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12 October 2017 17:01:05 Articles

October 12, 2017 Director: Martin Campbell; Starring: Jackie Chan, Pierce Brosnan, Katie Leung, Rufus Jones; Genre: Action, Thriller; Age: +12; Time: 114min Tags: premier The Foreigner Tweet Full article on The Foreigner

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Foreign Minister

4.001224 08 June 2015 21:16:02 - World News

Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom today said her "feminist foreign policy" goals were aimed at obtaining better respect for human rights worldwide....

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Foreign minister

3.5366156 03 June 2015 22:26:32 - World News

Qatar`s Foreign Minister Khaled al-Attiyah said on Wednesday there was "no way" his country would be stripped of its right to host the 2022 World Cup, accusing Qatar`s critics of an anti-Arab campaign....

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Foreign Minister

3.5366156 03 June 2015 19:25:21 - World News

Qatar`s Foreign Minister Khaled al-Attiyah said on Wednesday that there was "no way" Qatar would be stripped of its right to host the 2022 World Cup because it deserved to win and had the best bid....

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Foreign minister

3.5366156 16 May 2015 11:20:03 - World News

Beijing`s determination to defend its sovereignty is "unshakeable", Foreign Minister Wang Yi told the top US diplomat John Kerry on Saturday as tensions between the powers mount over island-building in the disputed South China Sea....

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Foreign minister

3.5366156 14 April 2015 18:22:46 - World News

Iran has proposed a peace plan for Yemen that calls for a ceasefire followed by talks by all sides that would be mediated by foreigners, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said Tuesday....

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foreign minister

3.5366156 05 April 2015 04:00:39 - World News

Iran would be able to return to its nuclear activities if the West withdraws from a pact that is to be finalized in June, Iran's foreign minister said Saturday....

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The foreign perspective

3.5366156 28 November 2014 08:55:31

It’s hard to believe what this tiny, practically barren small rock has achieved over the years. Meeting foreigners, especially those based in Malta who all, or nearly all, speak highly of us and our little spot in the Med, makes me so proud. Even abroad we transmit a great vibe. We’re seen as industrious and welcoming, with a good product not just as a tourist destination but as a business centre. Outsiders do not usually take much of an interest in the political scene—they observe our squabbles, laugh and move on. They find it perplexing that we revere politicians and their silliness and... This article is part of our premium content. Full story is available on Times of Malta Premium.

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Foreign minister

3.5366156 15 November 2014 01:31:26 - World News

Britain will walk away from negotiations with European Union partners if its pleas for immigration reform are ignored, raising the real possibility of leaving the bloc altogether, Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said Friday....

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Foreign fighters: Foreign to whom?

3.5366156 30 October 2014 10:52:30 Yemen Times

Until a few months ago, the term “foreign fighters” was foreign to all but practitioners of counter-insurgency and counter-terrorism. With politicians and the media using the term on a daily basis, many ordinary people are left wondering what it means and why there is so much fuss around the topic.

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Foreign Office

3.5366156 10 October 2014 17:35:35 - Asia News

Blaming India for the escalation of tension along the borders, Pakistan on Friday said it is only responding to the situation created on the Line of Control....

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