Avoid becoming the Christmas Turkey

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07 December 2017 13:57:20 Articles

Although a season of good cheer, the approach to Christmas and the New Year is a time when criminals have their own way of celebrating, by turning their attention to residential property crime. Although property crime has decreased over the last few years it is best not to be complacent. In fact, more recently there has been an increase in opportunist crime with less care being taken in the protection of property. This may be a sign that people feel safe, which is reassuring, but at the same time makes it easier for criminals. Tags: safe community Tweet Full article on Avoid becoming the Christmas Turkey

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3.6394951 20 December 2017 22:05:13 WN.com - Asia News

New Medibank data shows October is being superseded by March as the month with the highest rate of obstetric admissions - meaning Christmas may no longer be the preferred time of year for Australians to conceive. Medibank customer data collected over the past five years shows an increasing rate of pregnancy admissions in March. Last year, there were 2258 pregnancy admissions in...

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Avoid a Festive Fatberg this Christmas!

2.8655157 20 December 2017 18:30:18 WN.com - Africa News

Avoid a Festive Fatberg this Christmas! 20 December 2017 15:58 By now, many people will be starting to think of the Christmas dinner they will enjoy on Monday - but the cooking of the bird is only half the story! NI Water is appealing to the public to help us keep the drains...

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Don't be a turkey this Christmas

2.3879297 19 December 2017 14:22:45 WN.com - Europe News

With two thirds of UK households choosing to have roast turkey for their Christmas dinner the Food Standards Agency (FSA) is offering tips on how to you can safely prepare turkey at home. From buying turkey, right through to storing leftovers, there are a number of food hygiene tips that you can follow to protect your loved ones over the festive period. Top turkey tips 1) When Christmas food shopping, take sufficient bags with you so that you can separate out raw and...

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Turkey or tofu for Christmas?

1.9971267 15 December 2017 10:14:29 WN.com - Africa News

15 December 2017 It's that time of year again. Families gathering around dinner tables filled with food, delicious food. For most Europeans, meat still dominates the menu. But things are starting to shift, an ING report has revealed. - a research report from the ING Economics Department takes a deep dive into the protein consumption habits of 13,000 Europeans. There are good reasons to start serving other protein sources than meat, and not just for Christmas. The report mentions three major concerns: the environment, negative health effects and animal welfare. With demand rising quickly, the pressure on the global food system increases. Are we ready to...

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Let’s Talk Turkey this Christmas

1.9871211 08 December 2017 14:24:16 WN.com - Africa News

Hart District Council is supporting the Food Standards Agency to help give advice on how to safely prepare turkey at home this Christmas. Every year there are an estimated 1 million cases of food poisoning in the UK. Make sure you protect your loved ones over the festive period by following a number of food hygiene tips. This Christmas campaign focuses on chilling,...

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Vote for turkeys this Christmas

1.7474859 30 November 2017 16:30:58 WN.com - Africa News

Published on: 30 November 2017 British Marine member, the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI), has been chosen by PayPal as one of eight charities for their Christmas #TurkeyDash. It's PayPal's equivalent of...

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Olhão riverside to become Christmas village

1.6586447 28 November 2016 12:17:29 Articles

A “Christmas village” is to be set up along Olhão’s riverside between Saturday, December 17 and Wednesday, December 21. It promises street entertainment, handicrafts and carousels, as well as a variety of Christmas decorations. The highlight will be the arrival of Santa on a bicycle, on the opening day, flanked by his little helpers. There will also be a Christmas concert by the Gulbenkian Choir on Thursday, December 22 at the town’s Igreja Matriz. Olhão’s Christmas programme will also see a special visit from the Three Wise Men on Friday, January 6.

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Of turkeys and Christmas

1.5896969 02 May 2016 06:34:52 timesofmalta.com

The recent 13-hour marathon debate in Parliament had its high and low moments. Personally speaking, the best line was uttered by Simon Busuttil when he said that turkeys do not vote for Christmas. This phrase very much encapsulated the spirit of the bi-polar debate. With the Opposition members talking about Panama Papers and corruption and the government members trumpeting the government achievements, it was as if two unrelated debates were happening at the same time. The debate, or should I say lack of, highlighted a weakness in our democratic system. Parliament is meant to keep government... This article is part of our premium content. Full story is available on Times of Malta Premium.

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Turkey to Avoid Becoming Refugee 'Buffer Zone'

1.5896969 23 March 2016 13:20:31 WN.com - World News

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said that if the EU stops accepting recognized refugees from Turkey, Ankara will also stop taking illegal migrants. ......

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How To Avoid Becoming A Victim Of Phishing

1.5896969 14 January 2016 21:36:30 WN.com - Europe News

If hackers can even breach the CIA with phishing attacks, what chance do you stand? Read our How-To and you’ll learn what you need to know to avoid becoming yet another phishing victim statistic. ......

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