - World News

The Malaysian Airlines MH 370...

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Flight 370: Fantasies And Facts

20 June 2014 12:59:21 The Namibian

EXCERPT from an editorial in the New Straits Times, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on the 8 March disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: Lost a hundred days ago, Malaysia Airlines Flight 370’s whereabouts remain a huge mystery with no indication of unravelling any time soon.

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Ship begins mapping ocean floor for missing flight MH 370

19 June 2014 19:46:29 WN.com - World News

AMSTERDAM - Dutch engineers this week started a months-long survey to map unchartered deep-sea terrain at the bottom of the Indian Ocean, the next step in the search for the wreck of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370, a company official told Reuters. A survey ship from Dutch engineering company Fugro , carrying 40 crew and technicians, began mapping out an area larger than the Netherlands, some 1,600 km east of the northwest coast of Australia. The search for the lost plane is being coordinated by the Australian...

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US Navy reveals acoustic pings did not come from MH 370s black boxes

29 May 2014 19:18:22 Malaysia News latest RSS headlines - Malaysia Sun.com

A US Navy official has reportedly revealed that the four acoustic pings centered at the search for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 for the past seven weeks are no longer believed to have come ...

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