Hotels up in arms over proposed tourist tax for the Algarve

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13 March 2018 18:17:25 Articles

A bitter wrangle involving hotels, businesses and boroughs in the Algarve has broken out over the controversial approval of a tourist tax to be charged at the region’s hotels and other accommodation facilities. Hoteliers are calling it “illegal” and say that the mayors who support it “are shooting themselves in the foot,” while Silves council has outright said it won’t be implementing the measure. Retailers have taken a more cautious approach, saying that they don’t agree with it but will demand a slice of the revenue if the tourist tax does indeed move forward. Tweet Full article on Hotels up in arms over proposed tourist tax for the Algarve

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Algarve to introduce regional tourist tax

1.5603856 12 March 2018 15:54:48 Articles

AMAL, the Algarve municipalities association, has approved the creation of a region-wide tourist tax to be charged at the region’s hotels and other accommodation facilities. When it will be implemented and how much it will be has not yet been decided, though AMAL president Jorge Botelho says the cost will be similar to other parts of the country where tourist taxes are already charged. In other words, it will likely be €1 per person. What is certain is that the same fee will be charged across the Algarve. Tweet

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Opposition Up in Arms Over Proposed Law

1.4575651 13 October 2017 10:30:30 - Africa News

Dar es Salaam -Opposition parties say the draft bill aimed at paving the way for a new political parties act will eventually lead to further suppression of democracy in Tanzania. ......

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Algarve hotel bookings up 6.6% in 2016

1.344034 10 January 2017 13:34:00 Articles

Even though December was the only month in 2016 in which bookings dropped in the Algarve, hotels are celebrating an overall 6.6% increase compared to 2015. The positive data was not hurt by the final month of the year, which saw bookings drop 0.1 percentage points compared to the year before. Hoteliers association AHETA says December’s results were affected by the fact that “Christmas and New Year coincided with weekends”.

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Algarve mayors up-in-arms over “sneaky changes” to new coastal programme

1.309555 18 September 2016 15:43:50 Articles

AMAL, the association of 16 borough councils, is on a new warpath with Algarve environment agency APA - this time over what it condemns as institutional disloyalty “that puts the principles of trust and good faith in crisis”. At issue are multiple “relevant alterations” to the new coastal programme (POC) for Odeceixe to Vilamoura. Drawn up by APA following public consultation, it is so different to what AMAL says it was expecting that the association suggests it appears to be “a completely different programme”.

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Hotel prices up 20% as Algarve enjoys busy holiday season

1.1964543 28 July 2016 13:34:45 Articles

Hotel prices have increased 20% in 2016 compared to last year. According to an RTP report, the price boost is directly related to the “higher external demand” the Algarve has enjoyed this year with more holidaymakers choosing the region for its safe reputation over other rival destinations such as Turkey and Tunisia. “Business has definitely improved. Since January, our occupation levels have increased 10.5%, while our business volume is up 16.5%,” Elidérico Viegas, president of the Algarve’s hotel association AHETA, told Expresso newspaper. Tags: algarve news hotel prices

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Algarve hotel bookings up 11.2% in April

1.1964543 12 May 2016 12:36:16 Articles

Hotel bookings in the Algarve increased 11.2% in April compared to the same time last year, with 61.7% of the region’s hotel rooms occupied. According to hoteliers association AHETA, it is the highest percentage since 2006 (62%). Albufeira (+12.9 percentage points) and Carvoeiro/Armação de Pêra (+10.8pp) celebrated the highest increases, while there were more French (+2.5pp), Dutch (+1.9pp) and British (+1.3pp) holidaymakers in the Algarve. Hotel business was also up 6.9%. Tags: algarve news hotel bookings

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Algarve hotel bookings up 8.8% in February

1.1964543 09 March 2016 18:27:55 Articles

February was another boom month for Algarve hotels, with bookings up 8.8% compared to the same month in 2015. This translates into 45% of the region’s hotel rooms booked. Hotel and resorts association AHETA says Carvoeiro/Armação de Pêra (+10.7 percentage points), Monte Gordo/VRSA (+9.4pp) and Albufeira (+4.1pp) celebrated the highest increases, while data also shows there were more German (+2pp) and British (+1.1pp) tourists in the Algarve. Tags: algarve bookings Algarve news in English

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Algarve’s hotel bookings up 15.9% in January

1.1964543 10 February 2016 09:50:31 Articles

2016 got off to a great new start for Algarve hotels, with bookings up 15.9% in January compared to the same month last year. The boom translates into 33.6% of the Algarve’s hotel rooms booked in what is traditionally the weakest month for tourism. Hotel and resorts authority AHETA says there were more German (+0.8 percentage points), Dutch (+0.5pp), British (+0.2pp) and Irish (+0.2pp) tourists in the Algarve, while Portimão/Praia da Rocha (+15pp), Albufeira (+8.5pp) and Monte Gordo/VRSA (+7.9pp) celebrated the highest increases in bookings. Tags: algarve news hotel bookings

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Two armed men injured tourists in an Egyptian hotel

1.175803 08 January 2016 22:53:22 DEBKAFile

January 8, 2016, 11:30 PM (IDT) Egyptian security forces are reported to have confronted two men wielding knives or guns trying to escape a hotel in the Egyptian coastal city of Hurghada, after they injured a number of tourists. One of the armed men was killed and the other wounded. It is not clear how many tourists were hurt. They are variously reported as two Swedes or two Austrians and a Swede.

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Govt Defends Hotel Tax On Foreign Tourists

1.0912958 10 June 2015 12:22:18 - Africa News

The Zimbabwean government has defended a 15% tax on hotel accommodation for foreign tourists which was introduced early this year, saying it was a norm in the region....

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