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Decriminalisation of gold possession looms

21 August 2017 00:16:16 The Herald

Africa Moyo Business Reporter— THE new Mines and Minerals Amendment Act is expected to create a favourable operating environment for small-scale miners, who are currently bearing the brunt of a punitive colonial law that criminalises their activities. The Mines and Minerals Amendment Bill is currently being reviewed by Parliament. Amendments to the Mines and Minerals Act (Chapter 21:05),...

Více Business Time21 August 2017 00:16:16


IDC in the market for $100 million

17 August 2017 00:35:27 The Herald

Tinashe Makichi Business Reporter The Industrial Development Corporation of Zimbabwe is looking at raising $100 million seed capital to kick-start its development financing operations. IDC is currently in advanced talks with the Industrial Development Corporation of South Africa for a $20 million credit line but there are also indications that the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe is...

Více Business Time17 August 2017 00:35:27

Is your board ready for digital age?

17 August 2017 00:08:52 The Herald

By ZimCode Secretariat Chapter 3 of the ZimCode addresses Board of directors. This chapter highlights that the company’s business is managed under the direction of the Board of Directors. The board is the guardian on the shareholder’s investment and gives strategic guidance to the management to ensure that the company continues to operate sustainably and...

Více Business Time17 August 2017 00:08:52

Bruised but coping, Qatar's economy remains strong

16 August 2017 12:49:55 RSS Feed From Your Middle East - Section Business

Since June 5, Saudi Arabia and allies Bahrain, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates shut down air, maritime and land links with Qatar, and imposed economic sanctions, accusing Doha of supporting "terrorists" and of being too close to Iran.Qatar, denying the charges, accuses its Gulf neighbours of seeking to strangle its economy.

Více Business Time16 August 2017 12:49:55

Investing in women is a priority

14 August 2017 18:35:12 The Gremlin – Online Newspaper for the Garden Route

Many women are now the main breadwinners in their families, educators to their children and form the support structures of their communities. “For these and many other reasons, we believe that investing in women will have major long term positive effects on our economy, communities, family structures and values,” says African Bank’s Group Executive: Sales,

Více Business Time14 August 2017 18:35:12

Uprooted entrepreneurs form 'Little Damascus' in northwest Syria

14 August 2017 12:47:39 RSS Feed From Your Middle East - Section Business

His restaurant Sultan Daraya sits in a row of shops and eateries run by Syrians who quit their formerly rebel-held towns around the capital Damascus under deals with the regime.With names like Madaya Supermarket and Ibad al-Rahman's Damascene Delicacies, the shops have turned this quarter of rebel-controlled Idlib into a "Little Damascus."

Více Business Time14 August 2017 12:47:39

Garlicke & Bousfield Women’s Day guests encouraged to achieve the impossible

13 August 2017 11:47:29 The Gremlin – Online Newspaper for the Garden Route

Garlicke & Bousfield, currently celebrating its 150th year in business, hosted its annual, much anticipated, Women’s Day Breakfast on Friday, July 28th at The Oyster Box Hotel in Umhlanga. Maintaining the lofty standards set by a string of previous guest speakers such as PJ Powers and Tannie Evita Bezuidenhoudt, this year’s woman of action was

Více Business Time13 August 2017 11:47:29

New SAA bailout package shows government is not committed to transformation

08 August 2017 11:21:18 The Gremlin – Online Newspaper for the Garden Route

With low economic growth prospects, ever-increasing unemployment and destitution, government appears to be more concerned with the useless prestige and status that comes with our national airline, than the wellbeing of the South African people. In mid-July, EWN reported finance minister Malusi Gigaba saying that “too much money has been invested in cash-strapped South African

Více Business Time08 August 2017 11:21:18