#MeToo: Russian women find their voice

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16 April 2018 15:47:52 CNN.com - RSS Channel - Regions - Europe

Russian journalist Daria Zhuk had just walked her guest into the newsroom when she felt a hand slap her backside. Full article on #MeToo: Russian women find their voice

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#MeToo and the women speaking out in Nigeria

2.1247067 21 March 2018 03:22:23 CNN.com - RSS Channel - Regions - Africa

Vice All News Time21 March 2018 03:22:23

Trump finds himself increasingly in the #MeToo spotlight

1.8211772 12 December 2017 03:02:36 WN.com - World News

By Jonathan Lemire | Associated Press NEW YORK — Donald Trump sailed past a raft of allegations of sexual misconduct in last year’s presidential election. Now the national #MeToo spotlight is turning back to Trump and his past conduct. Several of his accusers are urging Congress to investigate his behavior, and a number of Democratic lawmakers are demanding his resignation. With each day seeming to bring new headlines that force men from positions of power, the movement to expose sexual harassment has forced an unwelcome conversation on the White House. In a heated exchange with reporters in the White House briefing room on Monday, press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders...

Vice All News Time12 December 2017 03:02:36

#MeToo: women, you are not alone, say S&Ds

1.7474893 25 October 2017 14:48:46 WN.com - Africa News

At the request of the Socialists and Democrats, this morning the European Parliament debated the situation concerning sexual harassment and abuse in Europe and in the Parliament. Following the global outcry #MeToo, cases of sexual harassment and abuse in the European Parliament were also reported by the media. Tomorrow the plenary will vote on a resolution. The Socialists and Democrats have pushed for a tough line and zero...

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Internally displaced women of Ukraine find voice through interactive theatre

1.7474893 07 June 2017 19:27:09 WN.com - World News

Date: 07 June 2017 Olesya Arkhypova (right) participates in interactive theatre. Photo: UN Women/Alexander Alfyorov Olesya Arkhypova left her home in the Donetsk region in eastern Ukraine shortly after the armed conflict broke out in May, 2014. A month later, her father died in the conflict. As the government forces lost control over her home town Makiivka, Arkhypova quit her job at an advertisement company and set out to find a safer place to live. She was several weeks pregnant at the time. Arkhypova travelled through western Ukraine and decided to start a new life in the city of Ivano-Frankivsk, where she gave birth to her son. Raising a new-born on her own, with limited access to social...

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Clinton finds her voice – but the sexism that greets women’s speech endures

1.640451 30 July 2016 18:31:23 Newstime Africa

Kae Reynolds, University of Huddersfield After a campaign lasting more than a year and taking in all 50 states, Hillary...

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Ghana: Finding A voice in Ghana- Women Extension Volunteers in the Cocoa Farms

1.5176477 30 March 2015 17:08:54 AllAfrica News: Latest

A young, jobless and single mother of two, Anita Boateng seemed an unlikely community leader. However, community members in her village of Asikasu, in Ghana's Odumase District, recognized in her strong leadership abilities when she became involved in a project aimed at cocoa farmers called Cocoa Life and led by VSO.

Vice All News Time30 March 2015 17:08:54

US Muslim women find voice in Friday prayers

1.5176477 02 February 2015 23:00:07 The Asian Age

Mulism women gather for Friday prayers at the Pico Union Project in central Los Angeles.— AP Friday’s gathering at the inter-faith centre — a former Jewish synagogue near central Los Angeles with Stars of David etched into the stained glass windows — aims to encourage women to participate fully in Muslim prayer and education After the traditional call to prayer, Edina Lekovic stood in front of some 150 women seated on the floor at an interfaith centre in Los Angeles, and delivered a sermon, a role traditionally reserved for Muslim men. “We have the right and responsibility to our faith,” Lekovic told the women as she stood in front of banners emblazoned in gold with verses from the Quran, Islam’s holy book. Lekovic, an activist with California’s Muslim Public Affairs Council, then joined the women in kneeling in prayer in the direction of Mecca, the holiest city in Islam. Friday’s gathering at the inter-faith centre — a former Jewish synagogue near central Los Angeles with Stars of David etched into the stained glass windows — aims to encourage women to participate fully in Muslim prayer and education. Significantly, women are at the helm. In traditional mosques, women pray separately from men, which can distance them from the lecturer. Women may also feel excluded for other reasons, such as male-only Quran studies. Muslim women often meet for casual gatherings and prayer, but rarely do they unite in a formal setting, such as the Friday worship, under the banner of a mosque. “The fact that this is the Friday prayer, the jumma’a, and that there’s a woman officially giving the sermon, the khutbah, that’s new,” said Donna Auston, a doctoral candidate studying American Muslim culture at Rutgers University. MEN AND WOMEN SHOULD FEEL AT HOME Hussam Ayloush, of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, said some Muslims may prefer integration — not segregation — as a way to draw women into Islam. “A mosque is a place of worship where all segments of the Muslim community, men and women ... should feel at home,” he said. After the initial call to prayer and Lekovic’s sermon, the women sat in a circle under the tall arched ceiling, some with tears in their eyes, and reflected on the experience. “I want every woman to experience what it feels like to learn from a female religious authority in the mosque,” said M. Hasna Maznavi, 29, who founded the Women’s Mosque of America organization with Sana Muttalib, 31, after feeling excluded from traditional mosques. They say it is the nation’s first female-only mosque. Lubna Muttalib, Sana’s mother, said she has sat so far behind men at other mosques she has had to watch the sermon projected onto a screen. “It’s so good to see my khatiba in person, instead of looking at a TV screen,” she said, referring to the person who gives sermons. Maznavi hopes to unite Muslim women from diverse backgrounds and said the mosque is neither Sunni nor Shia and occupies the “middle ground” of politics.

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Women of Timbuktu find their voice again after nightmare of jihadi rule

1.5176477 25 December 2014 13:45:26 WN.com - World News

Persecuted when the city was occupied by Islamist militants, women are now keen to have a greater say in Malian society ...

Vice All News Time25 December 2014 13:45:26

Finding their voice

1.5176477 04 August 2014 03:04:44 rss_all

Musicals have long struggled to gain audience acceptance in China. Now, a new center in Hebei province aims to give domestic productions a boost, Chen Nan reports.

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Ukraine crisis: Latvia's Russian speakers find their voice

1.5176477 12 June 2014 07:04:18 WN.com - Europe News

As Ukraine is torn apart by divisions between nationalists and pro-Moscow separatists, other former Soviet States with large Russian-speaking populations are wondering nervously if the same thing could happen to them. Particularly in Latvia, where Russian-speakers make up 40% of the population. But Latvian Russian speakers who are pro-European are starting to make their voices heard. Their first language is Russian. They consume media from Moscow. They may even support Russian President Vladimir Putin's annexation of Crimea. But many of Latvia's Russian-speakers are clear about one thing: they do not want to join Russia. "There are Latvian Russians who do not support Mr Putin...

Vice All News Time12 June 2014 07:04:18