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Woeful Knicks on slow learning curve under Jackson regime

19 December 2014 05:31:51 rss_all

In a season full of hope in the first full campaign under club president Phil Jackson, the New York Knicks are struggling with a new offense, a rookie coach and a frustrated star in Carmelo Anthony.

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BoJ strikes more upbeat view on economy, holds off fresh measures

19 December 2014 05:26:55 The Standard - Breaking News

The Bank of Japan on Friday struck a slightly more upbeat view of the world's number three economy, saying exports were showing signs of picking up ...

Více All News Time19 December 2014 05:26:55

Pilot jailed over crash that killed 44: report

19 December 2014 05:26:54 The Standard - Breaking News

A Chinese court on Friday jailed a pilot for three years for causing one of the worst plane crashes in Chinese history which killed 44 people in 201...

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Xi visits Macau

19 December 2014 05:26:54 The Standard - Breaking News

Chinese President Xi Jinping has arrived in Macau today for a two-day visit. His trip to the territory marks the 15th anniversary of the handover fro...

Více All News Time19 December 2014 05:26:54

The Fraudulent Construction of 2nd Niger Bridge: Another 419 on the Igbo Nation

19 December 2014 05:26:52

– Written by Obinna Akukwe — The construction of 2nd Niger Bridge through a Public Private Partnership involving Julius Berger -NSIA Consortium and tolling the Igbo people for 25 years thereafter is another 419 on the Biafran Igbo citizens of… Read more →

Více All News Time19 December 2014 05:26:52

Serbia jails 11 rights activists during China summit

19 December 2014 05:26:22 Asian Correspondent

BELGRADE, Serbia (AP) — An international rights group has demanded the immediate release of 11 activists who planned protests against China at an economic summit in Serbia. Amnesty International says nine Bulgarians, a Slovak and a Finn — all supporters of the Falun Gong group that has been banned in China — were jailed by

Více All News Time19 December 2014 05:26:22

Hong Kong maid abuse trial to resume next week

19 December 2014 05:26:20 Asian Correspondent

Erwiana Sulistyaningsih told the Hong Kong district court last week that she was so ill from her employer’s abuse that she had to wear adult diapers.

Více All News Time19 December 2014 05:26:20

Sudan says drop in world prices of oil & wheat offers reprieve to budget

19 December 2014 05:24:28 Sudan Tribune: Plural news and views on Sudan

December 18, 2014 (KHARTOUM) – The Sudanese government said on Thursday that the global decline in oil and wheat prices allowed Khartoum to reduce subsidies on fuel and bread and helped curtail the import tab which currently stands at $650 million. Khartoum appears reluctant to proceed with another round of subsidy cuts following the violent protests that followed the previous round in September 2013. The price of oil touched its lowest level since 2009 when the world economy was going (...) - News / Economy , FRONT_PAGE_SECONDARY

Více All News Time19 December 2014 05:24:28

Obama raises concerns over crackdown with Al Sissi

19 December 2014 05:17:47 - Mideast News

Obama encouraged Al Sissi to attend to the 'political, economic and social aspirations of the Egyptian people.' Washington — The White House says President...

Více All News Time19 December 2014 05:17:47

Islam, Peshawar and Religious Interpretation

19 December 2014 05:16:37 Morocco World News

New York- The recent tragedy in Peshawar has saddened, angered and confused me beyond what can be expressed in words. I am unable to comprehend the process through which human minds can become distorted to the point of mustering the capacity to murder hundreds of children, and, as if this were not monstrous enough, managing to convince themselves that this was done for the sake of God. The atrocities committed in the name of Islam cause me to seriously question myself. Is my understanding of Islam, and that of all my progressive teachers and friends who are so full of light, love and inclusiveness imaginary or mistaken? My inability to understand this calamity made me reflect on what Islam means to me and on why I became a Muslim. Removed from the cultural baggage that often accompanies Islam, I began to read and research the religion in depth several years ago. I started out doing so precisely because of my puzzlement over certain actions and occurrences. I sought to identify within Islam the teachings that led to the violence and madness that is often perpetrated in the name of the religion. To my surprise, I did not find a basis for these actions in Islam, on the contrary. What I found were answers to the existential questions that had plagued me throughout my life and that no other religion, spiritual teaching or philosophy system had been able to satisfactorily answer. Life became filled with meaning for me. Everything in existence had a purpose and had meaning as it was created by a Most Magnificent, Most Compassionate, Most Merciful God. This realization and later, strong conviction, were life changing. My readings made me discover the wisdom, depth and beauty of Islam. I have heard that we find in Islam what we bring to it and that our worldview deeply impacts the way in which we interpret the Quran. This makes much sense. Subjectivity is inevitable in matters of religion and, of course, in most matters of life (with perhaps the exception of exact sciences such as physics or mathematics). Human beings by nature perceive and interpret all areas of our reality in subjective ways. In spite of this truth, I am convinced that what I personally found in the Quran and in Islam is definitely there; it is a matter of how we choose to look at things. I found in the Quran and in the many Islamic texts I read a vast array of treasures and powerful wisdom with the capacity to liberate and elevate all human beings. I believed, and still believe, Islam to be a source of light, progress, equality, expansion and love. And also, which is very important to me, an emphasis on to learning, thinking, reading, reflecting and growing as a human being. The insistence on the pursuit of knowledge repeated throughout the Quran made me fall in love with Islam. After a few years of research, I realized that I believed strongly in the teachings of Islam and furthermore, I became convinced that if I followed Islam, my life would become drastically better. And, due to the incredibly bright teachers God sent to me, my life did become much better in tangible and intangible ways. However, I am aware that my interpretation of Islam, like that of my teachers, is quite far from the fundamentalist, divisive, and almost asphyxiating interpretations that I have also encountered. I have difficulty perceiving the benefit of such ways of thinking. We have more than ample evidence throughout the world of the disastrous consequences of fundamentalism of any kind. We are heart-breakingly reminded by these tragedies of the devastating consequences of rigid, extreme interpretations that cause aggression and division amongst human beings. I cannot observe or conceive of any positive outcome of the endless fighting over whose interpretation is right, whose is wrong, who is following the “true” Islam, which is the world’s “true” religion, who is “sinful” by failing to follow x, y or z rule, who is “really” pious because of a big beard, head covering or some other trifle rationale we humans seem to like inventing but that only create division and hostility amongst ourselves. All this needs to end and we know it. It is complete insanity to continue down the dark and narrow fundamentalist road. This road, when taken far enough, leads people to believe that their “right” understanding of Islam (or of any other doctrine, religion or belief system interpreted in extreme ways) justifies all sorts of atrocities perpetrated for the sake of having their ideology prevail and imposed onto others. It is terrifying to witness what fundamentalism can do to human beings. In my opinion, what we need in order to counter it is openness, progress and inclusion. We have to ask ourselves what the use of our religion is. Does it serve to uplift, empower, and enlighten us and those we come into contact with? Or does it instead oppress us and others, diminish our God-given potential and talents, and hinder our freedom and growth? What benefit does our interpretation of our religion bring to the world? In The Quran and the Life of Excellence , Dr. Sultan Abdulhameed elucidates the issue. He explains that “any belief, any tradition, any interpretation that does not make you more resourceful, more powerful, and freer to act is false. Stated in the opposite way, the right interpretation is the one that if you act upon it, will increase your personal power to make a difference in your life and that of others.” Dr. Sultan further explains that the pleasure of God is achieved through a commitment to be a source of uplift in every situation because God “has placed us on the earth as His representatives so He can work through us.” If God has entrusted us with this huge responsibility, and our carrying it out pleases Him, it seems to be in our best interest to seek to reflect qualities that are worthy of this lofty charge. The test for knowing whether our interpretation is right is simple: “If religious teachings contribute to personal growth, resourcefulness, freedom, and happiness of people who follow them, then these represent the true purpose of religion. If, on the other hand, religion is taught in ways that contribute to the constriction of human potential, to unhappiness and lack of productivity, they are false, regardless of how famous the scholar who conveys these ideas. “For these reasons, we can see that all the interpretations that women should be subjugated, or their movements be restricted, or their choices should be controlled by men, are misguided interpretations. Any religious opinion that tries to limit the rights or opportunities of any group of people is a false interpretation.”

Více All News Time19 December 2014 05:16:37

Veteran Hong Kong politicians in conflict over Joint Declaration

19 December 2014 05:16:36 South China Morning Post - Hong Kong feed

Veteran politicians familiar with the pre-handover negotiations are split on the government’s controversial interpretation of the Joint Declaration – officially signed 30 years ago today.

Více All News Time19 December 2014 05:16:36

Kenya: Death Toll in Nairobi Building Collapse Rises

19 December 2014 05:16:34 AllAfrica News: Latest

Nairobi -The death toll in the Makongeni building collapse has risen to seven after one of those admitted to the Kenyatta National Hospital succumbed to his injuries.

Více All News Time19 December 2014 05:16:34

Kenya: Parliament Passes Security Bill

19 December 2014 05:16:34 AllAfrica News: Latest

The Security (Amendment) Bill 2014 has been passed with a raft of amendments.

Více All News Time19 December 2014 05:16:34

Crucial spy in Cuba paid a heavy Cold War price

19 December 2014 05:12:39 - World News

WASHINGTON: He was, in many ways, a perfect spy — a man so important to Cuba's intelligence apparatus that the information he gave to the Central Intelligence Agency paid dividends long after Cuban authorities arrested him and threw him in prison for nearly two decades. Rolando Sarraff Trujillo has now been released from prison and flown out of Cuba as part of the swap for three Cuban spies imprisoned in the United States that President Obama announced Wednesday. Mr Obama did not give Mr Sarraff's name, but several current and former American officials identified him and discussed some of the information he gave to the CIA while burrowed deep inside Cuba's Directorate of Intelligence. Mr...

Více All News Time19 December 2014 05:12:39

Toshiba Supplies Traction Energy Storage System for Tobu Railway (Toshiba Corporation)

19 December 2014 05:12:38 - World News

(Source: Toshiba Corporation) TOKYO-Toshiba Corporation (Tokyo: 6502) today announced that it has supplied a traction energy storage system (TESS) to Tobu Railway Co., Ltd. TESS stores traction energy generated by decelerating trains as they enter a station and releases it as needed when trains accelerate from the station. The system is planned to operate from December 22. Toshiba's TESS...

Více All News Time19 December 2014 05:12:38

Konica Minolta's Five MFPs Won China Red Star Design Award 2014 (Konica Minolta Holdings Inc)

19 December 2014 05:12:37 - World News

(Source: Konica Minolta Holdings Inc) Tokyo (December 19, 2014) -- Konica Minolta, Inc. (Konica Minolta) is pleased to announce that its five A3 color multi-functional peripherals (MFPs) in the bizhub series, the bizhub C554e/C454e/C364e/C284e/C224e, have won Excellent Prize of 2014 China Red Star Design Award. The...

Více All News Time19 December 2014 05:12:37

Sumitomo Chemical Develops New Space Spray for Control of Mosquitoes and Flies --First Launch Slated for Southeast Asia to Help Combat Dengue and Other Insect-borne Diseases-- (Sumitomo Chemical Co Ltd)

19 December 2014 05:12:37 - World News

(Source: Sumitomo Chemical Co Ltd) December 19, 2014 Sumitomo Chemical Develops New Space Spray for Control of Mosquitoes and Flies --First Launch Slated for Southeast Asia to Help Combat Dengue and Other Insect-borne Diseases-- Sumitomo Chemical has developed a new insecticide for space spray to control mosquitoes and flies indoors and outdoors. The Company has launched the new product under the name of SumiProTM in Singapore where the registration is...

Více All News Time19 December 2014 05:12:37

Chairman's Address to Shareholders ... (Incitec Pivot Limited)

19 December 2014 05:12:35 - World News

(Source: Incitec Pivot Limited) Document Office of the Company Secretary ABN 42 004 080 264 19 December 2014 The Manager Company Announcements Office Australian Securities Exchange Level 45, South Tower Rialto 525 Collins Street MELBOURNE VIC 3000 Dear Sir or Madam Electronic Lodgement Chairman's Address to Shareholders at 2014 AGM Registered Office: Level 8, 28 Freshwater Place Southbank Victoria 3006 Tel: (61 3) 8695 4400 Fax: (61 3) 8695 4419 In accordance with the listing rules, I attach a copy of the Chairman's Address to Shareholders for release to the market. Yours faithfully Daniella Pereira Company Secretary Attach. INCITEC PIVOT LIMITED - ANNUAL GENERAL...

Více All News Time19 December 2014 05:12:35

Mitsui & Co. Receives Japan Investor Relations Association's IR Special Award (Mitsui & Co Ltd)

19 December 2014 05:12:34 - World News

(Source: Mitsui & Co Ltd) At the awarding ceremony on December 11, 2014, the Japan Investor Relations Association Chairman Sumi (Left) and Mitsui & Co. President and CEO Iijima The Japan Investor Relations Association (JIRA) has awarded Mitsui & Co. an IR Special Award at the 2014 19th Annual IR Grand Prix Awards. JIRA...

Více All News Time19 December 2014 05:12:34

NSK Develops New Retainer Plate Equipped Ball Bearing for Automobile Transmissions (NSK Ltd)

19 December 2014 05:12:34 - World News

(Source: NSK Ltd) December 19, 2014 NSK Ltd. Public Relations Department NSK Develops New Retainer Plate Equipped Ball Bearing for Automobile Transmissions NSK Ltd. (NSK; Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; President and CEO: Norio Otsuka) today announced that it has developed a new retainer plate* equipped ball bearing for automobile transmissions. This new product can be automatically assembled thanks to a process involving the formation of a protrusion inside the retainer plate...

Více All News Time19 December 2014 05:12:34

China's top judge urges swift, severe sentences in Xinjiang

19 December 2014 05:12:33 - World News

BEIJING (Reuters) - China must crack down "harshly and quickly" on cases involving terror attacks, national security and social stability in its restive region of Xinjiang, the country&s top judge said, in comments likely to further worry rights groups and exiles. Resource-rich Xinjiang is...

Více All News Time19 December 2014 05:12:33

As U.S. eases hostilities, Cuba faces new challenge

19 December 2014 05:12:33 - World News

By Daniel Trotta HAVANA (Reuters) - For decades, it was Cuba&s first response to criticism. Poor economic performance? An obvious effect of a U.S. trade embargo that amounted to a blockade of the island nation by a bullying superpower. Arrests of dissidents? A legitimate act of self-defense against mercenaries working for the world&s richest nation, which backed the failed Bay of Pigs invasion and plots to assassinate revolutionary leader Fidel Castro. Now, though, with Washington agreeing to restore full diplomatic ties that were cut in the early 1960s, Cuba&s communist government may not be able to blame its old Cold War nemesis so readily. "The big bad wolf of Yankee...

Více All News Time19 December 2014 05:12:33

Claims that three boys were murdered are credible, say UK police probing ‘VIP child abuse’

19 December 2014 05:12:32 - World News

Police looking into accusations that powerful figures at the heart of the British establishment were involved in child sex abuse in the 1970s and 1980s said they were investigating “credible” allegations three young boys had been murdered. Detectives said the murder claims came from an alleged victim, known only as Nick, who said he was sexually abused at locations across London and...

Více All News Time19 December 2014 05:12:32

Eight children found dead at Australian property

19 December 2014 05:12:31 - World News

SYDNEY: Eight children aged between 18 months and 15 years have been found dead at a house in the Australian...

Více All News Time19 December 2014 05:12:31

Israeli soldier kills PA minister at non-violent protest

19 December 2014 05:12:31 - World News

Yesterday, an Israeli soldier killed Palestinian Authority (PA) Settlment minister, Ziad Abu Ein, at a non-violent demonstration in the village of Turmusaya....

Více All News Time19 December 2014 05:12:31

Sea Shepherd Intercepts Toothfish Poachers

19 December 2014 05:12:30 - World News

Yesterday, at approximately 2152 AEDT, the Sea Shepherd conservation ship, Bob Barker, intercepted the illegal fishing vessel Thunder, at 62 15’ South, 81 24’ East, inside the CCAMLR (Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources) ......

Více All News Time19 December 2014 05:12:30

Israeli Forces Kill Palestinian Civilian in Qalandya

19 December 2014 05:12:30 - World News

In excessive use of force, on Tuesday early morning, 16 December 2014, Israeli forces killed a Palestinian civilian in Qalandya refugee camp, north of occupied Jerusalem. The aforementioned civilian was killed when Israeli forces moved into the said refugee ......

Více All News Time19 December 2014 05:12:30

Pakistan school killings

19 December 2014 05:12:29 - World News

GENEVA (16 December 2014) – The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein on Tuesday condemned what he described as “an utterly despicable and incomprehensibly vicious attack on defenceless children” at a co-educational school ......

Více All News Time19 December 2014 05:12:29

UN Child Rights Committee condemns massacre

19 December 2014 05:12:29 - World News

GENEVA (17 December 2014) – Statement by the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child on the terrorist attack yesterday on a school in Peshawar, Pakistan: “We condemn, in the strongest possible terms, the cold-blooded murder of more than 140 ......

Více All News Time19 December 2014 05:12:29

Sobering data on American's apathy about CIA torture

19 December 2014 05:12:28 - World News

Despite a scathing report on torture, a majority of survey respondents approve of the CIA's grisly methods....

Více All News Time19 December 2014 05:12:28