Town Squabbles With State Auditor Over Pay Practices

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17 February 2017 19:49:57 - World News

Parkersburg officials and the state auditors are squabbling over the town's finances, including paying the town administrator for digging graves. ...... Full article on Town Squabbles With State Auditor Over Pay Practices

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State Auditor Takes Fight Over 2015 Law to Supreme Court

1.3537363 29 June 2017 22:39:16 - World News

Minnesota's State Auditor is taking her fight over a 2015 law restricting her office's duties all the way to the state Supreme Court. ......

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PETA squabbles with town over greased pig that never existed

1.2127457 15 February 2016 11:20:13 - World News

The town of Newport, New Hampshire and PETA have gotten into a squabble over historic traditions revived at the 100th Winter Carnival. NH1 reports that in the past, Newport had greased pig events for their winter carnival. For the centennial celebration, they thought it was a great idea to honor the old tradition. Read more trending stories "It's a historical...

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The Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE) states that internal auditors are closely involved in the practices ...

1.1654953 18 September 2015 12:13:47 - Asia News

(Source: TSEC - Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation) The Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE) states that internal auditors are closely involved in the practices of corporate management and governance. To continuously improve corporate governance in Taiwan, as well as help internal personnel and auditors better understand the scope, benchmarks, and relevant contents of...

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Europe squabbles over responsibility

1.1281136 21 April 2015 10:23:14 - Europe News

On October 31, 2014, the Italian government announced the end of "Mare Nostrum" -- a naval mission that rescued would-be migrants in peril as they tried to cross the Mediterranean to seek security and a new life in Europe. In the operation's year-long existence, the Italian Navy and Coastguard had rescued an estimated 100,000 people....

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Egypt and Qatar squabble anew, this time over Islamic State

1.1281136 19 February 2015 18:39:04 - Mideast News

Egypt Libya AFP/Getty Images An Egyptian air force fighter jet lands at an undisclosed location in Egypt following airstrikes in Libya in this photo released by the Egyptian military on Feb. 16. (AFP/Getty Images) By Laura King contact the reporter Middle East Africa Egypt Al Jazeera Media Network Islamic State Mohamed Morsi After a period of warming relations, Egypt and Qatar get into a new spat over how to combat Islamic State Saudis efforts to patch up rocky relations between Egypt and Qatar disrupted by squabble over Libya airstrikes Egypt’s relationship with the Persian Gulf emirate of Qatar, which had seemingly warmed in recent months, has abruptly chilled again over how best to...

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Israeli auditor criticizes Netanyahu over use of state funds

1.0144632 17 February 2015 16:11:08 - World News

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - A report by Israel's state auditor found on Tuesday that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had improperly used state funds for his family, firing up center-left opponents before a parliamentary election next month. The comptroller's report, drawn up after complaints by members of parliament about spending by Netanyahu and his wife, found a series of infractions, including unrefunded petty cash, a personal water...

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Ministers Squabble Over Jewish State Law

1.0144632 23 November 2014 18:34:11 Israel News latest RSS headlines - Israel

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu (Likud) apparently began the row, noting that he had to compromise on the principles of the law after a veto from Justice Minister Tzipi Livni (Hatnua). ...

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Kilifi County, State Officials Squabble

0.9237647 22 October 2014 11:36:32 - Africa News

A fresh row has erupted between the Kilifi county government and the national government over supremacy....

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Malaysias opposition parties still squabbling over the richest state

0.8692647 30 July 2014 02:35:16 Malaysia News latest RSS headlines - Malaysia

Malaysia's three biggest opposition parties, grouped under the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) flag, are openly squabbling over a plan to remove the chief minister of Selangor, the second infighting in ...

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(LEAD) State auditor to inspect gov't over ferry disaster

0.8692647 13 May 2014 11:43:58 - This domain may be for sale!

(ATTN: CHANGES headline; UPDATES throughout with plan to inspect gov't ministries, other organizations) SEOUL, May 13 (Yonhap) -- The state auditor said Tuesday it will launch an inspection of the government this week amid strong public criticism that

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