Customs to study trade in illegal cigarettes

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27 December 2013 01:54:43 Singapore News latest RSS headlines - Singapore

In the first nine months of this year, the Singapore Customs seized 1.9 million packets of duty-unpaid cigarettes, a rise of 84 per cent. -- PHOTO: SINGAPORE ... Full article on Customs to study trade in illegal cigarettes

Vice All News Time27 December 2013 01:54:43


WCO-INAMA Project: Workshop on “Controlled Deliveries of Illegally Traded Wildlife Products” (WCO - World Customs Organization)

4.0022717 11 February 2015 13:40:27 - World News

(Source: WCO - World Customs Organization) The WCO INAMA Project focuses on strengthening the enforcement capacity of targeted Customs administrations in Sub-Saharan Africa, while focusing on the illegal trade in wildlife (fauna and flora) and in particular endangered species as defined by CITES. The project is a follow up of...

Vice All News Time11 February 2015 13:40:27

E-Cigarette Are Harmful To Lungs - Study

4.0022717 05 February 2015 05:40:09 - World News

5 February 2015, 4:05 E-Cigarette Are Harmful To Lungs - Study Tweet E-cigarettes contain toxic chemicals which could damage the lungs and immune system, scientists have discovered. Experiments carried out on mice found e-cigarette fumes harmed the animals' lungs and made them more susceptible to respiratory infections. Chemicals generated by the nicotine devices also weakened the immune system's response to viruses and bacteria, causing some mice to die. Researchers found e-cigarette vapour contains "free radical" toxins similar to those found in air pollution and cigarette smoke. Although the study said they generated just 1% of the amount of free radicals in tobacco...

Vice All News Time05 February 2015 05:40:09

Customs seize four million cigarettes

2.5111783 19 January 2015 07:17:15 AdaDerana RSS

Four million illegally imported cigarettes have been seized by the Revenue Task Force (RTF) of the Sri Lanka Customs, this morning. MORE...

Vice All News Time19 January 2015 07:17:15

Balikpapan customs seizes 1m cigarettes

1.5448138 02 January 2015 05:44:04 - Asia News

The Balikpapan Customs and Excise Office displayed confiscated goods in the form of 1 million untaxed cigarettes and 96,000 illegally...

Vice All News Time02 January 2015 05:44:04

Study: cigars just as bad as cigarettes

1.5448138 10 November 2014 21:42:21 Latest News -

Brooks Hays WASHINGTON, Nov. 10 (UPI) -- A new study suggests toxins are absorbed by cigar and cigarette smokers in comparable amounts.

Vice All News Time10 November 2014 21:42:21

Six retailers arrested by Customs for selling illegal cigarettes

1.424467 28 October 2014 19:38:30 Malaysia News latest RSS headlines - Malaysia

: Six retailers were arrested during the nationwide Ops Outlet operation to crack down the sales of illegal cigarettes conducted by Royal Malaysian Customs Department (RMC) on Monday and today. ...

Vice All News Time28 October 2014 19:38:30

Capital tackles illegal cigarettes

1.424467 13 September 2014 12:55:11 Vietnam News latest RSS headlines - Vietnam

Capital tackles illegal cigarettes HA NOI (VNS)? -- The Hoan Kiem People's Committee plans to crack down on illegal cigarette sales around Hoan Kiem Lake, one of the most popular tourist ...

Vice All News Time13 September 2014 12:55:11

Elephant thwarts 'illegal cigarette operation'

1.424467 26 August 2014 09:55:40 - Africa News

Police are investigating whether a man killed by an elephant was part of an illegal cigarette syndicate....

Vice All News Time26 August 2014 09:55:40

Customs seizes cigarettes worth $1.9m

1.3517121 09 May 2014 00:46:23 Hong Kong News latest RSS headlines - Hong Kong

Customs officers have seized 700,000 illicit cigarettes worth about $1.9 million, and arrested a 52-year-old truck driver. ? The haul had a?duty potential of about $1.3 million. ? Officers at Man ...

Vice All News Time09 May 2014 00:46:23

Fewer youngsters nabbed for illegal cigarettes

1.3517121 30 March 2014 12:04:48 Singapore News latest RSS headlines - Singapore

Fewer young people were caught with contraband cigarettes last year. There were 518 youngsters below the age of 18 nabbed by the Singapore Customs last year for possessing duty-unpaid cigarettes, ...

Vice All News Time30 March 2014 12:04:48