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Nation to top green list by 2030

25 November 2014 02:20:40 rss_all

China will become the world's largest renewable energy market by 2030 if it can double the ratio of such sources as solar and wind in the total energy mix to 26 percent.

Více Business Time25 November 2014 02:20:40


India plans high-speed rail project with China

25 November 2014 02:20:39 rss_all

China is in discussions with India to help it build the world's second-longest high-speed railroad with a price tag of 200 billion yuan ($32.6 billion), its latest efforts to push for a bigger share of the overseas high-speed market.

Více All News Time25 November 2014 02:20:39

#BBCtrending: Why some Arabs are rejecting Sharia law

25 November 2014 02:17:21 - Mideast News

A growing social media conversation in Arabic is calling for the implementation of Sharia, or Islamic religious law, to be abandoned. Discussing religious law is a sensitive topic in many Muslim countries. But on Twitter, a hashtag which translates as "why we reject Sharia" has been used 5,000 times in 24 hours. The conversation is mainly taking place in Saudi Arabia and Egypt. The debate is about whether religious law is suitable for the needs of Arab countries and modern legal systems. Dr Alyaa Gad, an Egyptian doctor living in Switzerland, started the...

Více All News Time25 November 2014 02:17:21

What does the rule of law really stand for?

25 November 2014 02:15:04 rss_all

The recent debate over the rule of law in Hong Kong deserves more public attention.

Více All News Time25 November 2014 02:15:04

Abe exploits ballot to extend tenure

25 November 2014 02:15:04 rss_all

Two years ago the Liberal Democratic Party, in opposition, won a landslide victory in the general election, putting Shinzo Abe in office for a second time as prime minister.

Více All News Time25 November 2014 02:15:04

Chinese Internet pop song wins at American Music Awards gala

25 November 2014 02:09:44 rss_all

China's Internet pop sensation the Chopsticks Brothers, whose viral hit Little Apple has been viewed more than 1 billion times on China's popular video websites, won the International Song Award at the 2014 American Music Awards on Sunday.

Více All News Time25 November 2014 02:09:44

Win-win cooperation

25 November 2014 02:09:44 rss_all

Economic cooperation between Beijing and Hong Kong has seen remarkable progress over the past decade — thanks to the many ways their economies complement one another.

Více All News Time25 November 2014 02:09:44

Banning HK journalists from the Philippines is unjustified

25 November 2014 02:09:43 rss_all

On Aug 23, 2010 in Manila, a dismissed Filipino police officer took hostage 20 tourists from Hong Kong, as well as a Hong Kong tourist guide, and four Filipinos.

Více All News Time25 November 2014 02:09:43

Hong Kong’s population problems must be addressed

25 November 2014 02:09:43 rss_all

In part one of this two-part series, we discussed the serious consequences resulting from young people in Hong Kong residing with and depending financially upon their parents until they are 25 or even 30 years old.

Více All News Time25 November 2014 02:09:43

Volunteerism events get Libyans involved in cleaning up their communities

25 November 2014 02:06:21 Libya Herald

By Jamal Adel. Kufra, 24 November 2014: The International Day of Volunteer Work is fast approaching –and Libyans are getting a head start on volunteer projects across the country. The Libyan Centre for Volunteer Work has begun coordinating massive projects nationwide in collaboration with civic societies and organisations. “The International Day of Volunteer work is 5

Více All News Time25 November 2014 02:06:21

Zintanis deny claims the Misratans have captured Wattiya airbase

25 November 2014 02:06:20 Libya Herald

By Ajnadin Mustafa. Tripoli, 24 November 2014: Claims by Libya Dawn forced to have captured Al-Wattiya airtbase base, between Al-Jmail and the Jebel Nafusa escarpment, have been denied by the Zintan Operations Room.

Více All News Time25 November 2014 02:06:20

DeMarcus Cousins, Lou Williams are NBA Players of the Week

25 November 2014 02:04:37 Latest News -

Sacramento Kings center DeMarcus Cousins and Toronto Raptors guard Lou Williams were named NBA Players of the Week on Monday.

Více All News Time25 November 2014 02:04:37

Rich Kids of Morocco Display their Wealth on Instagram

25 November 2014 02:03:01 Morocco World News

Taroudant - Moroccan teenagers belonging to wealthy families have joined a social media phenomenon that has attracted rich kids of the world. Inspired by Rich Kids of Instagram, Moroccan kids from well-to-do families use RichKidsofMorocco on Instagram to display their extravagant lifestyle and share with others their luxurious possessions. The Morocco-based Rich Kids of Instagram account appeared on Instagram on October 10 and has picked up more 1400 followers. Since its first publication, the account has already recorded 58 shots. Selfies with luxury cars, poses on a classy yacht, pictures of clean beaches and at the edge of blue lagoon pools, and other extravagant pictures reveal the excessive life style of these wealthy kids. Rich people from all over the world are always inclined to distinguish themselves in private groups where money rules.

Více All News Time25 November 2014 02:03:01

Security beefed up in Ferguson as city awaits grand jury decision

25 November 2014 01:54:31 - Breaking News

Více All News Time25 November 2014 01:54:31

Phivolcs: 2 volcanic quakes at Mayon in last 24 hours

25 November 2014 01:53:09 GMA News Online / News

At least two volcanic quakes were recorded at restive Mayon Volcano in the last 24 hours, the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology said Tuesday.

Více All News Time25 November 2014 01:53:09

Iran nuclear talks: Optimism as deadline is extended

25 November 2014 01:48:39 - Mideast News

The US and Iran say they are confident of reaching a deal over Tehran's nuclear programme after agreeing a seven-month extension to talks. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said a deal was close but US Secretary of State John Kerry warned that several points of disagreement remained. Six world powers want Iran to curb its nuclear programme in return for the lifting of economic sanctions. Tehran says it is not seeking nuclear weapons, but wants atomic energy. The six countries - the US, UK, Russia, China, France and Germany - have been in negotiations with Iran to finalise a preliminary deal reached last year in Geneva. They have now agreed to extend discussions, with the aim of reaching...

Více All News Time25 November 2014 01:48:39

Sanctions, Falling Oil Prices Costing Russia Billions

25 November 2014 01:48:39 - Mideast News

VOA News Russia&s finance minister says the country is on course to lose $130-140 billion annually due to Western sanctions and falling oil prices. Speaking Monday at an economic forum in Moscow, Anton Siluanov signaled that slumping oil prices are a more serious challenge for Russia than Western punitive measures over Ukraine....

Více All News Time25 November 2014 01:48:39

Through Art Gallery, Foundation Seeks New Development Ideas

25 November 2014 01:39:00 The Cambodia Daily

The powerful artworks that The Asia Foundation currently has displayed in its reception room turned art gallery are at the center of the organization’s plan to trigger innovative thinking about Phnom Penh’s development.

Více All News Time25 November 2014 01:39:00

Samphan’s Boycott Forces Tribunal’s Adjournment

25 November 2014 01:38:52 The Cambodia Daily

The Khmer Rouge tribunal has capitulated to a sustained boycott of Khieu Samphan’s genocide trial by his defense team, adjourning proceedings until next year so the lawyers can prepare an appeal against his recent conviction for crimes against humanity.

Více All News Time25 November 2014 01:38:52

Fire Destroys Hundreds of Stalls at Historic Market

25 November 2014 01:38:50 The Cambodia Daily

A fire tore through Phnom Penh’s Psar Chas early Monday morning, incinerating hundreds of stalls in the historic market and damaging hundreds more before a fleet of fire trucks brought the blaze under control more than two hours later.

Více All News Time25 November 2014 01:38:50

For Those Who Can Afford It, Urban Farming Bears Fruit

25 November 2014 01:38:49 The Cambodia Daily

Man Sophal unzipped a plastic tarp covering a metal structure in front of his villa, revealing rows of perforated PVC pipes from which a variety of cabbage and lettuce sprouted.

Více All News Time25 November 2014 01:38:49

Grand Twins Revenue Down After Year of Unrest

25 November 2014 01:38:48 The Cambodia Daily

Revenue has dropped significantly at the Taiwanese-owned garment factory Grand Twins International in 2014 due to nationwide labor strikes that began last year, according to the firm’s latest quarterly financial statement.

Více All News Time25 November 2014 01:38:48

Explosion heightens tension in Paniqui, Tarlac, 1 cop hurt

25 November 2014 01:34:29 GMA News Online / News

The tension over a mayoralty row in Paniqui town in Tarlac province worsened Monday evening after an explosion occurred at the town hall.

Více All News Time25 November 2014 01:34:29

Scientists create 3D maps of Antarctic sea ice with underwater robot

25 November 2014 01:34:29 Latest News -

Thor Benson WOODS HOLE, Mass., Nov. 24 (UPI) -- Scientists have now used an underwater robot to create 3D images of Antarctic sea ice.

Více All News Time25 November 2014 01:34:29

New photo of Jupiter's moon Europa show it in the highest resolution

25 November 2014 01:34:29 Latest News -

Thor Benson WASHINGTON, Nov. 24 (UPI) -- NASA just released a photo of the 'best view' of Jupiter's moon Europa.

Více All News Time25 November 2014 01:34:29

New law to authorise Chinese military to fight terrorists overseas

25 November 2014 01:30:59 South China Morning Post - China feed

China was weighing up a proposal to let its troops head overseas on counterterrorism missions, analysts said, citing military officials attending a security forum in Beijing last week.

Více All News Time25 November 2014 01:30:59

Gov. Nixon urges Ferguson, Mo., to react with head, not emotions

25 November 2014 01:30:22 Latest News -

Danielle Haynes CLAYTON, Mo., Nov. 24 (UPI) -- Mo. Gov. Jay Nixon urged people to react "with their heads" hours ahead of an announcement by the grand jury investigating the shooting of Michael Brown.

Více All News Time25 November 2014 01:30:22

Video: Breathtaking Scenes of Floods that Hit Morocco

25 November 2014 01:26:27 Morocco World News

Breathtaking Scenes of Floods that Hit Morocco

Více All News Time25 November 2014 01:26:27

London's Tower Bridge walkway shatters after person drops beer bottle

25 November 2014 01:25:53 Latest News -

Aileen Graef LONDON, Nov. 24 (UPI) -- Just two weeks after the opening of the 140-feet-high glass walkway at the London Tower bridge, someone dropped a beer bottle on it, cracking the glass.

Více All News Time25 November 2014 01:25:53

Protesters brace for Mong Kok clearance operation as 3,000 police deployed to site

25 November 2014 01:25:23 South China Morning Post - Hong Kong feed

About 3,000 police officers will be on standby this morning to help bailiffs enforce an injunction order to reopen the area of Argyle Street in Mong Kok occupied by democracy protesters.

Více All News Time25 November 2014 01:25:23