TV Station Sold to FCC for $100M, Will Go off Air

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17 February 2017 19:49:57 - World News

A New Hampshire television station that debuted in 2014 has been sold at auction to the Federal Communications Commission for an estimated $100 million and will go off the air in the coming months. ...... Full article on TV Station Sold to FCC for $100M, Will Go off Air

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Tv licenses: Go to the new competition from the FCC

1.4323521 14 January 2017 13:56:46 Athens Times

After the disclosure of the reasons for the decision of the Coe, the government is planning the next steps in order to clear up the...

Vice Politics Time14 January 2017 13:56:46

Another TV channel asked to go off air

1.3454833 06 November 2016 00:49:02 The Asian Age

After NDTV India, the government has also ordered that an Assam-based news channel be taken off air for a day, following the recommendations of a high level panel which felt it had “violated” programming guidelines on more than one occasion. An IB ministry order dated November 2, has sought that the channel News Time Assam, be taken off air on November 9, for a day. One of the allegations against the channel relates to telecasting a programme which revealed the identity of a minor who had been brutally tortured while working as a domestic servant. Observing that the visuals telecast by the channel appeared to compromise the privacy and dignity of the child while also exposing him to harm and stigma, a showcause notice was issued to the channel in October 2013. Having listened to the channel’s version, the Inter-Ministerial Committee which looked into the matter felt that the channel may be taken off air for a day. According to the order, the matter was reconsidered as some other channels had also shown similar content for which they had been issued warnings, but the IMC looked at all the circumstances and again recommended taking it off air for a day. The same order also lists two other cases of alleged violations by the channel which were considered by the IMC. One of them related to telecast of gory visuals of dead bodies for which a recommendation was made to take off the channel for a day. In another case the channel telecast a programme which allegedly appeared to defamatory towards to women and in bad taste. The IMC had asked the channel to run an apology scroll but since it did not comply, in this regard, taking it off air for a day was recommended. The IB ministry order, dated November 2, mentions all the three cases and says that the “IMC clarified that the TV channel can be allowed to carry out the three awards of one day off air concurrently.” Quoting rules under the Cable TV Networks (Regulation) Act, the ministry order said that the government “orders to prohibit the transmission or retransmission of News Time Assam TV channel for one day on any platform throughout India with effect from 00:01 hours on 9th November, 2016 till 00:01 hours on 10th November, 2016.”NDTV India has also been ordered off air for the same date over its coverage of the Pathankot attack, which has resulted in a massive controversy.

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Turkish TV station forced off the air

1.2433238 06 October 2016 04:02:38 - RSS Channel - World

Dramatic scenes unfolded Tuesday as Turkish police raided a television news station that had been ordered off the air by emergency decree.

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TV Station in Russia's Urals Taken Off-Air By Mystery Man

1.2399951 18 May 2016 18:32:54 The Moscow Times News

Ural-Inform TV, a television channel based in Russia's Urals, was mysteriously taken off air on May 12 and has remained so ever since, the Meduza news website reported on Wednesday.

Vice All News Time18 May 2016 18:32:54

Congo-Kinshasa: Two TV Stations Ordered Off the Air in DRC

1.1936268 06 February 2016 13:53:46 AllAfrica News: Latest

New York -The Committee to Protect Journalists condemns the decision by the Democratic Republic of Congo's government to close two privately owned news channels, and urges officials to allow the channels to resume broadcasting immediately.

Vice All News Time06 February 2016 13:53:46

Thai opposition 'Red Shirt' TV station to go back on air

1.1936268 16 July 2015 12:28:36 The Daily Star >> News

A Thai court Thursday issued an injunction allowing a television network run by the opposition "Red Shirt" movement to resume broadcasting after it was taken off air for breaking a junta ban on political programming.

Vice All News Time16 July 2015 12:28:36

Thai 'Red Shirt' TV station taken off air

1.1936268 01 May 2015 10:51:11 - World News

Thailand's "Red Shirt" supporters reacted with dismay on Friday after a television network run by the opposition movement was taken off air in the latest strike against freedom of expression in the military-ruled kingdom....

Vice All News Time01 May 2015 10:51:11

Crimea's only Tatar TV station goes off air

1.1936268 01 April 2015 11:46:40 - World News

MOSCOW (AP) - Crimea's independent television station ATR has gone off air after Russian authorities repeatedly refused to give it a broadcasting license. ATR was established as the first channel dedicated to the Crimean Tatars, an native ethnic group of about 300,000 that was deported from the region by the Soviet authorities in 1944. The TV channel was a rare critical voice during Russia's annexation of Crimea last year and continued its critical coverage afterward. Like other local media outlets ATR had to get a Russian broadcasting license to...

Vice All News Time01 April 2015 11:46:40

Crimea's only Tatar TV station goes off air

1.1936268 01 April 2015 11:15:47 - World News

MOSCOW (AP) — Crimea's independent television station ATR has gone off air after Russian authorities repeatedly refused to give it a broadcasting license....

Vice All News Time01 April 2015 11:15:47

Independent Television Station TV-2 Taken Off Air in Tomsk

1.1936268 09 February 2015 10:19:10 The Moscow Times

Tomsk-based station TV-2 will no longer be screened on television after its broadcast license expired at the weekend, indefinitely cutting one of Russia's last independent stations from cable packages.

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