2 Security Guards Shot While Removing Man From VFW Hall

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17 February 2017 19:49:56 WN.com - World News

Authorities say two security guards at a VFW hall in New Jersey have been shot. ...... Full article on 2 Security Guards Shot While Removing Man From VFW Hall

Vice All News Time17 February 2017 19:49:56


Man injured while dismantling equipment in entertainment hall

0.96192485 10 December 2016 07:41:13 timesofmalta.com

A man was seriously injured early this morning when he fell several metres from scaffolding while helping dismantle equipment at an entertainment venue. The incident happened at about 1.30am at Triq Ħal Għargħur, Tal-Balal, Iklin. The 34-year-old, from Cospicua fell a height of about six metres. Police investigations are under way.

Vice All News Time10 December 2016 07:41:13

Man Shot Dead While Trying To Stop Man From Beating Woman

0.8347416 26 November 2016 08:33:24 WN.com - World News

Police say a man trying to stop another man from beating a woman in a crowded San Antonio parking lot has been shot dead and a bystander has been critically wounded....

Vice All News Time26 November 2016 08:33:24

1 year since death of man shot while running from police

0.81672555 04 April 2016 18:14:56 WN.com - America News

Article extract not available. Link to the source for the full article....

Vice All News Time04 April 2016 18:14:56

1 year since death of man shot while running from police

0.7992775 04 April 2016 17:45:46 WN.com - World News

North Charleston, S.C. • The family of a black man shot to death by a white police officer in South Carolina while running away is marking the one year that has passed since his death. Local news outlets report the family of 50-year-old Walter Scott is holding a moment of silence at his gravesite Monday. The family says Scott’s mother, brother and other relatives will lay flowers on his grave and then address the media. Former North Charleston officer Michael Slager is charged with murder in the......

Vice All News Time04 April 2016 17:45:46

Security guard shot dead in Tondo

0.7864479 06 March 2016 01:55:37 GMA News Online / News

A security guard was shot dead while having a drinking spree with his friends in Tondo, Manila, early Sunday.

Vice All News Time06 March 2016 01:55:37

Live leech removed from Vietnamese man’s nose after 2 weeks

0.7852427 26 February 2016 10:26:09 Vietnam News latest RSS headlines - Vietnam Tribune.com

The 47-year-old man his nose had constantly itched and bled and he had difficulties breathing even since he washed his face and drank some water from a stream while working in a ...

Vice All News Time26 February 2016 10:26:09

Indiana man removed from sex offender registries in 2 states

0.77471846 05 November 2015 22:19:36 WN.com - World News

A 20-year-old Indiana man sentenced to two years on probation for having consensual sex with a 14-year-old Michigan...

Vice All News Time05 November 2015 22:19:36

Man shot by security guard inside Union Station in Washington DC

0.77471846 11 September 2015 20:51:36 WN.com - World News

Guard opened fire after witnessing the man stabbing a woman in what seemed to be the product of a domestic dispute, a police spokeswoman said...

Vice All News Time11 September 2015 20:51:36

Journey of a security guard to Great Hall

0.7149187 06 March 2015 07:12:41 China Daily > China News

Talking about the high attrition rate among security guards, a deputy of the National People's Congress becomes upset.

Vice null Time06 March 2015 07:12:41

2 soldiers shot dead while guarding hospital in Maguindanao

0.71036017 23 October 2014 04:50:32 GMA News Online / News

COTABAO CITY — Two soldiers securing the emergency room of a government hospital in Datu Hoffer town in Maguindanao were gunned down Wednesday night by attackers posing as visitors of a patient there.

Vice All News Time23 October 2014 04:50:32