03/12/2014 roller coaster came off track killing 18

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Unlucky Cyclone Roller Coaster Riders Get Stuck 85 Feet in the Air

30 March 2015 18:33:10 WN.com - America News

On Sunday, Brooklyn's oldest roller coaster ride gave out at the top of its track, forcing 12 riders to hoof their way to safety—nearly 85 feet down. Read more... img src="//feeds.feedburner.com/~r/jezebel/full/~4/fxMZGmAbsV4" height="1" width="1" alt=""/...

Vice All News Time30 March 2015 18:33:10


Roller coaster of national terror ends with killing of three gunmen and four hostages

10 January 2015 00:47:26 WN.com - Europe News

From the roof of a printing works in the small town of Dammartin-en-Goële, white smoke billowed. An operation by French police special forces – three commandos in black appeared briefly in the gloom – had ended in hard-won success. Lying dead outside the building were Chérif and Said Kouachi, who had emerged, guns blazing, before being cut down in a hail of bullets. The raid came after a day of extraordinary drama in France, and a second siege which played out on the terrified streets of Paris. Within minutes of the Dammartin explosions, police stormed a kosher supermarket in the Porte de Vincennes area. Another gunman – 32-year-old Amédy Coulibaly – had taken shoppers hostage there at...

Vice All News Time10 January 2015 00:47:26

Ndoro, Malajila on a roller coaster

16 December 2014 04:23:53 NewsDay Zimbabwe

Ndoro, Malajila on a roller coaster Ndoro, Malajila on a roller coaster : NewsDay Zimbabwe .

Vice All News Time16 December 2014 04:23:53

Daredevil rides motorcycle on roller-coaster track

08 December 2014 20:04:18 Latest News - UPI.com

Ben Hooper MEXICO CITY, Dec. 8 (UPI) -- A French stunt motorcyclist took on the "sickest" ride of his career when he rode his bike and performed stunts on a Mexico City roller-coaster track.

Vice All News Time08 December 2014 20:04:18

Design unveiled for world's tallest roller coaster

18 November 2014 21:16:22 Latest News - UPI.com

Ben Hooper ORLANDO, Fla., Nov. 18 (UPI) -- The creators of a planned 570-foot-tall roller coaster in Florida released an animated video detailing the track design.

Vice All News Time18 November 2014 21:16:22

Deer struck by roller coaster at Lightwater Valley them park

30 September 2014 15:38:32 Latest News - UPI.com

Ben Hooper RIPON, England, Sept. 30 (UPI) -- A theme park in England confirmed a young deer was struck by a roller coaster, killing the animal and covering passengers in blood.

Vice All News Time30 September 2014 15:38:32

The Occupy roller-coaster ride won't put me off my day job, Benny Tai says

08 September 2014 21:31:50 South China Morning Post - News feed

For Benny Tai Yiu-ting, the 20 months since he first floated the idea of occupying Central to fight for democracy have been nothing short of a roller-coaster ride.

Vice All News Time08 September 2014 21:31:50

PSL coaches roller-coaster

27 August 2014 07:30:54 NewsDay Zimbabwe

A ROLLING stone gathers no moss, so goes the old adage. PSL coaches roller-coaster : NewsDay Zimbabwe .

Vice All News Time27 August 2014 07:30:54

4 rescued from stuck Maryland roller coaster

11 August 2014 04:13:03 WN.com - World News

UPPER MARLBORO: Authorities say 24 people stranded on a roller coaster have been rescued from near the top of the...

Vice All News Time11 August 2014 04:13:03

Dozens stuck on roller-coaster in US

11 August 2014 02:12:01 WN.com - World News

Firefighters say a roller-coaster carrying 24 people has become stuck near the top of the ride and crews are trying to rescue them at a fun park in the US state of...

Vice All News Time11 August 2014 02:12:01