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Eurostat: Eurozone Inflation Accelerates to 1.9% in April

28 April 2017 15:44:50 (Sofia News Agency)

Eurozone inflation accelerated to 1.9% in April, just shy of the European Central Bank's target, despite continuing uncertainty over Brexit and the outcome of the French elections, data showed Friday, AFP reported. The figure was a sharp acceleration from the 1.5% reached in March, and higher than the 1.8 % forecast by analysts surveyed by Factset, a data company.

Více Finance Time28 April 2017 15:44:50


Leaders aim to fend off financial risks

27 April 2017 02:38:04 China Daily > China News

Safeguarding financial security is a strategic and fundamental task in the economic and social development of our country, says President Xi Jinping.

Více Finance Time27 April 2017 02:38:04

Bank Deposits Of Bulgarian Households Keep Growing in March

26 April 2017 14:28:13 (Sofia News Agency)

At the end of March 2017 the bank deposits of the non-governmental sector in Bulgaria reached a level of EUR 43.3 bln. Or 72% of forecast GDP. The average rise is 8.4%. Deposits of households reached EUR 22.7 bln. (47.8% of GDP), marking an annual growth, data by the Bulgarian National Bank showed, quoted by BNR.

Více Finance Time26 April 2017 14:28:13

Funds Contracted Under EU Exceed 40%

26 April 2017 11:26:38 (Sofia News Agency)

The funds contracted under the EU end-April are 40.29%, an enquiry on the implementation of the European programmes shows, quoted by BNR. The spending of over EUR 3.6 bln. Out of more that EUR 9 bln. Envisaged has been contracted. 56% of the Regions in Growth OP’s money has already been contracted, alongside 21% of the Environment OP’s funding, while under the Science and Education for Smart Growth OP the contracting of 24% has been achieved.

Více Finance Time26 April 2017 11:26:38

Cancelling a sale can be risky business

25 April 2017 08:42:43 The Gremlin – Online Newspaper for the Garden Route

“Payment of tax is what the law prescribes, and tax laws are not always regarded as ‘fair’.  The tax statute must be applied even if in certain circumstances a taxpayer may feel aggrieved at the outcome.”  These were the words of the Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) in the recent judgment New Adventure Shelf 122

Více Finance Time25 April 2017 08:42:43

Are you being financially abused?

25 April 2017 08:42:42 The Gremlin – Online Newspaper for the Garden Route

Financial abuse occurs in 98% of abusive relationships. If someone forcibly controls another person’s money or other assets, it is financial abuse. This kind of abuse can range from being forced to account for all money being spent to someone taking money without consent. Sadly, financial abuse is something that rarely gets discussed openly since

Více Finance Time25 April 2017 08:42:42

International Monetary Fund Increases Expectaions on Bulgarian Economy

24 April 2017 11:10:08 (Sofia News Agency)

International Monetary Fund (IMF) has published a report on global economic perspectives, quoted by BNR. The document’s authors foresee for Bulgaria a GDP growth of 2.9% in 2017 and a slowing to 2.7% in 2018. There is a 0.1% increase on the 2016 autumn IMF report. The capital Daily comments that the improvement is most likely due to a better presentation of the Bulgarian economy in 2016, compared to the Fund’s forecast. In early April the financial ministry also reviewed its expectation with a positive trend up by raising its autumn prognosis by 1% envisaging 3% growth of GDP. The IMF foresees that the increasing of prices of goods and services in Bulgaria will continue over 2017 and 2018 as well, revising its inflation expectations up to 1% respectively and 1.8% on an annual base. However, the greatest changes can be seen in current bill’s forecast: the fund expects a surplus of 2.3% in 2017. A factor for the positive trend is the bettered Bulgarian export over the second half of 2016 – both towards the EU and third countries. At the same time the Fund’s forecast on unemployment rates remains unchanged: 7.1% in 2017 and 6.9% in 2018.

Více Finance Time24 April 2017 11:10:08

IMF: China should cool credit use

21 April 2017 10:36:52 China Daily > World News

The International Monetary Fund spoke positively on Wednesday of China's efforts to rein in its rapid credit growth but called for more action to reduce the associated financial vulnerabilities, as the issue is still "very manageable".

Více Finance Time21 April 2017 10:36:52

BNB Reports Current Account Surplus

21 April 2017 09:45:16 (Sofia News Agency)

In February 2017 Bulgaria’s current account and capital account balance was positive and reached EUR 336.9M, with surplus of EUR 40.2M in comparison to the same month a year earlier, data from the Bulgarian National Bank show, quoted by BNR. According to the bank, the trade balance of this country in February remained negative at EUR 90.7M. Exports of goods from Bulgaria in February amounted to EUR 2.077 bln., up by EUR 391.5M – a 23.3% increase, compared to EUR 1.6822 bln. In February 2016. In February, imports of goods increased by EUR 346.1M to EUR 2.1463 bln. against imports totaling EUR 1.8183M in the second month of the previous year. However, direct foreign investments in the country in February rose by just EUR 45M compared to an increase of EUR 136.6M in February last year.

Více Finance Time21 April 2017 09:45:16

Choose your credit option wisely

20 April 2017 07:00:04 The Gremlin – Online Newspaper for the Garden Route

Whether your geyser breaks and floods your house or your car breaks down while you are on holiday, unforeseen expenses can result in sleepless nights. “Deciding which form of credit to use can be tricky,” says Alfred Ramosedi, African Bank Group Executive: Sales and Marketing.  A credit card is a line of credit from which

Více Finance Time20 April 2017 07:00:04

Reforms to get boost in financial crime battle

19 April 2017 14:33:14 China Daily > China News

China will further beef up its fight against money laundering, funding for terrorism and tax evasion.

Více Finance Time19 April 2017 14:33:14

Household Incomes Grows Faster Than Expenses

18 April 2017 13:22:53 (Sofia News Agency)

In fugures from the National Statistical Institute, last year the average incomes of households in Bulgaria grew more than two times faster than their expenses, quoted by BNR. The total income per household member rise 4.3% on the previous year reaching EUR 2639. In he meantime, househlds spent EUR 2428 per capita marking a 1.9% of growth.

Více Finance Time18 April 2017 13:22:53

Over 1,000 Palestinian Prisoners in Israel Stage Hunger Strike

17 April 2017 16:37:07 NYT > Middle East

The protest to demand better conditions was led by Marwan Barghouti, the most prominent detainee and a figure often seen as a future Palestinian leader.

Více Finance Time17 April 2017 16:37:07