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Speedboat crashes into restaurant on Florida beach

24 February 2015 12:15:04 - World News

24 February 2015 Last updated at 10:51 GMT A speedboat has crashed into a waterfront restaurant on a beach in Florida. There were seven people on board the boat when it landed on the beach and hit the Sunset Grille at Little Harbour in Ruskin. There were reports of poor visibility due to heavy fog at the time of the...

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Buckle up for Hong Kong's rollercoaster year

02 January 2015 20:12:30 South China Morning Post - Hong Kong feed

The year 2014 may well be remembered as the Year of Occupy, as the 79-day civil disobedience movement made history and attracted global attention.

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26 December 2014 19:54:43 - Europe News

Done right a theme park investment can cover the cost of a visit (© The Financial Times Limited 2014)...

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22 December 2014 09:34:29 - World News

A fugitive trying to evade an arrest warrant shot a Tampa-area police officer and then ran him over Sunday, killing the officer, police said. Marco Antonio Parilla Jr., 23, crashed his car into a pole and another vehicle after running over Tarpon Springs Officer Charles Kondek, 45. Parilla was arrested on suspicion of first-degree murder. Kondek, a father of six, had been with the force 17 years. He had served with the NYPD for more than five years, authorities said. Authorities said Kondek responded to a noise call around 2 a.m. at an apartment...

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Crash releases 100 calves onto Florida Turnpike

10 December 2014 21:16:49 Latest News -

Ben Hooper YEEHAW JUNCTION, Fla., Dec. 10 (UPI) -- The Florida Highway Patrol said officers turned cowboy Wednesday morning when a cattle truck overturned and released about 100 calves onto the Florida Turnpike.

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Rollercoaster built through Netherlands house for sale

10 December 2014 20:52:55 - Europe News

10 December 2014 Last updated at 19:21 GMT In a novel marketing ploy, a Dutch bank has built a rollercoaster through a property that has been up for sale for the last six months. The wooden framework was installed to give potential buyers a tour around the building. The rollercoaster tour...

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Florida jury convicts man in fatal daycare crash

09 December 2014 19:01:11 - World News

Add comment Reprints + - advertisement | advertise on newsday ORLANDO, Fla. - (AP) -- A jury has returned multiple guilty verdicts against a Florida man accused of triggering a car crash that sent a vehicle...

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Bear triggers deadly crashes in Florida

08 December 2014 17:47:02 - World News

MIAMI - Three people died and eight were injured in a chain of car crashes that began when a woman driving an SUV hit and killed a black bear on a dark, remote road in the Florida...

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Two suspects in Florida store shooting die in car crash

24 September 2014 03:46:35 - World News

ORLANDO - Two suspects in a shooting at a women's clothing store in Kissimmee, Florida, were killed on Tuesday after crashing their car,...

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22 September 2014 10:00:34 - World News

Cargo launched to space station 0 comments Travel Deals $140 & up -- Downtown D.C. Hotel Sale thru Fall, 20% Off   See all travel deals » Posted: Monday, September 22, 2014, 1:08 AM A SpaceX cargo ship rocketed toward the International Space Station on Sunday, carrying the first 3-D printer for astronauts in orbit. In all, the unmanned Dragon capsule is delivering more than 5,000 pounds of space station supplies for NASA. Dragon should reach the space station Tuesday. It's the fifth station shipment for the California-based SpaceX, one of two new commercial winners in the race to start launching...

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