Should you cash-in a ‘gold-plated’ pension? Six questions to help you decide

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12 October 2017 17:01:05 Articles

If you were offered £300,000 now or an inflation-proofed £10,000 a year for the rest of your life, what would you choose? This is a similar dilemma faced by many Britons with ‘final salary’ pensions. Often nicknamed ‘gold-plated’ pensions, these are where employers guarantee a minimum income throughout retirement, with yearly cost-of-living increases. But today many pension providers are offering non-retired members high pay-outs – ‘transfer values’ – in exchange for giving up those future rights. Tweet Full article on Should you cash-in a ‘gold-plated’ pension? Six questions to help you decide

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Six tough questions you need to ask

1.1919283 16 November 2017 14:31:36 Articles

“Brexit, Expat, Pensions” – read or Google any of these topics today and you may feel that the media advises you to rush or change your current portfolio or financial vehicles. Marry in haste, repent at leisure is my reply. Our regulator, the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), demands the highest level of suitability of advice from their advisory community, including acting only in a client’s best interest. Is this enough to protect clients? Unfortunately, there’s always a degree of error. Tweet

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Three Questions That Will Help You Escape The Wrong Job

1.1919283 20 September 2017 14:29:47 - Asia News

How do you know if your career is the right one for you? For Joi Gordon, CEO of Dress for Success it happened late one night when she was a young Assistant District Attorney in Manhattan and a judge asked her these powerful questions. ......

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3 Questions To Help You Live A Purposeful Life

1.1674479 17 June 2017 10:35:06 - World News

It took me back to the questions my father had asked, 48 years ago. Do you love what you do, are you helping others, are you learning? My Dad has given me the gift of 3 powerful questions that have been in my heart since then. This has been my compass of success. They could be yours, too ......

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11 Questions You Should Never Ask A Recruiter

1.1533821 25 May 2017 14:30:37 - Europe News

They're the fastest way to a bad impression. ......

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Should I Stay Or Should I Go: A New Marriage Tax Calculator Can Help You Decide

1.0898756 15 February 2017 06:29:30 - Europe News

Would you make a decision to get married or not based on taxes? Some couples do. If you're curious what your tax picture might look like, check out the new tax calculator from the Tax Policy Center. ......

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As markets rally, should you keep holding gold?

1.0688951 20 November 2016 23:46:39 The Daily Star >> Business >> International

A desire to hold real assets in turbulent times has massively boosted the popularity of gold-backed exchange traded funds (ETFs).

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Do you want to help decide how much our councillors should be paid? (West Suffolk ...

1.0219023 08 February 2016 01:48:23 - Africa News

(Source: West Suffolk - Forest Heath and St Edmundsbury Councils) 08 Feb 2016 Councillors receive allowances for their official duties, with extra amounts being paid for any additional responsibilities they have, such as being the chairman of a committee. An Independent Remuneration Panel is being set up...

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GLAadventure: Six Moroccan Cities ‘You Should Visit Before You Die’

1.0006696 23 December 2015 17:38:59 Morocco World News

Rabat - The Mercedes-Benz Great Overland Adventure recommended six Moroccan cities one should visit during their trip to Morocco. The Great Overland Adventure published a gallery of photos and videos exploring the beauty of six Moroccan cities and regions on their website GLA is driving their Mercedes-Benz all over the world on a trip to test the endurance of their vehicles. They currently have traveled around 25,000 miles. The list was published, along with a diary , to document their experiences in Morocco. Under the title “#GLAadventure Picks: 6 Places in Africa You Should Visit Before You Die,” GLA ranked Tangier as the top Moroccan city one must visit. Tangier When in Tangier, GLA recommended tourists to visit the Medina, Kasbah - Fort, and Café Hafa as popular spots to visit when in the area. GLA also recommended Cafe Hafa for its historical attraction and mint tea. "Writers like William Burroughs and Paul Bowles used to chill at this cafe once upon a time," the GLA website said. Tangier is followed by the Sahara Desert, then Marrakech, Taroudant, Casablanca and Guelmim came in last. Merzouga Merzouga is a small Saharan village located in the southeast of Morocco. Merzouga is home to Erg Chebbi , one of the largest ergs in Morocco. Merzouga is one of the best tourist destinations in Morocco, with an ideal desert for sand lovers and those travelers who love to observe the sun rising over sand dunes for a very majestic moment. "We bet the scenic wonders of the Sahara will not just be a feast for your eyes, but also lift your spirits," GLA wrote. Marrakech Marrakech is an international tourist destination. It was ranked third place by GLA. The GLA team said that the best part about the city is that “you'll still find the 25 year old W123 Merc taxis with OM616 diesel engines.” GLA suggests visiting “the colorful street food of Marrakesh,” adding that “a visit to the main square is a must.” Taroudannt Taroudannt, well known as little Marrakech, is a beautiful old city about 80 kilometers away from Agadir. GLA said that among the things that make the city so special is the fact that “it is one of the few places where you'll find the cute old two stroke mopeds.” Casablanca Casablanca, Morocco’s economic capital and Africa’s financial and economic hub, was ranked in at fifth place. GLA said that “Casablanca will leave you spellbound!” Guelmim Guelmim, known as the gate of the mighty Sahara, is a very calm city with its vast desert and friendly atmosphere. GLAa said that Guelmim's gate "is a reminder why this is one of the most admired places around the world." The trip is being used to promote Mercedes-Benz cars as “they will be on-road for six months and travel across various countries with different weather conditions,” the GLA organizers said. “The epic drive will start from the Mercedes-Benz production plant at Chakan, Pune and will cover six continents, 17 countries, and clock more than 50,000 kilometers before culminating in Pune after six months,” “The ride will flag off this July and the India-made #GLA will travel through Europe, Northern and South Africa, North and South America, Australia and Asia. The tour will touch upon some of the most iconic routes in the world and will pay tribute to those who pioneered this form of adventure,” GLAadventure added. To follow this trip, the hashtag for Great Overland Adventure is #GLAadventure.You can also visit their website found here . The post GLAadventure: Six Moroccan Cities ‘You Should Visit Before You Die’ appeared first on Morocco World News .

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Nigeria decides: 5 reasons you should care

1.0006696 01 April 2015 22:12:17 - RSS Channel - World

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When should you turn to firefighters for help?

0.9998006 23 January 2015 07:14:01 China Daily > China News

Firefighters in China are indeed very busy, but their work goes beyond just putting out fires.

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