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Converted Buskett building to be used as bird rehabilitation centre

06 July 2015 15:20:01

BirdLife Malta this morning formally took possession of a building which will house Malta’s first centre for the rehabilitation of shot and injured birds. Parliamentary Secretary for Agriculture, Fisheries and Animal Rights, Roderick Galdes, formally handed over the building to BirdLife Malta at Buskett. BirdLife Malta President Geoffrey Saliba said the society welcomed the government’s commitment to bird rehabilitation in Malta, recognising the need for a well-equipped centre to care for the many birds that were injured over Malta and Gozo. "Previously, birds requiring specialist care had to be sent to a rehabilitation centre in Sicily. Now, thanks to this centre, we will have the necessary facilities to carry out this important work here in Malta, allowing birds to rest and recover in the hands of professionals. This will greatly improve their chances of surviving to be released back into the wild," he added. BirdLife will be working to ensure that the centre is fully equipped and ready before the autumn migration season, he added. The building, an old farmhouse, was renovated by the government and provided rent-free to BirdLife Malta who will be running the facility. The...

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Quake of 6.2 magnitude hits near Tonga -USGS

06 July 2015 15:17:28 GMA News Online / News

SINGAPORE - An earthquake of magnitude 6.2 struck east-northeast of the capital of Tonga in the Pacific Ocean on Monday, the U.S. Geological Survey said.

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Congolese bouncers and the private security industry

06 July 2015 15:14:57 - Africa News

Joe-Louis Kanyona, a 32-year old Congolese resident of Cape Town, was hired as a doorman at Beerhouse on Long Street last December. Seven months later, he had been murdered. What led to Kanyona's brutal death?...

Více All News Time06 July 2015 15:14:57 | Fugitive African warlord Joseph Kony is 'sickly'

06 July 2015 15:14:53 - Africa News

Defectors from the Lord's Resistance Army say the armed group's fugitive leader is sickly and in retreat from an international manhunt that includes US forces....

Více All News Time06 July 2015 15:14:53 | Burundi coup general vows to fight on to topple govt

06 July 2015 15:14:52 - Africa News

Burundian rebel general Leonard Ngendakumana who took part in a failed coup in May to topple President Pierre Nkurunziza, has vowed further attacks until the government is overthrown....

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S.Lebanon butchery closed after food poisoning

06 July 2015 15:14:40 The Daily Star >> News

The Health Ministry Monday announced the temporary closure of a butcher shop in south Lebanon after seven people fell ill with suspected food poisoning.

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(Cricket) Pakistan shape up for record win against Lankans

06 July 2015 15:13:43 The Standard - Breaking News

Shan Masood (Pictured) and Younis Khan compiled unbeaten centuries to keep Pakistan in the hunt for a landmark victory in the series-deciding third ...

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(Wimbledon) Unseeded Vandeweghe ousts Safarova

06 July 2015 15:13:39 The Standard - Breaking News

French Open runner-up Lucie Safarova was sent tumbling out of Wimbledon in the fourth round today by unseeded American Coco Vandeweghe. Vandeweghe,...

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(Golf) McIlroy injury clouds Open start

06 July 2015 15:13:38 The Standard - Breaking News

Rory McIlroy injured his left ankle while playing soccer, leaving the world's No 1 player in doubt of defending his British Open title next week at St...

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Video: Mom Reunited With Her Son After 15 Years Via Facebook

06 July 2015 15:12:37 Morocco World News

The post Video: Mom Reunited With Her Son After 15 Years Via Facebook appeared first on Morocco World News .

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PSG Eye Morocco’s Hachim Mastour

06 July 2015 15:12:33 Morocco World News

Rabat - Paris Saint-Germain are said to be interested in signing Morocco's prodigy Hachim Mastour. According to Italian Sports Website Le Corriere dello Sport, AC Milan is waiting for a serious offer from Paris St Germain. It’s believed Milan would let the 17-year-old whizkid go for around €5m, said Le Corriere dello Sport. Mastour, who made his international debut for Morocco last month, has also been linked with Spanish archrivals Real Madrid and Barcelona. However, Mastour is still waiting to receive his senior debut for AC Milan. The young Milanista already has sponsorship deals and made ads with Brazil international and Barcelona forward Neymar. Earlier reports suggested that AC Milan may consider offering Mastour and three million euros in order to sign Besiktas winger of Moroccan origin Kerim Frei. © Morocco World News. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or redistributed without permission. The post PSG Eye Morocco’s Hachim Mastour appeared first on Morocco World News .

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North Dakota rig activity leveling out

06 July 2015 15:12:29 Latest News -

Daniel J. Graeber BISMARCK, N.D., July 6 (UPI) -- The exploration and production sector in North Dakota is holding steady for the second straight week in a sign of building equilibrium, data show.

Více All News Time06 July 2015 15:12:29 | PSL to oversee AmaZulu-Aces takeover

06 July 2015 15:11:51 News24 Top Stories

The Premier Soccer League confirmed that documents for AmaZulu’s proposed purchase of Mpumalanga Black Aces has been received.

Více All News Time06 July 2015 15:11:51 | FNB maintaining the Slow lounge experience according to 'passenger frequency'

06 July 2015 15:11:50 News24 Top Stories

The popularity of the Slow Lounges seem to have impacted its exclusivity but FNB says it has changed its access policy according to passenger frequency research.

Více All News Time06 July 2015 15:11:50

Grexit Could Destabilize Balkan Region – Belgian Foreign Minister

06 July 2015 15:07:55 - Europe News

Grexit, if occurs, may have destabilizing consequences for Bulgaria, Macedonia and Montenegro, Didier Reynders said....

Více All News Time06 July 2015 15:07:55

Britain Should Leave the EU if Cameron's Renegotiation Fails

06 July 2015 15:07:54 - Europe News

Three senior Conservative MPs have issued Britain’s Prime Minister with a warning ahead of negotiations with Brussels on UK’s membership of the European Union....

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German EconMin Warns Greeks 'Need Help'

06 July 2015 15:07:54 (Sofia News Agency)

Germany's Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel has said Athens needs "urgent" humanitarian aid. He has also warned Greece is a "politically torn" country threatened by insolvency which needs humanitarian assistance from all EU member states. However, Athens must also "put forward present new proposals that go beyond what has been presented until now," according to Der Spiegel. This comes as the EU's economy and finance ministers have been commenting throughout the day on the rejection of bailout terms offered by Greece's international creditor in a referendum the country held on Sunday, July 5.

Více All News Time06 July 2015 15:07:54

Greece crisis explained: 7 key points on what happens now the Greeks have voted 'No'

06 July 2015 15:07:53 - Europe News

After five years of bailouts, budget battles and a battered economy, Greece is on the brink of becoming the first country to leave the euro zone. If it seems as if you've been hearing some variation of that for a while now, that's because you have. This time might be different, though, since all the bad things people had only worried would happen are happening. Greece's government last week missed a critical debt payment to the International Monetary Fund, and its banks have been forced to close.Follow our Greece debt crisis live blog here And on Sunday, Greeks voted, by a surprisingly large margin, to reject the European austerity demands that would have meant more financial relief for...

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Geagea rejects calls to open extraordinary Parliament session

06 July 2015 15:07:03 The Daily Star >> News

Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea rejected Monday the opening of an extraordinary legislative round in the Parliament, considering it to be necessary only if lawmakers were to endorse urgent draft laws.

Více All News Time06 July 2015 15:07:03

ISIS target Iraq's Haditha town with vehicle bombs

06 July 2015 15:07:02 The Daily Star >> News

An ISIS militant blew up an explosive-laden bulldozer near Haditha, killing seven Iraqi soldiers in one of a wave of bomb attacks on the northwestern town, a police source said.

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Lawyer fumes over 'white block' jibe

06 July 2015 15:04:38

Labour deputy leader Toni Abela stormed out of a courtroom today after a lawyer passed a remark referring to the "white block" seen being cut at the Attard Labour Party club in 2011. Dr Abela took offence to a comment passed by lawyer Joe Zammit Maempel who is representing blogger Daphne Caruana Galizia in a libel suit Dr Abela filed against her over a blog in which she described him as "a clown" and as someone who was "crassly incompetent". The blog had been uploaded in August 2008, soon after his election as deputy leader. Dr Abela was making submissions before Magistrate Francesco Depasquale when he referred to a case in which Ms Caruana Galizia allegedly failed to declare income of some of her magazines. At that point Dr Zammit Maempel said: "You have the cheek to mention those things? Who are you to talk when you did not even know the difference between a white block and a block of ice." He was referring to the case revolving around suspected drug dealing at the Attard Labour club in 2011 when the club president had caught someone cutting up drugs in the kitchen. He disposed of the drugs and reported the matter to Dr Abela, who holds the legal title for Labour’s...

Více All News Time06 July 2015 15:04:38

Overuse of nursing home antibiotics may put all residents at risk

06 July 2015 15:04:37

Some nursing home facilities prescribe antibiotics more often than others, which is tied to increased health risks, even for residents who don’t receive the medications, according to a study. About two-thirds of nursing home residents receive antibiotic treatment of some kind each year. Prescribing the drugs inappropriately increases the risk of medication reactions, allergies, diarrhoea and infections by antibiotic-resistant bacteria, the authors write in JAMA Internal Medicine. “Wherever antibiotic prescriptions have been systematically audited, be it in acute care hospitals, long-term care settings or in community clinics, there has been a consistent finding that one-third to one-half of antibiotic treatments are unnecessary or inappropriate,” said lead author Nick Daneman of the Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center at the University of Toronto. “Appropriate antibiotic prescribing may be a particular challenge in the nursing home, though, because histories are difficult to obtain from patients with cognitive impairment, elderly patients often have infection with atypical symptoms such as absence of fever, and there is less access to on-site doctors and laboratory testing,”...

Více All News Time06 July 2015 15:04:37

Squirrels use nuts to solve puzzles

06 July 2015 15:04:36

Squirrels have shown scientists they really know how to ‘use their nuts’ when searching for food. A group of five grey squirrels surprised researchers with the speed at which they solved a puzzle involving hidden hazelnuts. The intelligence test was in the form of a box with 12 sunken wells, four of which were hollow. Nuts were placed in the four hollow wells diagonally across from each other, so that the least efficient way to look for them was by going from well to well in a clockwise or anti-clockwise sequence. Over a number of successive attempts, the squirrels – named Simon, Arnold, Sarah, Leonard and Suzy – worked out that if one well contained a reward, another nut would be located in the well diagonally opposite it. Researcher Pizza Ka Yee Chow, from the University of Exeter, said: “This was only a small study, but the results are quite remarkable – the squirrels learned to pick the diagonally opposite well if the first one they picked contained a nut. “They made a decreased number of errors as they learned and progressively changed their tactic to increase efficiency and obtain the hidden rewards.” Co-author Lisa Leaver, also from the University of Exeter, said: “We...

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Socio-Economic & Caste Census suggests Gujarat is average performer in providing means of livelihood to rural households

06 July 2015 15:03:46 C O U N T E R V I E W . O R G

By Rajiv Shah Data of Socio-Economic and Caste Census (SECC) 2011 for Rural India, released recently by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, gives a unique opportunity to scholars and policy makers to make inter-state comparisons, suggesting how different rural areas of the country are performing across India. Based on household data taken from the National Population

Více All News Time06 July 2015 15:03:46

APNewsBreak: Over-65 population rate jumping in Ohio

06 July 2015 15:03:40 - World News

The increase in Ohio's older population is so far outpacing overall growth that a new projection forecasts that 22...

Více All News Time06 July 2015 15:03:40

'We're a violent nation' – director tackles Spain's festival culture of animal cruelty

06 July 2015 15:03:40 - World News

As tens of thousands flock to Pamplona for the annual running of the bulls, Miguel Ángel Rolland explains why he made his documentary Santa Fiesta ...

Více All News Time06 July 2015 15:03:40

European Union official: Terrorists could cross Mediterranean to Europe

06 July 2015 15:03:39 - World News

The European Union's top prosecutor says she has been told that smugglers' boats bringing migrants across the Mediterranean...

Více All News Time06 July 2015 15:03:39

Pakistani gunmen kill 3 in attack blamed on Islamist group in Quetta

06 July 2015 15:03:37 - World News

Men mourn the death of a relative, who was killed with two others by unidentified gunmen, in a hospital Quetta, Pakistan, July 6, 2015. Reuters...

Více All News Time06 July 2015 15:03:37

Burundian leader snubs third mediators' summit

06 July 2015 15:03:36 - World News

Burundian President Pierre Nkurunziza has missed a meeting of regional leaders in Dar es Salaam on the seething crisis in his country. A rebel general has pledged to pressure the government until it is overthrown....

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DW.COM P5+1 FMs sit down for crunch talks on Iran's nuclear program

06 July 2015 15:03:36 - World News

News, Analysis and Service from Germany and Europe - in 30 Languages Foreign ministers from six major powers are holding talks in Vienna aimed at sealing a deal designed to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. In return, international sanctions on Tehran would be eased....

Více All News Time06 July 2015 15:03:36