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Budget Revenues greater than 1.2 billion BAM

19 October 2017 15:55:11 Sarajevo Times

According to the Consolidated Report on the Execution of the Budget of the Republika Srpska (RS) for the period from January 1st to June 30th, budget revenues for non-financial assets in the first six months of this year were realized in the amount of 1,238,100,000 BAM, representing 96% of the The post Budget Revenues greater than 1.2 billion BAM appeared first on Sarajevo Times .

Více Business Time19 October 2017 15:55:11


60pc of raw hides go to waste

18 October 2017 00:26:35 The Herald

Tawanda Musarurwa Senior Business Reporter Lack of a complementary policy that allows livestock producers to export light hides means around 60 percent of raw hides produced in the country are going to waste as they do not have a market locally. According to the Livestock and Meat Advisory Council (LMAC) economist Reneth Mano, Government should at least...

Více Business Time18 October 2017 00:26:35

September inflation rises 0,78 percent

17 October 2017 01:02:45 The Herald

Business Reporter September inflation rose to 0,78 percent following prices increases as foreign currency shortages continued to affect the retail sector but the full effect of the recent wave of price increases will only be felt in the October figures where it is expected to close above 1 percent. According to the Zimbabwe National Statistics Agency...

Více Business Time17 October 2017 01:02:45

CUT embarks on construction projects, property acquisition

17 October 2017 00:09:39 The Herald

Herbert Zharare Chinhoyi University of Technology (CUT) has embarked on various construction projects and property acquisition for it to meet its mandate of being a technology, innovation and entrepreneurship university. In e-mailed responses the university’s director of marketing and public relations, Dr Musekiwa Tapera said the university has embarked on huge construction projects, which include the...

Více Business Time17 October 2017 00:09:39

REU to examine investors’ confidence in real estate

17 October 2017 00:09:39 The Herald

LAGOS. — As Nigeria gradually exists recession, stakeholders are set to examine the short-term indicators and long-term structural changes that will reinstate investor confidence in the nation’s real estate industry. According to the organisers of the Real Estate Unite, this and many more issues that affect the industry will form the basis for discussion at this...

Více Business Time17 October 2017 00:09:39

Why the cashless craze gets the thumbs-up

16 October 2017 18:52:36 The Gremlin – Online Newspaper for the Garden Route

October 2017: The 2017 festival season has kicked-off, avoid the endless hassles associated with carrying cash and waiting in queues, leave wallets at home and simply go cashless – it’s safe! Shai Evians, CEO of Howler, an event-technology platform that consolidates event planning, management and financial control says cashless “is the way to go” and

Více Business Time16 October 2017 18:52:36

Investing in productive capacity – the strategy for securing economic growth

16 October 2017 17:32:20 The Gremlin – Online Newspaper for the Garden Route

The history of humankind reveals that only two events stem population growth on a scale of any note: famine and disease epidemics.  Other natural disasters, such as earthquakes, volcanoes, flooding etc, and warfare have an impact but to a far smaller extent.  Global population growth continues at between 1 and 1.5% per annum, with many

Více Business Time16 October 2017 17:32:20

Domestic Company Violeta enters Qatari market

13 October 2017 17:03:10 Sarajevo Times

Bosnia’s leading hygiene products maker Violeta said it is entering the Qatari market, where its products will line the shelves of the Family Food chain store. Violeta had engaged in months of negotiations before getting the green light to export its products to Qatar, it said in a statement earlier The post Domestic Company Violeta enters Qatari market appeared first on Sarajevo Times .

Více Business Time13 October 2017 17:03:10

AfDB to complete finance systems project by year end

12 October 2017 00:59:39 The Herald

Tinashe Makichi and Africa Moyo The African Development Bank targets to complete its $24 million Public Finance Management systems project by the end of the year. The bank also committed some additional funds towards developmental projects, which are consistent with Government’s priorities enshrined in its Interim Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper. Ministry of Finance and Economic Development Programme...

Více Business Time12 October 2017 00:59:39

Govt extends cotton programme to Matabeleland

12 October 2017 00:59:39 The Herald

Business Reporter The Government has extended the Presidential Cotton Input Support Programme to Matabeleland Provinces where it is targeting to finance 20 000 farmers in the forthcoming season. The programme—running for the third consecutive year—had mainly benefited rural farmers in traditional cotton growing districts such as Muzarabani, Gokwe and the Lowveld. Since its launch in 2015,...

Více Business Time12 October 2017 00:59:39

DHL Express highlights importance of managing customer experiences to stay ahead of competition

11 October 2017 17:07:32 The Gremlin – Online Newspaper for the Garden Route

October 11, 2017: According to the latest report by McKinsey & Company on customer experience, “Superior customer experience is increasingly being recognized as a competitive advantage for businesses, and it is becoming ever more important that a company differentiates itself by providing seamless customer experiences.” Fatima Sullivan, Vice President of Customer Service for DHL Express

Více Business Time11 October 2017 17:07:32

Small can be profitable

11 October 2017 09:05:14 The Gremlin – Online Newspaper for the Garden Route

It’s one thing to cut down a tree, but quite another to process it properly and then to sell the timber at a good profit!  It is most often in the middle and final sections where operators get stuck.  Processing and trading require more than technical skills as one cannot buy experience or patience since

Více Business Time11 October 2017 09:05:14

‘Declare entire Byo an SEZ’

11 October 2017 01:11:41 The Herald

Oliver Kazunga Senior Business Reporter INDUSTRY and commerce executives in Bulawayo have called on the Government to declare the entire city an industrial Special Economic Zone (SEZ) as opposed to adopting a sectoral approach. Contributing during a pre-budget dialogue symposium organised by The Chronicle yesterday, participants said the focus on leather and textile SEZ was narrow arguing...

Více Business Time11 October 2017 01:11:41

Job fair offers hope for Syrian refugees in Jordan

08 October 2017 19:52:28 RSS Feed From Your Middle East - Section Business

Around 50 companies were represented at the one-day event Wednesday as they scouted for candidates to fill some 1,000 job opportunities, compiling lists of applicants by name, age and qualification.The EU-funded job fair, a first at the desert camp that houses some 80,000 refugees, comes after the launch in August of the only employment office at Zaatari following a decision by the Jordanian government to grant residents work permits and let them work in larger towns.

Více Business Time08 October 2017 19:52:28