Daesh corpses in Misrata await fate in containers

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14 November 2017 20:37:39 WN.com - Mideast News

Author: AFP Tue, 2017-11-14 07:33 ID: 1510674038534371400 MISRATA, Libya: Hundreds of corpses of Daesh fighters have lain stored for the past year in a row of refrigerated containers in the Libyan city of Misrata awaiting a final decision on their fate. “The temperature must be kept at between -18 and -20 (Celsius) for the bodies to remain conserved,” said Ali Tuwaileb at a high security anti-organized crime complex in the city. Around 700 bodies have been housed at the improvised morgue ever since Daesh militants were expelled in December 2016... Full article on Daesh corpses in Misrata await fate in containers

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Daesh claims deadly attack on court in Libya's Misrata

1.6248742 04 October 2017 15:23:00 The Daily Star >> News

Gunmen killed at least three people and wounded 35 on Wednesday in a suicide attack on a court complex in the Libyan city of Misrata, officials and a witness said

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Daesh orphans held in Misrata to be returned to Sudan

1.6248742 17 August 2017 18:04:25 Libya Herald

By Libya Herald reporter. Tunis, 17 August 2017: Misrata is to hand over the last seven Sudanese children it still holds to the Sudanese consul in Tripoli so they can be returned home. The parents of the seven, who were taken into custody in Sirte last year, were all killed fighting for the so-called Islamic

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Hundreds Of Daesh Militant Corpses Await Repatriation From Libya

1.0546814 24 July 2017 05:31:16 WN.com - World News

TRIPOLI, July 24 (BERNAMA-NNN-AGENCIES) -- Libyan authorities are negotiating with other governments to decide what to do with hundreds of bodies of...

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Corpses of foreign Daesh members await repatriation from Libya: Officials

1.0507334 23 July 2017 08:28:21 WN.com - Africa News

Libyan officials say hundreds of corpses belonging to foreign members of Daesh remain in the country months after the Takfiri terrorist group’s defeat in the coastal city of Sirte. The officials said the dead bodies had been shipped...

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Inescapable Fate Awaits Najib - ...

1.0507334 01 May 2016 04:40:02 WN.com - Asia News

Blatant and jaw-dropping bribery, bullying and law-breaking by the ruling BN party have reached unprecedented levels, even for Malaysia, as every day reports of new excesses continue to shock. But the desperate Prime Minister plainly does not care. ......

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Greek tomb contained at least 5 corpses experts

1.0379796 21 January 2015 00:56:55 Greece News latest RSS headlines - Greek Herald.com

ATHENS, Greece--Human bones found in a resplendent ancient tomb in northern Greece belong to at least five individuals, including an elderly woman and a baby, Greek officials said ...

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Mystery Greek Tomb Contained at Least Five Corpses

1.0379796 20 January 2015 00:14:43 Greece News latest RSS headlines - Greek Herald.com

Human bones found in a resplendent ancient tomb in northern Greece belong to at least five individuals, including an elderly woman and a baby, Greek officials said Monday. The announcement ...

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Evictions: Eight Await Their Fate

1.0379796 01 December 2014 09:06:25 WN.com - Africa News

Big Brother Hotshots comes down to this, eight Hotshots all vying for the ultimate prize of USD300 000. IK plays a joke on the housemates, saying that he has more bad news. It is obviously not the case, as there are eight Hotshots in the final. One of JJ, Tayo, Idris, Butterphly, Macky2, Sipe, Nhlanhla and M'am Bea will be crowned as Big Brother Hotshot next week Sunday in the explosive finale....

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Fate Awaits Pistorius

1.0379796 19 October 2014 09:11:45 WN.com - Africa News

Defence advocate Barry Roux is earning his fees. First, he got Pistorius off on the lesser charge of premeditated murder. Now, he's imploring the North Gauteng High Court not to send the former athlete to prison. Prosecutor Gerrie Nel, however, wants the former athlete behind bars for at least 10 years. The sentence will be delivered on Tuesday and will largely depend on what the society wants versus what's best for society....

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Belvedere trio awaits fate

1.0379796 23 April 2014 01:54:51 The Herald

Court Reporter Three domestic workers from Belvedere, Harare, who have been in custody since October 2012 after allegedly splashing US$700 000 they stole from their employer on cars and houses before sharing the loot will know their fate today.Euna Tsekwete (32) of Shamva, Rebecca Kawe (28) of Zengeza 4 and Sheila Nyandoro (30) of Unit...

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